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s. General Introduction to S. Christ cures a Leper. the History of Christ's more Matt. viii. 2-4. Mark i. 40, public ministry. Matt. iv. to the end. Luke v. 12-16. 12-17. Mark i. 14, 15. Luke V. E. N. 27, 28. iv.14, 15. V. E. 27. N. 1-3. S. The Paralytic cured,

S. ' Christ's Conversation and the power of Christ to with the Woman of Sa- forgive Sins asserted. Matt. maria. John iv. 1-42. ix. 2-8. Mark ii, 1-12. Luke N. 4-9.

v. 17-26. N. 29. s. Second Miracle at Cana S. The calling of Matthew. in Galilee. Johın iv. 43, to Matt. ix. 9. Mark ii. 13, 14. the end. N. 10, 11. Luke v. 27, 28. N. 30.

S. First public preaching S. The infirm Man healed of Christ in the Synagogue at at the Poolof Bethesda. John Nazareth, and his Danger v. 1-15. N. 31-33. there. Luke iv. 16-30.

S. Christ vindicates the 27. N. 12-18.

Miracle, and asserts the DigS. Christ sojourns at Ca- nity of his office. John v. 16, pernaum. Luke iv. 31, 32. to the end. N. 34, 35. N. 19.

S. Christ defends his DisciS. The miraculous Draught ples for plucking the Ears of of Fishes, and the calling of Corn on the Sabbath-Day. Andrew, and Peter, James, Matt. xii. 1-8. Mark ii. 23– and John. Matt. iv. 18-22. 28. Luke vi. 1-5. N. Mark i. 17-20. Luke v. 1-11 36-38. N. 20-22.

S. Christ heals the witherS. The Demoniac healed ed Hand. Matt. xii. 9-14. at Capernaum. Mark i. 21- Mark iii. 1-6. Luke vi. 6-11. 28. Liike iv. 33-38. - N. 23. N. 39.

S. Peter's Mother-in-law S. Christ is followed by cured of a fever. Matt. viii. great multitudes, whose Dis14, 15. Mark i. 29-31. Luke eases he heals. Matt. xii. iv. 33, 39.

N. 21.

5-21. Mark iii. 7-12. N. 40. s. Christ teaches and per. S. Preparation for the Serforms Miracles, and cures mon on the mount-Election throughout Galilee. Matt. iv. of the twelve apostles. Mark 23-25; viii. 16, 17. Mark i. iii. 13-19. Luke vi. 12-19. 32-39. Luke iv. 40, to the N. 41.


HARMONY OF THE Mount. Matt. v. vi. vii. and, Parables. Matt. xiii. 10-17. viii. 1. Luke vi. 20, to the Mark iv. 10-12. Luke viii. end. V. E. N. 42-48. 9, 10. V. E. N. 67.

S. The Centurion's Ser- S. Explanation of the Pavant healed. Matt. viii. 5-13. rable of the Sower. Matt. Luke vii. 1-10. N. 49. xiii. 18-23. Mark iv. 13-23.

S. The Widow of Nain's Luke viii. pt. of ver. 9, and Son is raised to life. Luke xi. 15. vii. 11-18. N. 50, 51.

S. Christ directs his HearS. Message from John, ers to practise what they hear. who was still in prison, to Mark iv. 24, 25. Luke viji. Christ. Matt. xi. 2-6. Luke 18. vii. 18-23. N. 52, 53. s. Various Parables de

S. Christ's Testimony con- scriptive of Christ's Kingdom. cerning John. Matt. xi. 7-15. Mait. xiii. 24-53. Mark iv. Luke vii. 24-30. N. 54, 55. 20-34. 27. N. 68.

S. Christ reproaches the S. Christ crosses the Sea Jews for their impenitence of Galilee, and calms the temand Insensibility. Matt xi. pest. Mait. viii. 18–27. Mark 16-27. Luke yii. 31-35. iv. 36, to the end. Luke viii. N. 56.


N. 69. .S. Christ invites all to come S. Christ heals the Gadato him. Matt. xi. 25, to the rene Demoniac. Matt. viii. end. N. 57.

28, to the end. Mark v. 1-20. S. Christ forgives the Sins Luke viii. 26-39.

