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the two former Volumes of my Brother's Pofthumous Sermons, my Defign was soon after to have printed two Volumes more. And accordingly, a sufficient number was seleeted for that purpose, and prepared for the Press. Part of which, with the two Sermons reprinted, make up this third Volume.

It is needless to trouble the Reader with the Reasons why this DeJign has been so long delayed; and the two intended Volumes at length dropt into One. Indeed, if this had been delayed much longer, I should scarcely have ever published it at all: for, after the Bookseller bad undertaken to ufber it into the world, the


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decay of fight came so fast upon me, that I was not able to correct the Press beyond the three first meets, bụt was forced to commit the care of that work to other hands.

The most material of the Errata that have been observed by those that supplied my place shall be set down; and the Reader is desired to correet them with his Pen. And I muft here defire him to supply an omision, and corre&t a mistake in the Preface to the First Volume (which was not discovered. till after the Book was published) p. 8. 1. 21. after Bishop Talbot, add March 16, 1711-12 ; and p. 9. l. 8. for Dec. 12, read Dec. 21.

Notwithstanding the Censure of fome Minute Philosophers, who sneer at Scripture. Orthodoxy-set up Reason against Revelat

ATION—and like Doctrines never the better for being founded on the Gospel- I am thoroughly persuaded the Judgment


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of those Friends was right, who advised the publication of the two former Volumes ; which, as they were fotly framed to instruct and edify the serious Cbriftian, fo they have met with a general approbation.

I have therefore the more willingly complied with the earnest importunity of some Friends to reprint the two firf Sermons in this Third Volume (the former of which was only printed at first to give away to Parishioners and other Friends) that they might escape the common Fate of fingle Sermons; and, with others added to them, make up a sizeable Volume, to be transmitted to Pofterity.

Notice has been taken, where necessary (either in the Contents or other Parts of the Book) of the particular Occasion upon which several of the Sermons were preached; only one thing may be bere remarked concerning the XVIIth Sermon, and the Addition for Charity at the End


of it; that though this Sermon had

been several times preached as a Cha-

rity Sermon, it was not my design
to publish it as such ; and the Ad-
dition for Charity was expressly or-
dered to be omitted; yet, as it hap-
pened by some neglect or mistake to
be printed off, before I was acquaint-
ed with it, I thought it better to let
it ftand as it was, than to cancel
two leaves on that account.

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