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Fleet Street.

THE following Memoir of SIR DAVID BAIRD has been carefully collated from the voluminous papers and extensive correspondence of that eminent and estimable


If to those, better acquainted with the subjects treated of, than the writer, there should appear any omissions or imperfections in the detail of the services which he performed for his country, they may be attributed to the inherent modesty which ordinarily accompanies exalted merit, and which, in the case of Sir David Baird, led him at all times sedulously to avoid referring to his own exploits, or alluding to the dangers and difficulties which he had encountered during his long, arduous, and distinguished career.

For the valuable assistance which the writer of this memoir has received from several quarters, his acknowledgments will be found specifically made in those parts


of the work which more particularly derive their interest from it. For himself, his object has been faithfully to transcribe what has now become matter of history; and wherever it appeared to him that a question of opinion might possibly arise, he has taken the direct course of submitting to the reader the letters of the different individuals concerned in the discussion.

London, Oct. 28, 1832.

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