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He cureth one

CHAP. IV. possessed of a devil. Ye will surely say unto mest.34 Saying, Let us alone, this proverb, Physician, heal what have we with thee thyself: whatsoever we have thou Jesus of Nazareth? ar heard done in Capernaum, thou come to destroy us? do also here in thy country. know thee who thou art; the

24 And he said, Verily I say Holy One of God. unto you, No prophet is ac- m35 And Jesus rebuked him. cepted in his own country, saying, Hold thy peace, and t 25 But I tell you of a truth, come out of him. And wher many widows were in Israel the devil had thrown him ir in the days of Elias, when the the midst, he came out of heaven was shut up three him, and hurt him not. years and six months, when t 36 And they were all amaz great famine was throughoutsed, and spake among them all the land;

selves, saying, What a word g 26 But unto none of them is this! for with authority was Elias sent, save unto and power he commandet Sarepta, a city of Sidon, unto the unclean spirits, and they a woman that was a widow.

come out. t 27 And many lepers were in 37 And the fame of him Israel in the time of Eliseus went out into every place of the prophet; and none of the country round about. them was cleansed, saving 38 And he arose out of the Naaman the Syrian. synagogue, and entered in c 28 And all they in the syna-to Simon's house. And Si gogue, when they heard these mon's wife's mother was tak things were filled with wrath, en with a great fever; an

29 And rose up, and thrust they besought him for her. him out of the city, and led m39 And he stood over her him unto the brow of the hill and rebuked the fever; an whereon their city was built, it left her: and immediatel that they might cast him she arose and ministered ur down headlong.

to them. m30 But he passing through m40 Now when the sun wa the midst of them went his setting, all they that had an way,

sick with divers disease d3i And came down to Ca- brought them unto mo, an pernaum, a city of Galilee, he laid his hands on, ever and taught them on the sab- one of them and healed then bath days.

t 41 | And devils also can t 32 And they were astonish- out of many, crying out, an ed at his doctrine: for his saying, Thou art Christo word was with power.

Son of God. And he refu f 33 And in the synagogue ing them suffered them there was a man, which had a to speak: for they knew th spirit of an unclean devil,and he was Christ. cried out with a loud voice, If 42 And when it was day,

Draught of fishes. S. LUKE. The leper cleansed. departed and went into a de- And they came, and filled sert place; and the people both the ships, so that they sought him, and came unto began to sink. him, and stayed him, that he c8 When Simon Peter saw should not depart from them. it, he fell down at Jesus'

43 And he said unto them, knees, saying, Depart from I must preach the kingdom me; for I am a sinful man, of God to other cities also: O Lord. for therefore am I sent. 9 For he was astonished, & 44 And he preached in the and all that were with him, synagogues of Galilee. at the draught of the fishes

1 CHAP. V. which they had taken: AND it came to pass that

10 And so was also James, as the people pressed and John, the sons of Zebeupon him to hear the word dee, which were partners of God, he stood by the lake with Simon. And Jesus said of Gennesaret,

unto Simon, Fear not; from 2 And saw two ships stand- henceforth thou shalt catch ing by the lake: but the fish- meil. ermen were gone out of them, d 11 And when they had and were washing their nets. brought their ships to land,

3 And he entered into one they forsook all, and followof the ships, which was Si- ed him. mon's, and prayed him that f 12 4 And it came to pass, he would thrust out a little when he was in a certain from the land. And he sat city, bebold a man full of down, and taught the people leprosy: who seeing Jesus fell out of the ship.

on his face and besought him, 4 Now when he had left saying, Lord, if thou wilt, speaking, he said unto Si- thou canst make me clean. mon, Launch out into the m13 And he put forth his deep, and let down your nets hand, and touched him, sayfor a draught.

ing, I will: be thou clean. 5 And Simon answering And immediately the leprosy said unto him, Master, we departed from him. have viled all the night, and 14 And he charged him to have taken nothing: never- tell no man: but go, and shew theless at thy word I will let thyself to the priest, and offer down the net.

for thy cleansing, according m6 Aitd when they had this as Moses commanded, for a dociep they inclosed a great testimony unto them. muddtude of fishes: and their m15 But so much the more netwerke.

went there a fame abroad of 7 And they beckoned unto him: and great multitudes their partners, which were came together to hear, and in the other ship, that they to be healed by him of their should come and help them. 'infirmities.

Christ prayeth. CHAP. V. Matthew called. d 16 9 And he withdrew him-1 Arise, and take up thy couch, self into the wilderness, and and go unto thine house, prayed.

m25° And immediately he g 17 And it came to pass on a rose up before them,and took certain day, as he was teach- up that whereon he lay, and ing, that there were Phari- departed to his own house, sees and doctors of the law glorifying God. sitting by, which were come 1 26 And they were all amazout of every town of Galilee, ed, and they glorified God, and Judea, and Jerusalem; and were filled with fear, and the power of the Lord') saying, We have seen strange was present to heal them. things to day. f 18 And, behold, men d 27 | And after these things brought in a bed a man which he went forth and saw a pubwas taken with a palsy; and lican, named Levi, sitting at they sought means to bring the receipt of custom: and him in, and to lay him be- he said unto him, Follow me, fore him.

28 And he left all, rose up, o 19 And when they could and followed him. not find by what way they f 29 And Levi made him a might bring him in because great feast in his own house: of the multitude, they went and there was a great comupon the house-top, and let pany of publicans and of him down through the tiling others that sat down with with his couch into the midst them. before Jesus.

