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1st. Every Proprietor or Subscriber applying for a Book, is to receive it from the Librarian, who is to enter it, with the name of such Proprietor or Subscriber, in a Book to be kept for that purpose, together with the Day of the Month on which the Book is taken from the Library.

2nd. Books of great value, or which cannot easily be replaced, or which are necessary for general Consultation, shall not be taken from the Library, unless by a special order of the Committee.

3rd. No Proprietor nor Subscriber shall have more than Four Volumes from the Library at any time in his possession, without special permission from the Committee.

4th. The Time allowed for keeping Books out of the Library, is Three Weeks for a Folio, a Fortnight for a Quarto, and One Week for all smaller Books. The Books are to be sent for and returned by the Proprietors and

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Subscribers; but in case any Book or Books shall be kept longer than the Time thus limited, (and the Librarian shall have applied for the same in writing,) a Fine shall be incurred on each Book of Three-pence per Day, for every Day after the Expiration of the time of such notice, and no other Book shall be delivered to the same Person, until the Book or Books so detained shall have been restored, and the several Fines paid.

5th. No new Publication shall be taken out of the Library until the Expiration of a certain time, to be fixed in each case by the Committee when the Book is purchased; but if no express limitation is made by the Committee, then the time shall be one Month for a Folio or Quarto, and one Fortnight for other Books.

6th. If a Book be at any time required which is not then in the Library, the Person applying for it is to enter his Name, with the date of his application, in a Book to be kept for that purpose, and he shall receive it in rotation, according to the date of the entry of his Name, provided he sends for it on the day appointed by the Librarian.

7th. If any Book or Books be defaced, injured, or withheld from the Library for the space of One Calendar Month, after Notice shall have been given, by Letter, to return the same, such Book or Books shall be purchased for the Library at the expense of the Person so detaining, damaging, or losing the same.

8th. Every Proprietor or Subscriber desirous of recommending the purchase of any Work, shall leave a written notice of his recommendation with the Librarian, to be laid before the Committee.

9th. No Book shall be delivered out by the Librarian, without an Order signed by the Proprietor, or Subscriber,


applying for the same, containing the name of the Book, and the date of the Application, except in case of a personal delivery to the Proprietor himself.

10th. The Librarian shall keep a Book, in which he shall make an entry of all Books injured, lost, or unduly detained, which Book shall be laid before the Committee for examination at each of their Meetings.

11th. No Book shall be delivered out to Order by the Librarian, except between the hours of Ten and Four. o'Clock.

12th. The foregoing Regulations shall be entered into a Book, in which each Person subscribing to the Library and Rooms, shall sign his Name.

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