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and indifference to all religion ? And though the Patrons of such latitude have been solidly refuted by argument afid difputation : yet how few will take the pains to look into the merits of the controversy, or are able to judge of it with a critical exactness?

We have heard, by many hands; what à harvest has been made of late by the emissaries of the church of Rome : And to what fo likely cani we attribute their success, as to that unsettled state of religion, which must needs give uneasiness, if ever men come to any seriousriefs of mind, and, in order to avoid the pain of endless doubt and uncertainty; makes them glad to take fhelter under the vain pretence of an infallible director ?

As the clergy of this Diocese have lately been admonish’d, by our vigilant Diocesan, to guard against this growing mischief; I thought it


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would be now more particularly seasonable to strike at the very root and bottom of it, by recommending a serious and earnest restoration of Family-Religion. And because our discourses from the pulpit are too easily forgot, and put out of mind by multiplicity of other business, I was willing to commit this sermon to the press, that, as I meant it for a standing rule of life, you may be able to look into it'again and again; and, besides the office of public preaching, it may fupply the defect of that private advice and admonition, which the temper of the present age, and the hurry of secular business in this great city, has made almost impracticable

Many books of devotion there are publish'd, which may be profitably used by you on this occasion. And though I would not take upon me to prescribe in such variety, since different persons may have good


reasons for observing different methods; yet for those who have less leisure to attend the daily service of the church, I should imagine some collects might be easily selected to suit the occasions and exigencies of the Family. And a collection of this sort is publish’d, under the title of The Common-Prayer-Book the best Companion.

God grant that these my weak endeavours may succeed, to the honour and glory of his Name, to your progress and improvement in all christian virtues, and to the folid satisfaction and comfort of

Your affectionate Pastor, and

faithful Servant in Christ Jesus,

William Berriman.

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Family - Religion recommended.

Josh. xxiv. 15.
But as for me and my house, we will

serve the Lord.

HEN we consider the abundant SERM.

increase of infidelity in the pre- II. sent age,

how the doctrines of Christianity are openly attacked and ridiculed, and its precepts disobey'd; what coldness and indifference appears in many

who have not quite thrown off the profession of Reli-. gion, how rarely they appear, and how little they are concern'd, in our religious Assemblies; what strangers to the very terms of christian Communion, and how little observant of the rules of Christian living; what advantage this has given to the emiffaries of the church of Rome, to make a prey of some persons who have serious hearts but weaker heads, and who being offended at such inconsistency and

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