30 But their scribes and m20 And when he saw their Pharisees murmured against faith, he said unto him, Man, bis disciples, saying, Why thy sins are forgiven thee. do ye eat and drink with t 21 And the scribes and the publicans and sinners? Pharisees began to reason, t 31 And Jesus answering saying, Who is this which said unto them, They that speaketh blasphemies? Who are whole need not a physican forgive sins, but God cian; but they that are sick, alone?

32 I came not to call the t 22 But when Jesus perceiv- righteous, but sinners to reed their thoughts, he answer- pentance. ing said unto them, What 334 And they said unto him, reason ye in your hearts? Why do the disciples of John [ 23 Whether is easier, to say, fast often, and make prayThy sins be forgiven othee; ers, and likewise the disciples or to say, Rise up and walk? of the Pharisees; but thine

24 But that ye may know eat and drink? that the Son of man hath 34 And he said unto them, power on earth to forgive Can ye make the children of sins, (he said unto the sick the bridechamber fast, while of the palsy,) I say unto thee, the bridegroom is with them?

Christ reproveth S. LUKE.

the Pharisees. 35 But the days will come, with him; which it is not when the bridegroom shall lawful to eat but for the be taken away from them, priests alone? and then shall they fast in i 5 And he said unto them, those days.

That the Son of man is Lord i 36 1 And he spake also a also of the sabbath, parable unto them; No man 16 And it came to pass also putteth a piece of a new gar- on another sabbath, that he ment upon an old; if other- entered into the synagogue wise, then both the new and taught: and there was a maķeth a rent, and the piece man whose right hand was that was taken out of the withered. new agreeth not with the old. c7 And the scribes and Pha037 And no man putteth new risees watched him, whether wine into old bottles; else the he would heal on the sabbath new wine will burst the bot- day; that they might find an tles, and be spilled, and the accusation against him. bottles shall perish.

t 8 But he knew their 38 But new wine must be thoughts, and said to the put into new bottles; and man which had the witherboth are preserved.

ed hand, Rise p, and stand 39 No man also having forth in the midst. And he drunk old wine straightway arose and stood forth. desireth new: for he saith, 9 Then said Jesus unto The old is better.

them, I will ask you one f CHAP. VI.

thing; Is it lawful on the ND it came to pass on sabbath days to do good, or the first, that he went through destroy it? the corn fields; and his dis- m10And looking round about ciples plucked the ears of upon them all, he said unto corn, and did eat, rubbing the man, Stretch forth thy them in their hands.

hand. And he did so: and 2 And certain of the Phari- his hand was restored whole sees said unto them, Why as the other. do ye that which is not law-ci And they were filled ful to do on the sabbath day? with madness; and com

3And Jesus answering them muned one with another said, Have ye not read so what they might do to Jesus. much as this, what David d 12 And it came to pass in did, when himself was an those days, that he went out hungred, and they which into a mountain to pray, and were with him;

continued all night in prayer 4 How he went into the to God. house of God, and did take f 131 And when it was day, and eat the shewbread, and he called unto him his disgave also

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The apostles chosen. CHAP. VI. Of loving our enemies, twelve, whom also he named ven: for in the like manner apostles;

did their fathers unto the n 14 Simon, (whom he also prophets. named Peter,) and Andrew W24 But wo unto you that his brother, James and John, are rich! for ye have received Philip and Bartholomew, your consolation.

15 Matthew and Thomas, w25 Wo unto you that are James the son of_Alpheus, full! for ye shall hunger. Wo and Simon called Zelotes, unto you that laugh now! for

16 And Judas the brother ye shall mourn and weep. of James, and Judas Iscariot, w26 Wo unto you, when all which also was the traitor. men shall speak well of you! E 17 | And he came down for so did their fathers to the with them, and stood in the false prophets. plain, and the company of d*27 But I say unto you his disciples, and a great which hear, Love your enemultitude of people out of mies, do good to them which all Judea and Jerusalem, and hate you, from the sea coast of Tyre 28 Bless them that curse and Sidon, which came to you, and pray for them which hear him, and to be healed of despitefully use you. their diseases;

29 And unto him that smitm18 And they that were vex- eth thee on the one cheek of: ed with unclean spirits: and fer also the other; and him they were healed.

that taketh away thy cloak 19 And the whole multi- forbid not to take thy coat tude sought to touch him: also. for there went virtue out of a 30 Give to every man that him, and healed them all. asketh of thee; and of him 6 20' And he lifted up his that taketh away thy goods eyes on his disciples and said, ask tlum not again. Blessed be ye poor: for youu's (*31 And as ye would that is the kingdom of God. men should do to



ye Blessed are ye that hun- also to them likewise. ger now: for ye shall be filled. C 32 For if ye love them Blessed are ye that weep which love you, what thank now: for ye shall laugh. have ye? for sinners also love b 22 Blessed are ye, when those that love them. men shall hate you, and when c 33 And if ye do good to they shall separate you from them which do good to you, their company, and shall re- what thank have ye? for sinproach you, and cast out your ners also do even the same. name as evil, for the Son of c 34 And if ye lend to them of man's sake,

whom ye hope to receive, 23 Rejoice ye in that day, what thank have ye? for sinand leap for joy: for, behold, ners also lend to sinners, to your reward is great in hea- receive as much again.

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