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Christ's testimony CHAP. V.

of John, up the dead, and quickeneth own will, but the will of the them; even so the Son quick- Father which hath sent me. eneth whom he will.

31 If I bear witness of myt 22 For the Father judgeth self, my witness is not true. no man, but hath committed 32 1 There is another that all judgment unto the Son: beareth witness of me; and d*23 That all men should I know that the witness honour the Son, even as they which he witnesseth of me is honour the Father. He that true. honoureth not the Son, ho 33 Ye sent unto John, and noureth not the Father he bare witness unto the which hath sent him. truth. t 24 Verily, verily, I say un 34 But I receive not testito you, He that heareth my mony from man: but these word, and believeth on him things I say, that ye might be that sent me, hath everlasting saved. life, and shall not come into d 35 He was a burning and a condemnation; but is passed shining light: and ye were from death unto life.

willing for a season to rejoice t 25 Verily, verily, I say unto in his light. you, The hour is coming, and 36 | But I have greater witnow is, when the dead shall ness than that of John: for hear the voice of the Son of the works which the Father God: and they that hear shall hath given me to finish, the live.

same works that I do, bear 26 For as the Father hath witness of me, that the Falife in himself; so hath he ther hath sent me. given to the Son to have life 37 And the Father himself, in himself;

which hath sent me, hath 27 And hath given him au- borne witness of me. Ye have thority to execute judgment neither heard his voice at also, because he is the Son of any time, nor seen his shape,

38 And ye have not his word t 28 Marvel not at this: for abiding in you: for whom he the hour is coming, in the hath sent, him ye believe not. which all that are in the 39 4 Search the scriptures; graves shall hear his voice, for in them ye think ye have

29 And shall come forth; eternal life: and they are they they that have done good, un- which testify of me. to the resurrection of life; t 10 And ye will not come to and they that have done evil, me, that ye might have life. unto the resurrection of 41 I receive not honour damnation.

30 I can of mine own self c 42 But I know you, that ye do nothing: as I hear, I have not the love of God in judge: and my judgment is you. just; because I seek pot minel' 43 I am come in my Father's



from men.

The miracle of S. JOHN. five thousand

fed. name, and ye receive me not: them, that every one of them if another shall come in his may take a little. own name, him ye will re 8'One of his disciples, Anceive.

drew, Simon Peter's brother, ( 44 How can ye believe, saith unto him, which receive honour one 9 There is a lad here, which of another, and seek not the hath five barley loaves, and honour that cometh fiom two small fishes: but what God only?

are they among so many? 45 Do not think that I will 10 And Jesus said, Make accuse you to the Father: the men sit down. Now there there is one that accuseth was much grass in the place. you, even Moses, in whom So the men sat down, in num. ye trust.

ber about five thousand. 46 For had ye believed m11 And Jesus took the Moses, ye would have be- loaves; and when he had givlieved' me: for he wrote of en thanks, he distributed to me.

the disciples, and the disci47 But if ye believe not ples to them that were set his writings, how shall ye be- down; and likewise of the lieve my words?

fishes as much as they would. 3 CHAP. VI.

d 12 When they were filled, A

FTER these things Je- he said unto his disciples,

sus went over the sea of Gather up the fragments that Galilee, which is the sca of remain, that nothing be lost. Tiberias.

13 Therefore they gathered f 2 And a great multitude them together, and filled followed him, because they twelve baskets with the fragsaw his miracles which he did ments of the five barley on them that were diseased. loaves, which remained over

3 And Jesus went up into a and above unto them that mountain, and there he sat had eaten. with his disciples.

14 Then those men, when I 4 And the passover, a feast they had seen the miracle of the Jews, was migh. that Jesus did, said, This is

f 5 9 When Jesus then lifted of a truth that prophet that up his eyes, and saw a great should come into the world. company come unto him, he / 15 When Jesus therefore saith unto Philip, Whence perceived that they would shall we buy bread, that these come and take him by force', may eat?

to make him a king, he de. 6 And this he said to prove parted again into a mounhim: for he himself knew tain himself alone. what he would do.

16 And when even was notv 7 Philip answered him, come, his disciples went Two hundred pennyworth down unto the sea, ist bread is not sufficient for lg 17 And entered into a ship,


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Christ the

bread of life. ye also have seen me and which is of God, he hath believe not.

seen the Father. t 37 All that the Father giv- 6 47 Verily, verily, I say uneth me shall come to me; and to you, He that believeth on him that cometh to me I will me hath everlasting life. in no wise cast out.

¿ 48 I am that bread of life. d 38 For I came down from 49 Your fathers did eat heaven, not to do mine own manna in the wilderness, and will, but the will of him that are dead. sent me.

50 This is the bread which t 39 And this is the Father's cometh down from heaven, will which hath sent me, that that a man may eat thereof, of all which he hath given and not die. me I should lose nothing, but 51 I am the living bread should raise it up again at which came down from heathe last day.

ven: if any man eat of this b 40 And this is the will of bread, he shall live for ever: him that sent me, that every and the bread that I will one which seeth the Son, and give is my flesh, which I will believeth on him, may have give for the life of the world. everlasting life: and I will 52 The Jews therefore raise him up at the last day. strove among themselves, C 41 The Jews then murmur- saying, How can this man ed at him, because he said, give us his flesh to eat? I am the bread which came d 53 Then Jesus said unto down from heaven.

them, Verily, verily, I say 42 And they said, Is not this unto you, Except ye eat the Jesus, the son of Joseph, flesh of the Son of man, and whose father and mother wé drink his blood, ye have no know? how is it then that life in you. he saith, I came down from 6 54 Whoso eateth my flesh, heaven?

and drinketh my blood, hath 43 Jesus therefore answered eternal life; and I will raise and said unto them, Murmur him up at the last day. not among yourselves.

55 For my flesh is meat int 44 No man can come to me, deed, and my blood is drink except the Father which hath indeed. sent ine draw him: and I will 56 He that eateth my flesh, raise him up at the last day. and drinketh myblood, dwella 45 It is written in the pro-eth in me, and í in him. phets, And they shall be all 57 As the living Father hath taught of God. Every man sent me, and I live by the therefore that hath heard, Father: so he that eateth me, and hath learned of the Fa- even he shall live by me. ther, cometh unto me.

6 58 This is that bread which 46 Not that any man hath came down from heaven: not seen the Father, save he as your fathersdid eat manna,

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