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leather, so that it might be buttoned under their uniforms, next to the heart.

An original copy of this pamphlet is now worth a large sum of money; only two or three survive. May we not believe that of those which did not perish with their owner on the field of battle many were worn out by constant use?

If such is the fate of even one copy of the present work, my object will be fully accomplished.

I acknowledge with gratitude the advice and encouragement of Mr. JAMES RHOADES, Mr. HERBERT SAMUEL, and of my brother, Mr. ARTHUR ACLAND.

My thanks are due to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge for their kind permission to print from the Revised Version.

READING, 1899.

M. L. H.D.






1-3-Labour, the Ordinance of God, is profitable to man for health and wellbeing all his life long. 4-9-Let him welcome labour even if it seem to him drudgery; let him work heartily that he may gain peace of mind, and God will instruct him. 10-12-Let employers act fairly to the employed, and not deny them liberty. 13-17-Let the employed act honourably to their masters, as in God's sight. 18-24-The labourer has a right to freedom, and can claim wages sufficient not only for life, but for his true development, if in return he gives the best labour of which he is capable. 25-37-Jesus Christ and Paul taught by

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