N. of a female Penitent, at the 70. House of a Pharisee. Luke S. Christ dines with Matvii. 36, to the end. N. 58. thew. Matt. ix. 10-17. Mark

S. Christ preaches again ii. 15-22. Luke v. 29, to the throughout Galilee. Luke end. viii. 1-3.

S. Jairus' Daughter is S. Christ cures a Demoniac healed, and the infirm Wo--Conduct of the Scribes and man. Matt. ix. 1, and xviii. Pharisees. Matt. xii. 22-45. 26. Mark v. 21, to the end. Mark ii. 19-30. Luke xi. Luke viii. 40, to the end. 14-26. N. 59-61.

N. 71. S. Christ declares his faith- s. Christ restores two ful Disciples to be his real blind Men to Sight. Matt. kindred. Matt. xii. 46, to the ix. 27-31. end. Mark iii. 31,1o the end. S. Christ casts out a dumb Luke viii. 19-21. – N. 62, 63. Spirit. Matt. ix. 32-34.

S. Parable of the Sower. S. Christ returns to NaMatt. xiii. 1-9.

Mark iv. l-zareth, and is again ill-treat9. Luke viii. 4-8. Ned there. Matt. xiii. 54-58. 01-66.

Mark vi. 1, to pt. of ver.


443 S. Christ preaches again fix. 35-38. Mark vi. part of throughout Galilee. Matt. ver. 6. V. E. 28.



S. Christ's Commission to vi. 22, to the end; vii. 1. the twelve Apostles. Matt. N. 13. x. and xi. Mark vi. 7-13. S. Christ converses with Luke ix. 1-6. v. E. 28. N.1-5. the Scribes and Pharisees on

S. Death of John the Bap- the Jewish Traditions. Matt. tist-Herod desires to see xv. 1-20. Mark vii. 1-23. Christ. Matt. xiv. 1-12. N. 14. Mark vi. 14-29. Luke ix. 7- S. Christ heals the Daugh9. N. 6.

ter of the Canaanite, or SyS. The Twelve return, rophænician Woman. Matt. and Jesus retires with them xv. 21-28. Mark vii. 24-30. to the Desert of Bethsaida. N. 15, 16. Matt. xiv. 13, 14. Mark vi. S. Christ goes through De30-34. Luke ix. 10, 11. John capolis, healing and teaching. vi. 12.

Matt. xv. 29-3). Mark vii. 31, S. Five thousand are fed to the end. miraculously. Matt. xiv. 15- S. Four thousand Men are 21. Mark vi. 35-44. Luke fed miraculously. Matt. xv, ix. 12-17. John vi. 3-14. 32, to the end. Mark viii. N. 7-9.

1-9. Christ sends the Multitude S. The Pharisees require way and prays

alone. Other Signs-Christ charges Matt. xiv. 22, 23. Mark them with Hypocrisy. Matt. vi. 45, 46. John vi. 15. xvi. 1-12. Mark viii. 11, and N. 10.

pt. of 22. S. Christ walks on the Sea S. Christ heals a blind Man to his Disciples, who are over- at Bethsaida. Mark viii. 22taken by a Storm. Matt. xiv. 26. 24-33. Mark vi. 47-53. John S. Peter confesses Christ to vi. 16-21. N. 11, 12 be the Messiah. Mat. xvi. 13

S. Christ heals many Peo- 20. Mark viii. 27-30. Luke ple. Matt. xiv. 34-36. Mark ix. 18-21. - 28. N. 17-19. vi. 35-56.

S. Christ astonishes the S. Christ teaches in the Sy- Disciples, by declaring the


HARMONY OF THE Resurrection Matt. xvi. 21-Death and Resurrection. 23. Mark vii. 31, to the end; Matt. xvii. 22--28. Mark is. ix. l. Luke ix. 22-27. v. E. N. 30-33. Luke ix. 43-46. V. E. 20, 21.

24. S. The Transfiguration of s. Christ works a Miracle Christ. Matthew xvii. 1-13. to pay the Half-shekel for the Mark ix. 2-13. Luke ix. 28– Temple Service. Matt. xvii. 36. N. 22, 23.

21-27; xviii. 1, to the end. S. The Deaf and Dumb N. 25. Spirit cast out. Matt. xvii. S. The Disciples contend 14-21. Mark ix. 14-29. Luke for Superiority. Mark ix. 33, ix. 37-42.

to the end. Luke ix, 47-50.S. Christ again foretells his V. 26-28.




