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This famous institution is permanently located at Lebanon, Ohio, midway between Cincinnati and Dayton, in the heart of the Miami valley, famous for its health and beauty and the hospitality of its people.

This institution enjoys the distinction of having sent out more competent and successful instructors than any other school. The leading teachers in most Normal Schools have received their training here. Its graduates are found in every State and Territory, and are holding the best and most lucrative Į ositions in all professions and in all kinds of business. It has trained more than one hundred thousand young men and women for useful careers.

THE MANY MARKED IMPROVEMENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN MADE during the past year in buildings, in equipments and in the faculty, enables it to do better than ever before, to maintain its reputation of giving THE BEST PRACTICAL EDUCATION


DEPARTMENTS--Common Branches, Preparatory, Business, Teachers, Scientific, Engli h, Classical, Liberal Arts, Law, Medical, Engineering, i honography, Typewriting, Music, Elocution, Fine Arts, Penmanship, Pharmacy. CALENDAR–June session, (teacher's institut) opens June 6, 1897. September session, (beginning of School year) opens September 7, 1897. November session opens November 2, 1897. January s ssion opens December 8, 1897. March session opens February 23, 1898. Apiil session opens April 20, 1898. June session opens June 15, 1898.

Tuition $8.00 per session. Room rent 35c. to 75c. per week. Good board at $1.25 to $1.50 er week. Entire expense, including tuition, room rent, board and book rent need not exceed $2.50 to $3.00 per week. Send for new illustrated catalogue. Address, C. K. HAMILTON, Se.. & Gen. Mgr., LEBANON, OHIO.

Systematic Vertical Writing.

The Roudebush Writing System.


Portfolio Writing Books-Primary, Intermediate, Advanced.
........Three Numbers Only.

The Arrangement of letters and copies is logical.
The most complete and economical Course in Writing.

Extra Books-The Writing Tablets at a
Cost of 5 cents each.

Engraved Writing Charts, Slant or Vertical. Manual for teachers free
to users of the System.


We sell everything needed in a School Room.

"A"-General School Supplies.
"B"-School Furniture.

"C"-Office Furniture.

"D"-Stationery and Sundries.

Send for catalogues:

"E"-School Records and Blanks.
"F"-Diplomas, Certificates, Etc.

"H"-Physical and Chemical.

Southern Department, 401 to 404 Norcross Bldg, Atlanta, Ga.

J. H. STIFF, Manager.


The Catalogue of the American Correspondence Normal, Dansville, N. Y. tells you how thousands of teachers are bettering their qualifications and securing better positions by employing their spare time, Saturdays, evenings, etc., pursuing our

Normal Mail Courses.

The catalogue contains 80 pages, gives the names and addresses of over 4,000 who have recently completed their studies and testimonials from hundreds of them. It is free to any one mentioning this paper. Send for it and investigate the cheapest, most thorough and best system of study extant. Address AMERICAN CORRESPONDENCE NORMAL, Dansville, N. Y.

Ancient and Modern

Greek Prose Composition

By Henry Carr Pearson, A.B., Harvard; Shady Side Academy, Pittsburg, Pa. Price 90 Cents.

"Pearson's Greek Prose Composition seems to me an excellent book for use in schools. I would especially recommend, for work with Xenophon closed, the hundred or more exercises in Part III. These are expressed in idiomatic English, they are brief, and they give opportunity for practice in writing continuous narrative. Such writing the author encourages. Secondly, I like the lists of words for review practice distributed through the book. They give good opportunity for drill in forms, and convenient material for new exercises to be made by the teachers. Thirdly, the selection of points for grammatical study seems to be very wisely made,'

CHARLES P. PARKER, Instructor in Harvard University.

Xenophon's Cyropædia.

Abridged for Schools.

By C. W. Gleason, A.M., Roxbury Latin School.

Price $1.25.

An abridged edition of the Cyropædia which may alternate with, or in some cases be substituted for, the Anabasis. Only the more important passages have been included, thus shortening the work nearly one half. It is believed that the publication of this edition will make the reading of Xenophon's Cyropædia practicable in the classes of those teachers who have heretofore thought that the work was too long.

A Brief German Grammer

With Exercises

By Hjalmar Edgren, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, and Laurence Fossler, A.M., University of Nebraska,

Price 75 Cents.

Designed for college students, or for pupils of equivalent training in academic schools. It aims to prepare the way rapidly but thoroughly, for critical reading and for practice in writing and speaking, on the basis of a systematic knowledge of the essentials of German grammer and syntax and the elements of a German vocabulary rationally acquired. Besides numerous novel features of arrangement and method-features which are logical and practical—of special importance is the introduction of GERMAN WORD FORMATION and of GERMAN-ENGLISH SOUND RELATIONS which will be found of immediate practical benefit to students and will quicken a desire for a more serious study of German.


