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for unbelief: and whither it goeth: so is of the only begotten Son of every one that is born of the God. Spirit.

t 19 And this is the condemna9 Nicodemus answered and tion, that light is come insaid unto him, How can these to the world, and men loved things be?

darkness rather than light, 10 Jesus answered and said because their decds were evil. unto him, Art thou a master c 20 For every one that doeth of Israel, and knowest not evil hateth the light, neither these things?

cometh to the light, lest his t 11 Verily, verily, I say un- deeds should be reproved. to thee, We speak that we c 21 But he that doeth truth do know, and testify that we cometh to the light, that his have seen; and ye receive not deeds may be made manifest, our witness.

that theyare wrought in God. 12 If I have told you earth-f 22 [ After these things ly things, and ye believe not, came Jesus and his disciples how shall ye believe, if I tell into the land of Judea; and you of heavenly things? there he tarried with them, t 13 Änd no man hath ascend- and baptized. ed up to heaven, but he that 23 9 And John also was came down from heaven, baptizing in Ænon near to eren the Son of man which is Salim, because there was in heaven.

much water there: and they 14 9 And as Moses lifted up came, and were baptized. the serpent in the wilderness, 24 For Sohn was not yet even so must the Son of man cast into prison:

| 25 Then there arose a + 15 That whosoever believ- question between some of eth in him should not perish, John's disciples and the but have eternal life. Jews about purifying. t 16 ( For God so loved the 26 And they came unto world, that he gave his only Johin, and said unto him, begotten Son, that whosoever Rabbi, he that was with thee believeth in him should not beyond Jordan, to whom thou perish, but have everlasting barest witness, behold, the life.

same baptizeth, and all men 17 For God sent not his come to him. Son into the world to con- 27 John answered and said, demn the world; but that the A man can receive nothing, world through him might be except it be given him from saved.

heaven. 1 13 | He that believeth on 28 Ye yourselves bear me him is not condemned: but witness that I said, I am not he that believeth not is con- the Christ, but that I am sent demned already, because he before him. Hatlı not believed in the name 29 He that hath the bride is


be lifted up:

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Christ revealeth himself. S. JOHN. His disciples marvel: hiin shall never thirst; but the worship him in spirit and in water that I shall give him truth. shall be in him a well of wa- 11 25 The woman saith unto ter springing up into ever- him, I know that Messias lasting life

cometh, which is called 15 The woman saith unto Christ: when he is come, he him, Sir, give me this water, will tell us all things. that I thirst not, neither t 26 Jesus saith unto her, I come hither to draw.

that speak unto thee am lie. 16 Jesus saith unto her, f 27 1 And upon this came Go, call thy husband, and his disciples, and marvelled come hither.

that he talked with the wo17 The woman answered man: yet no man said, What and said, I have no husband. seekest thou? or, Why talkest Jesus said unto her, Thou thou with her? hast well said, I have no 28 The woman then left her husband:

waterpot, and went her way t 18 For thou hast had five into the city, and saith to the husbands; and he whom thon men, now hast is not thy husband: t 29 Come, see a man, which in that saidst thou truly: told me all things that ever

19 The woman saith unto I did: is not this the Christ? him, Sir, I perceive that thou 30 Then they went out of art a prophet.

the city, and came unto him. 20 Our fathers worshipped /31 T In the mean while his in this mountain; and ye disciples prayed him, saying, say, that in Jerusalem is Master, eat. the place where men ought 32 But he said unto them, to worship.

I have meat to eat that ye 7 21 Jesus saith unto her, know not of. Woman, believe me, the hour 33 Therefore said his discometh, when ye shall neither ciples one to another, Hath in this mountain, nor yet at any man brought him ought Jerusalem, worship the Fa- to eat? ther.

1 34 Jesus saith unto them, 22 Ye worship ye know My meat is to do the will of not what: we know what we him that sent me, and to worship: for salvation is of finish his work. the Jews.

35 Say not ye, There are d 23 But the hour cometh, yet four months, and then and now is, when the true cometh harvest?' behold, I worshippers shall worship say unto you, Lift up your the Father in spirit and in eyes, and look on the fields, truth: for the Father seeketh for they are white already to such to worship him. 2*24 God is a Spirit: and ( 36 And he that reapeth re: they that


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the deay m; eve Deth who

22 For 10 mau, all judgn 4*23 Tha honourth honour tl honouret noureth which h [ 24 Ver to you, word, an that sent life, and condem from dea t 25 Ver

You, The

of the pool

of Bethesda. pool, which is called in the What man is that which said Hebrew tongue Bethesda, unto thee, Take up thy bed, having five porches.

and walk 3 In these lay a great mul 13 And he that was healed titude of impotent folk, of wist not who it was: for Jesus blind, halt, withered, wait had conveyed himself away, ing for the moving of the a multitude being in that water.

place. m4 For an angel went down 14 Afterward Jesus findeth at a certain season into the him in the temple, and said pool, and troubled the wa- unto him, Behold, thou art ter: whosoever then first af- made whole: sin no more, lest ter the troubling of the water a worse thing come unto thee. stepped in was made whole of 15 The man departed, and whatsoever disease he had. told the Jews that it was Je

5 And a certain man was sus, which had made him there, which had an infirmity whole. thirty and eight years.

c 16 And therefore did the 16 When Jesus saw him lie, Jews persecute Jesus, and and knew that he had been sought to slay him, because now a long time in that case, he had done these things on he saith unto him, Wilt thou the sabbath day. be made whole?

t 17 | But Jesus answered 7 The impotent man an- them, My Father worketh swered him, Sir, I have no hitherto, and I work. man, when the water ist 18 Therefore the Jews troubled, to put me into the sought the more to kill him, pool: but while I am com- because he not only had broing, another steppeth down ken the sabbath, but said also before me.

that God was his Father, 8 Jesus saith unto him, making himself equal with Rise, take up thy bed, and God. walk,

19 Then answered Jesus m9And immediately the man and said unto them, Verily, was made whole, and took up verily, I say unto you, The his bed, and walked: and on Son can do nothing of himthe same daywas the sabbath. self, but what he seeth the

104 The Jews therefore said Father do: for what things unto him that was cured, It soever he doeth, these also is the sabbath day: it is not doeth the Son likewise, lawful for thee to carry thy

20 For the Father loveth bed.

the Son, and sheweth him all 11 He answered them, He things that himself doeth: that made me whole, the and he will shew him greater same said unto me, Take up works than these, that ye thy bed, and walk.

may marvel, 12 Then asked they him, It 2i For as the Father raiseth


Now is, hear the God; and live.

26 For life in given to in himse

27 And thority to also, becai man. + 28 Mar the hour 1 which all graves sha

29 And they that he

to the res and they

unto the


30 1 can do nothi judge: a)



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