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Destruction of the S. LUKE. temple foretold. 7° 6 As for these things which r 16 And ye shall be betrayed ye behold, the days will come, both by parents, and brein the which there shall not thren, and kinsfolks, and be left one stone upon an- friends; and some of you other, that shall not be shall they cause to be put thrown down.

to death. 7 And they asked him, say- 17 And ye shall be hated of ing, Master, but when shall all men for my name's sake. these things be? and what t 18 But there shall not an sign will there be when these hair of your head perish. things shall come to pass? u 19 In your patience possess d 8 And he said, Take heed ye your souls. that ye be not deceived: for 20 And when ye shall see many shall

in my Jerusalem com passed with name, saying, I am Christ; armies, then know that the and the time draweth near:go desolation thereof is nigh. ye not therefore after them. 21 Then let them which

9 But when ye shallhear of are in Judea flee to the mounwars and commotions, be not tains; and let them which are terrified: for these things in the midst of it depart out; must first come to pass; but and let not them that are in the end is not by and by the countries enter therinto.

10 Then said he unto them, 22 For these be the days of Nation shall rise against na- vengeance, that all things tion, and kingdonu against which are written may be kingdom:

fulfilled. 11 And great earthquakes 23 But wo unto them that shall be in divers places, and are with child, and to them famines, and pestilences; and that give suck, in those days! fearful sighes and great signs for there shall be great disshall there be from heaven. tress in the land, and wrath d 12 But before all these, they upon this people, shall lay their bands on you, " 24 And they shall fall by and persecute you, deliver the edge of the sword, and ing you up to the synia- shall be led away captive into rogues, and into prisons, be- all nations: and Jerusalem ing brought before kings and shall be trodden down of the rulers for my name's sake. Gentiles, until the times of

13 And it shall turn to you the Gentiles be fulfilled. for a testimony

25 And there shall besigns 14 Settle it therefore in your in the sun, and in the moon, hearts, not to meditate before and in the stars; and upon what ye shall answer:

the earth distress of nations, b 15 For I will give you a with perplexity: the sea and mouth and wisdom, which the waves roaring; all your adversaries shall not 26 Men's hearts failing be able to gainsay nor resist. them for fear, and for looking


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The last supper.

S. LUKE. Apostles dehorted. into the house where he en-w22 And truly the Son of tereth in.

man goeth, as it was deter11 And ye shall say unto mined: but wo unto that man the good man of the house, by whom he is betrayed! The Master saith unto thee, 23 And they began to inWhere is the guest chamber, quire among themselves, where I shall eat the pass- which of them it was that over with my disciples? should do this thing.

12 And he shall shew you a c 24 And there was also a large upper room furnished: strise among them, which of there make ready.

them should be accounted a 13 And they went, and the greatest. found as he had said unto 25 And he said unto them, them: and they made ready The kings of the Gentiles the passover:

exercise lordship over them; 14 And when the hour was and they that exercise aucome, he sat down, and the thority upon them are called twelve apostles with him. benefactors.

15 And he said unto them, 26 But ye shall not be so: With desire I have desired to but he that is greatest among eat this passover with you you, let him be as the youngbefore I suffer:

er; and he that is chief, as he 16 For I say unto you, I that doth serve. will not any more eat there

27 For whether is greater, of, until it be fulfilled in the he that sitteth at meat, or he kingdom of God.

that serveth? is not he that 17 And he took the cup, sitteth at meat? but I am and gave thanks, and said, among you as he that serveth. Take this, and divide it 28 Ye are they which have among yourselves:

continued with me in my 18 For I say unto you, I temptations, will not drink of the fruit of 6 29 And I appoint unto you the vine, until the kingdom a kingdom, as my Father of God shall come.

hath appointed unto me; I 19 And he took bread, and 30 That ye may eat and gave thanks, and brake it, drink at my table in my and gave unto them, saying, kingdom, and sit on thrones This is my body which is judging the twelve tribes of given for you: this do in re- Israel. membrance of me.

t 31 | And the Lord said, 20 Likewise also the cup af- Simon, Simon, behold, Satan ter supper, saying, This cup bath desired to have you, that is the new testament in my he may sift you as wheat: blood, which is shed for you. d32 But I have prayed for

21 1 But, behold, the hand thee, that thy faith fail not: of him that betrayeth me is and when thou art converted, with me on the table, strengthen thy brethren.

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