S. The Mission of the Se-fyer how he may attain eterventy. Luke x. 1-16. v. E. 28. nal Life Luke. x. 25-23. N. 1, 2.

N. 14. S. Christ goes up to the s. The Parable of the good Feast of Tabernacles. Matt. Samaritan. Luke x. 29-37.xix. 1, Mark x. 1. John viil. N. 15. 2-10. - N. 3, 4.

S. Christ in the House of S. Agitation of the public Martha. Luke x. 38, to the mind at Jerusalem, concern- end. – N. 16, 17. ing Christ. John vii. 11, to S. Christ teaches his Discithe end; viii. 1. - N. 5-7. ples to pray. Luke xi. 1-13.-

S Conduct of Christ to the S. Christ reproves the PhaAdulteress and her accusers. risees and Lawyers. Luke John viii. 2-11. - N. 8. xi. 37, to the end.

S. Christ declares himself S. Christ cautions his Dis. to be the Son of God. John ciples against Hypocrisy. viii. 12-20. - N. 9.

Luke xii. 1-12. S. Christ declares the man- S. Christ refuses to act as ner of his Death. John viii. a Judge. Luke. xii. 13, 14. -21, to the end. – N. 10-12 S. Christ cautions the Mul

S. The Seventy return with titude against Wordly-mindjoy. Luke x, 17-24. – N.13. edness. Luke xii. 15-34.


445 fulness, Fidelity, and Re- S. Christ receives and blespentance. Luke xii. 35, to the ses little Children. Matt. xix. end, and xiii. 1-9. V. E. 3-15. Mark x. 13-17. Luke

S. Christ cures an infirm xviii. 15-17. V. E. N. 24. Woman in the Synagogue. S. Parable of the rich Man Luke xiii. 10-17. -

and Lazarus. Luke xvi. 19, S. Christ begins his Jour-to the end. N. 25. ney towards Jerusalem, to be S. On Forgiveness of Inpresent at the Feast of the juries. Luke xvii. 1-10. Dedication. Luke xiii. 22, S. Christ journies towards and 18-21. N. 18.

Jerusalem. Luke ix. 51, to s. Christ restores to Sight the end; xvii. 11. -- N. 26. a Blind Man, who is sum- S. Christ heals ten Lepers. moned before the Sanhedrim. Luke xvii. 12-19. - N. 27. John ix. 1-34. -- N. 19-21. S. Christ declares the low

S. Christ declares that he is liness of his Kingdom, and the the true Shepherd. John ix. sudden Destruction of Jeru35, to the end; x. 1-21. – 18. salem. Luke xvii. 20, to the

S. Christ publicly asserts end. his Divinity. Jo. y. 22–38. S. Christ teacheth the true

s. In consequence of the Nature of Prayer. Luke xviii. opposition of the Jews, Christ 1-8. — retires beyond Jordan. John S. Parable of the Pharisee x. 39, to the end.

and Publican. Luke xviii. S. Christ, leaving the City, 9-14. -Jaments over Jerusalem. Lu. S. From the Conduct of the xiii. 23, to the end. - N. 22. young Ruler, Christ cautions

S. Christ dines with a Pha- bis Disciples on the Dangers risee--Parable of the great of Wealth. Matt. xix. 16, to Supper. Luke xiv. 1-24. - the end. Mark x. 17–31. Luke

S. Christ's Disciples must xviii. 18-30. -- N. 28, 29. forsake the World. Luke xiv. s. Parable of the Labour25, to the end.

ers in the Vineyard. Matt. XX. S. Parallies of the lost 1-16. - N. 30. Sheep, and of the lost Piece S. Christ is informed of the of Silver Luke xv. 1-10. sickness of Lazarus. John

S. Parable of the Prodigal xi. 1-16. -- N. 31. Son. Lu.xv. 11, to the end. -- S. Christ again predicts his

8. Parable of the unjust Sufferings and Death. Matt. Steward. Luke xvi. 1-13.

XX. 17-19. Mark X. 32-34. S. Christ reproves the Pha-Luke xviii. 31-34. - 29. N. risees. Luke xvi. 14-17. 32.

S. Christ answers the Ques- L. Ambition of the Sons tion concerning Marriage and of Zebedee. Matt. xx. 20-28. Divorce. Mat. xix 3-11. Mk. Mark x. 35-45.

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