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Publish'd from her


To which are prefix’d,

Several Curious Letters written

to the Editor on the Subject.


Printed for WARD and CHANDLER, at the

Ship without Temple-Bar; JOHN Wood and

at the Dove in
Pater-Nofter-Row; and THOMAS WALLER,
in the Middle-Temple Cloysters.


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HAD last Night the Honour of being in Company with your Spouse, the Conversation happening to turn on the excellent Character of Pa

mela, (now made publick) he said “ Mrs. Jervis the House-keeper, mentioned in " those Letters, was Aunt to his Wife, who had “ others by her, found among the Papers of Mrs.Jervis, written by Pamela to her Aunt, Co« pies of others to different People, and Originals " of several which she herself had receiv'd, fuffia « cient to furnish a Volume, if not more, and to ' compleat her Life.

« This Account, Madam, occasions you the « T-rouble of my Address, as it would be an Ine “ jury to the Memory of that incomparable Lady « and to the Publick, which stands in necd of “ fuch Examples of Virtue, to let them longer le


« in Oblivion'; befide, Madam, you may make " the pious Pamela be a Relief to the modeft « Poor (even after her Death) by suffering these “ Pieces to be printed A Profit will certainly aarise froin their Sale, the Town being so sur

prizingly (considering our present Degeneracy) prepofless’d in her Favour by the two Volumes

of Letters which are publish'd, and as your “ easy. Fortune sets you above applying to your

own Use such unexpected Money, you may “ fucceed your Aunt in the Post of Almoner, as

you did in that of House-keeper to the illustrious. Pamela.

I am, Madam,

Your very humble Servant,
To Mrs. Mary

B. W.

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N Anfwer to the Favour of yours; I affare

you I shall readily' come into airy Proposal “ which may contribute to the perpetuating the « fweet Ofour of my låte inestimable Lady's Mc


« Mt. Brenville informed you truly, with re“ gard to the Letters I have' by me, but I am “ no Judge as to their making either one or more « Volume's.

“ I did indeed succeed my' Aunt in the Care « of the Family in Bedfordshire, but you will “ observe in perusing the Letters in my Poffer " fion, that I had the Honour of being' admitted

to that exemplary Lady's Service fome Time “ before the Death of my Aunt Hervis. I am


<<"mentioned by my Maiden Name, Vaughan, “ House-keeper at the Lincolnshire Estate after “ Mrs. Jerukes was dismis’d.

si Beside the Letters you mention in yours I “ have some loose Notes, which, poffibly, with “ what I may be able to recollect of Passages “ while in her Service, to her Death, (a Period,

when it occurs to my Memory,which will still call « forth my Tears) may enable you to compile the “ Life of that Pattern of Humility and. Piety.

" Whenever you please to fix a Day, I will put all the Papers I have into your Hands for

your Perufal, and if you think they-inay be of “ use to the Publick, and an Advantage to the “ Neceffitous, I shall chearfully resign them to ir

your Discretion. "If you are not of Opinion that they will an, « swer these Views, I must infiit on your re: “ turning them, I prize these Papers greatly, and “ have been the better for ofren reading them. “ Indeed some of my Acquaintance who have read “ this literary Correspondence, have said it was « with Pleasure and Profit, that they contain “ such excellent Instructions for our Conduct in “ this Life, as, if follow'd, may secure our Hape “ piness both here and hereafter, " The Reverend Mr. M

to whom “ I lent them, said, for he knew my Lady, " that none but herself could so, well have « drawn her. Picture : She was what the apa s pears in her Writings, a dutiful and loving « Daughter, a moft observant and obliging " Wife, a humane and confiderate Miftress, and

tender Mother to the Poom I do not “ mention, continued the Divine, ber Prudence, « with regard to her children, though I was.


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