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The legion of

CHAP. VIII. devils cast out. wind and the raging of the besought him that he would water: and they ceased, and suffer them to enter into there was a calm.

them. And he suffered them. t 25 And he said unto them, 33 Then went the devils out Where is your faith? And of the man, and entered into they being afraid wondered, the swine: and the herd ran saying one to another, What violently down a steep place manner of man is this! for into the lake, and were chokhe commandeth even the ed. winds and water, and they 34 When they that fed them obey him.

saw what was done, they fled, g 26 9 And they arrived at the and went and told it in the country of the Gadarenes, city and in the country. which is over against Galilee. m35 Then they went out to f 27 And when he went forth see what was done; and came to land, there met him out of to Jesus, and found the man, the city a certain man, which out of whom the devils were had devils long time,andware departed, sitting at the feet no clothes, neither abode in of Jesus, clothed, and in his any house, but in the tombs. right mind; and they were t 28 When he saw Jesus, he afraid. cried out, and fell down be 36 They also which saw it fore him, and with a loud told them by what means he voice said, What have I to that was possessed of the do with thee, Jesus, thou Son devils was healed. of God most high? I beseech c*374 Then the whole multithee, torment me not. tude of the country of the 29 (For he had commanded Gadarenes round about bethe unclean spirit to come sought him to depart from out of the man. For often- them; for they were taken times it had caught him: and with great fear: and he went he was kept bound with up into the ship, and returnchains and in fetters; and ed back again. he brake the bands, and was 38 Now the man out of driven of the devil into the whom the devils were dewilderness.)

parted besought him that he 30 And Jesus asked him, might be with him: but Jesus saying, What is thy name? sent him away, saying, And he said, Legion: because d 39 Return to thine own many devils were entered house, and shew how great into him.

things God hath done unto t 31 And they besought him thee. And he went his way, that he would not command and published throughout them to go out into the deep. the whole city how great f 32 And there was there an things Jesus had done unto herd of many swine feeding him. on the mountain: and they 40 And it came to pass,


Bloody issue healed. S. LUKE. The dead raised. that, when Jesus was return-| fort: thy faith hath made ed, the people gladly receiv- thee whole; go in

peace, ed' him: for they were all 49 ( While he yet spake, waiting for him.

there cometh one from the f 41 | And, behold, there ruler of the synagogue's came a man named 'Jairus, house, saying to him, Thy and he was a ruler of the daughter is dead; trouble not synagogue: and he fell down the Master. at Jesus' feet, and besought d 50 But when Jesus heard it, him that he would come into he answered him, saying, his house:

Fear not: believe only, and 42 For he had one only she shall be made whole. daughter, about twelve years

51 And when he came into of age, and she lay a dying. the house, he suffered no But as he went the people man to go in, save Peter, and thronged him.

James, and John, and the 43 And a woman having father and the mother of the an issue of blood twelve maiden. years, which had spent all 52 And all wept, and beher living upon physicians, wailed her: but he said, Weep neither could be healed of not; she is not dead, but any,

sleepeth. m44 Came behind him, and 53° And they laughed him touched the border of his to scorn, knowing that she garment: and immediately was dead. her issue of blood stanched." 54 And he put them all out,

45 And Jesus said, who and took her by the hand, and touched me?When alldenied, called, saying, Maid, arise. Peter and they that were with m55 And her spirit came him said, Master, the multi-again, and she arose straighttude throng thee and press way: and he commanded to thee, and sayest thou, Who give her ineat. touched me?

56 And her parents were 46 And Jesus said, Some- astonished: but he charged body hath touched me: for I them that they should tell perceive that virtue is gone no man what was done. out of me,

t CHAP. IX. 47 And when the woman TIEN he called his twelve saw that she was not hid, she 1 disciples together, and came trembling, and falling gave them power and audown before him, she declar- thority over all devils, and ed unto him before all the to cure diseases. people for what cause she 2 And he sent them to had touched him, and how preach the kingdom of God, she was healed immediately. and to heal the sick.

48 And he said unto her, d 3 And he said unto them, Daughter, be of good com- Take nothing for your jour

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Christ's transfiguration. S. LUKE. The lunatic healed. t 22 Saying, The Son of man 32 But Peter and they that must suffer many things, and were with him were heavy be rejected of the elders and with sleep: and when they chief priests and scribes, were awake, they saw his and be slain, and be raised glory, and the two men that the third day.

stood with him. d 23 And he said to them e 33 And it came to pass, as all, If any man will come af- they departed from him, Peter me, let him deny himself, tersaid unto Jesus, Master, it and take up his cross daily, is good for us to be here: and and follow me.

let us make three taberna24 For whosoever will save cles; one for thee, and one for his life shall lose it: but who- Moses, and one for Elias: not soever will lose his life for my knowing what he said. sake, the same shall save it. 34 While he thus spake,

25 For what is a man ad- there came a cloud, and overvantaged, if he gain the shadowed them: and they whole world, and lose him- feared as they entered into self, or be cast away? the cloud. t 26 For whosoever shall be t 35 And there came a voice ashamed of me, and of my out of the cloud, saying, This words, of him shall the Son of is my beloved Son: hear him. man be ashamed, when he 36 And when the voice was shall come in his own glory, past, Jesus was found alone. and in his Father's, and of And they kept it close, and the holy angels.

told no man in those days any 27 But I tell you of a truth, of those things which they there be some standing here, had seen. which shall not taste of 137 ( And it came to pass, death, till they see the king-that on the next day, when dom of God.

they were come down from f 28 And it came to pass the hill, much people met about an eight days after him. these sayings, he took Peter 38 And, behold, a man of andJohn and James,and went the company cried out, sayup into a mountain to pray: ing, Master, I beseech thee, $ 29 And as he prayed, the look upon my son: for he is fashion of his countenance mine only child. was altered, and his raiment 39 And, lo, a spirit taketh was white and glistering. him, and he suddenly crieth v 30 And, behold, there talk-out; and it teareth him that ed with him two men, which he foameth again, and bruiswere Moses and Elias: ing him hardly departeth

31 Who appeared in glory, from him. and spake of his decease 40 And I besought thy diswhich he should accomplish ciples to cast him out; and at Jerusalem,

they could not.

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