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Parable of the rich man. S. LUKE. Disciples forewarned. hour what ye ought to say.

23 The life is more than f 13 [ And one of the com- meat, and the body is more pany said unto him, Master, than raiment. speak to my brother, that he 24 Consider the ravens: for divide the inheritance with they neither sow nor reap;

which neither have store14 And he said unto him, house nor barn; and God Man, who made me a judge feedeth them:how much more or a divider over you? are ye better than the fowls? p 15 And he said unto them, 25 And which of you with Take heed, and beware of taking thought can add to covetousness: for a man's life his stature one cubit? consisteth not in the abun 26 If ye then be not able to dance of the things which do that thing which is least, he possesseth.

why take ye thought for the i 16 And he spake a para- rest? ble unto them, saying, The 27 Consider the lilies how ground of a certain rich man they grow: they toil not, they brought forth plentifully; spin not; and yet I say unto

17 And he thought within you, that Solomon in all his himself, saying, What shall glory was not arrayed like I do, because I have no room one of these. where to bestow my fruits? 28 If then God so clothe the

18 And he said, This will I grass, which is to day in the do: I will pull down my field, and to morrow is cast barns, and build greater; and into the oven; how much there will I bestow all my more will he clathe you, O ye fruits and my goods.

of little faith? 19 And I will say to my ? 29. And seek not ye what ye soul, Soul, thou hast much shall eat, or what ye shall goods laid up for many years; drink, neither be ye of doubttake thine ease, eat, drink, ful mind. and be merry.

30 For all these things do 20 But God said unto him, the nations of the world seek Thou fool, this night thy soul after: and your Father knowshall be required of thee: then eth that ye have need of whose shall those things be, these things. which thou hast provided? d 31 | But rather seek ye

21 So is he that layeth up the kingdom of God; and treasure for himself, and is all these things shall be adnot rich toward God.

ded unto you. d 22 And he said unto his 6 32 Fear not, little flock; for disciples, Therefore I say it is your Father's good pleaunto you, Take no thought sure to give you the kingdom. for your life, what ye shall d 33 Sell that ye have, and eat; neither for the body, give alms; provide yourselves what ye

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Christ preacheth

repentance, I tell you, Nay; but rather, told him of the Galileans, division:

whose blood Pilate had min52 For from henceforth gled with their sacrifices. there shall be five in one g 2 And Jesus answering house divided, three against said unto them, Suppose ye two, and two against three. that these Galileans were sin

53 The father shall be di- ners above all the Galileans, vided against the son, and because they suffered such the son against the father; things? the mother against thet 3 I tell you, Nay: but, exdaughter, and the daughter cept ye repent, ye shall all against the mother; the likewise perish. mother-in-law against her g 4 Or those eighteen, upon daughter-in-law, and the whom the tower in Siloam daughter-in-law against her fell, and slew them, think ye mother-in-law.

that they were sinners above i 54 And he said also to the all men that dwelt in Jerupeople, When ye see a cloud salern? rise out of the west, straight- d 5 I tell you, Nay: but, exway ye say, There cometh a cept ye repent, ye shall all shower; and so it is.

likewise perish. 55 And when ye see the i 6 He spake also this parasouth wind blow, ye say, ble; A certain man had a fig There will be heat; and it tree planted in his vineyard; cometh to pass.

and he came and sought fruit 56 Ye hypocrites, ye can dis- thereon, and found none. cern the face of the sky and of 7 Then said he unto the the earth; but how is it that dresser of his vineyard, Beye do not discern this time? hold, these three years I come

57 Yea, and why even of seeking fruit on this fig tree, yourselves judge ye not what and find none: cut it down; is right?

whycumbereth it theground? d 58 When thou goest with 8. And he answering said thine adversary to the ma- unto him, Lord, let it alone gistrate, as thou art in the this year also, till I shall dig way, give diligence that thou about it, and 'dung it: mayest be delivered from 9 And 'if it bear fruit, well: him! lest he hale thee to the and if not, then after that judge, and the judge deliver thou shalt cut it down. thee to the officer, and the d 10 And he was teaching in officer cast thee into prison. one of the synagogues on the t 59 I tell thee, thou shalt not sabbath. depart thenoe, till thou hast 11 q And, behold, there was paid the very last mite. a woman which had a spirit

f CHAP. XIII. of infirmity eighteen years, HERE were present at and was bowed together, and that season some that could in nowise lift upherself:

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