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God to be fraternized with the folly of man de who shudder at the blasphemy of making the Holy Scriptures cards and playing tables,

for the pastime of conceit and captiousness there are those, who may consider it productive of debasement of character to apply low taste to sublime objects; to treat mountains, as if they were moler; hills, and oceans, as if they were pools?


Under such impressions, impressions, which it is my duty and happiness to avow; I acknowledge not any religion, which is merely born of

—it has all the corruptions, all the Satanick adulterations of our fallen nature-I acknowledge not that to be religion which is not fruit of the tree of life-I think, that true religion resembles some holy inhabitant of the heaven of heavens, the glory and lustre of whose figure, we may see through a glass darkly-I would not have those pictures to be subjects of idolatry, but I would have all that belongs to religion to be at least consistent and in character. It was as impossible to disjoin piety from our ancient architecture, as awe from a thunder-storm. The

very eye was compelled to kneel down and pray. Much respect is therefore due to the minis, ter and parishioners of this place, for the warm interest which they have taken in the dignity and decoration of their ancient church. To do so, was

1.80021, a point of conscience and delight with our fore.

and ever let those, who walk over their


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haldwed graves, remember, that the church-yard is holyland, and the church a holy city- let them remember, that the love of ancient things denotes istaidness, and of imovation levity, * olet them #ever sing the Lord's song in a strange land let them not with the dissatisfied childden of dsrael, ory outi for new Gods for ridiculous Godso in the form of brutes animals---for divers and strange doctrines. ow a widi mobin in sess N919

36 541 or goizeld el-7310 bod wo flotti 19dA Whateyerisconfers innocent enjoyment and fosterst rational piety, whatever, unites pleasure with daty, assuredly merits patronaged shall we quench a fire, that inflames devotion? oh!cho sit is the same holy fire, as that which descended from heaven, and lit up the sacrifice upon the altar ? shall we imitate the ruffian Iconoclast, who tore hie mang-cöldared glass from the gorgeous win. do, broke to pieces the sacred monuments of the dead, and brought the owl to hoot, where pealing

anthers had swelled the note of praise. Oh no! 'these are hot'days, when devils can take the form fangels of light, and pretend to ascend the ladder barbacob Prevalent, as is bad taste, and disgusting

is the 16v familiarity with which the Deity' is Treated,'b'it remembered, that never more than tuinle Half of the globe is in darkness, and that the

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then be such givers as God loves, be che fubjiti ers; and was not he' such, your own Manior

Resad we know, that offerings and oblations, forfemabedi rishinent of divine worship are, in the danguage af Scripture, almsideeds that come upato heaven, as a memorial before God. We know that whemisthe rich out of their abundance cást their gifts into the Treasury, so imperative was the duty leemel, that even a poor widow threw in two mitextober little all. Our Lord annexed a blessing to the acition inand such actions are, like the gifts & Abel, to which God gave testimony,sandras to the subject, Church-musick and the practice ofist, iticannot be separated from piety, tuntil thap kisgiving forms no part of divine worship, vlod salsa edi ei soola git 1040 62 od qu vil bns A9169/ S103 Oslw Desi30000) isiting ous atstumi 9w lloda

That canugt, will not be, until we turn dragały pale, by the awful summons of the Last Day; by all we see, by all we are, and by, all we have lecoming nothing. But while we live, and more, and have our being, the clock will not stopen it i will continue to strike the hours of homage and umorship, and we shall not be deaf, dumb or blind, We shall praise thee, Oh God! we shall acknowculedge thee to be the Lord, the Father everlasting, we shall glorify thee, we shall magnify thee Alshim, 2 Jehovah,

King of Kings, and Lord of Lordsanall creation will have but one voice in proclaiming

Power, and Honour, and Glory, and Might, and Majesty, and Dominion, to the Lord God who omnipotent reigneth, and who will reign for ever and ever, infinite beyond place, and eternal beyond time,- Hallelujah-Amen.





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