Gleason & Atherton's First Greek Book
Egbert's Latin Inscriptions.



Ebner-Eschenbach's Krambambuli
Storm's Immensee

.8 .25


Vergil's Eneid, Text Edition, Bo ks I-XII
Vergil's Eclogues and Georgics, Text Ed'n
Merrill's Fragments of Roman Satire...........
Keller's First Year in German..................
Richl's Der Fluch der Schönheit
Frev tag's Die Journalisten......
Riehl's Die Vierzehn Nothelfer...................


Syms's Third Year in French



Crémieux and Decourcelle's L'Abbé Con

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Books sent prepaid on receipt of prices. Teachers of the
languages are cordially invited to correspond with us
with_reference to examination and introduction.

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will be profited by reading:

1. Carson's Introduction to Browning-33 poems, notes $1.50

2. Davidson's Prolegomena to In Memoriam

3. Carlyle's Essay on Burns-introd. and notes-clo.

4. Moulton's Literary Study of the Bible..

5. Moulton's Four Year Course of Novel Reading.

All Progressive Teachers Will Read:

1. Roger Ascham's "The Scholemaster.

2. Thomson's Dreams of a Schoolmaster.





3. The Herbartian Psychology Applied to Education,

and many other bright books in Heath's Ped. Library.

Send for further Information to

[blocks in formation]

E. E. SMITH, Gen'l So. Agt., Atlanta, Ga.


The Independent Teachers' Agency

located over 90 per cent of its enrollment last year and the maximum cost to each teacher was $2.00. The System is complete. 50 vacancies to fit each case, in choice of States, are guaranteed patrons. The Agency Fee is less than any other Agency in the United States. For the convenience of patrons and to expedite business an office has been established at each of the following places:






Two Dollars enrolls at all offices. Correspondence Solicited. Address nearest office to you.

F. M. SHIPPEY, Manager.

Get the Meissioner Number of THE ART STUDENT.

THE ART STUDENT, edited by Ernest Knaufft. Illustrating, Caricaturing. Cha'kplate Engraving, etc. Fac-similes of sketches by MEISSONIER, GEROME, HERKOMER, VIERGE, MENZEL ani all the masters of draughtsmanship.

Send 30c. (stamps taken) for 4 spec. Nos., or 70c. for 6 mos. sub. and 3 back Nos., or $1.50 for 1 year's sub. and 7 back Nos. Address, THE ART STUDENT, 132 W. 23d St. New York.


New ommon School Question Book

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But your order

Must Reach us Before April 1st., 1898.


Is published at Dansville, N. Y. It is read by over 100,000 teachers each month; is the largest, most complete most widely circulated and most prosperous educational journal in the world. It has recently been enlarged and improved, and the price is to be increased to $1.00 on the 15th day of January, 1898. As a result of these recent improvements and contemplated increase in the price,new subscriptions are being received in unheard-of numbers. County and city superintendents are lavish in their recommendation of it to their teachers. By a fortunate arrangement with the publishers of this excellent paper and of Craig's Question Book we are enabled to make the liberal offer above announced. If you are not familiar with NORMAL INSTRUCTOR, and would like to see a copy, send direct to the publishers for one.


Craig's is the Prince of all Question Books. It is larger, better made, more thorough, more practical, more reliable than any other Ques ion Book ever published. Nearly 200,000 copies have been purchased by the teachers of America, and it would be hard to imagine any way by which they could have secured so much benefit from any one book. It treats the very subjects on which you need help, and can always be relied upon.

It weighs nearly two pounds, has 520 pages, and contains 8,200 questions and answers fully covering all the subjects taught in our common schools. It is fully revised up to date, is well bound in cloth, and sells everywhere at $1.64 postpaid. It can be procured from us in combination with this publication and NORMAL INSTRUCTOR for only $1.50.

Remember that $1.50 gets this publication one year, NORMAL INSTRUCTOR for the same period, together with Craig's Question Book postpaid, but you must order before April 1st, 1898.

Never in the history of the world have teachers been given an opportunity to secure so much REAL VALUE for so little money as by taking advantage of this offer. We regard ourselves as being particularly fortunate in being able to place the matter before you on such liberal terms, and only regret that the time during which it is to continue is so short. It is ample, however, if all will act promptly. WE NOT ONLY INVITE YOU TO SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW AT ABOVE COMBINATION RATE, but ask that you invite your friends to subscribe also. Address all orders to

Southern Educational Journal, Atlanta, Ga.

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