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The apostles filled THE ACTS. with the Holy Ghost. tained part of this ministry: 1 f CHAP. II. D18 Now this man purchased ND when the day of Pen

, iniquity; and falling head- they were all with one aclong, he burst asunder in the cord in one place. midst, and all his bowels m2 And suddenly there came gushed out.

a sound from heaven as of n 19 And it was known unto a rushing mighty wind, and all the dwellers at Jerusalem; it filled all the house where insomuch as that field is call- they were sitting. ed in their proper tongue, 3 And there appeared unto Aceldama, that is to say, them cloven tongues like as The field of blood.

of fire, and it sat upon each a 20 For it is written in the of them. book of Psalms, Let his ha- t 4 And they were all filled bitation be desolate, and let with the Holy Ghost, and no man dwell therein: and his began to speak with other bishoprick let another take. tongues, as the Spirit gave

21 Wherefore of these men them utterance. which have companied with 15 And there were dwelling us all the time that the Lord at Jerusalem Jews, devout Jesus went in and out among men, out of every nation unus,

der heaven. 22 Beginning from the bap- 6 Now when this was noised tism of John, unto that same abroad, the multitude came day that he was taken up together, and were confoundfrom us, must one be ordain-ed, because that every man ed to be a witness with us of heard them speak in his own his resurrection.

language. f 23 And they appointed 7 And they were all amazed two, Joseph called Barsabas, and marvelled, saying one to who was surnamed Justus, another, Behold, are not all and Matthias.

these which speak Galileans? 24 And they prayed, and 8 And how hear we every said, Thou, Lord, which man in our own tongue, knowest the hearts of all wherein we were born? men, shew whether of these 8 9 Parthians, and Medes, two thou hast chosen, and Elamites, and the dwellt 25 That he may take part ers in Mesopotamia, and in of this ministry and apostle- Judea, and Cappadocia, in ship, from which Judas by Pontus, and Asia, transgression fell, that he g 10 Phrygia, and Pamphy. might go to his own place. line in Egypt, and in the parts (20 Aud they gave forth their of Libya about Cyrene, and

lots, and the loi tell upon Mat- strangers of Rome, Jews and thias; and he was numbered proselytes, with the eleven


Peter baptizeth


a great number. him, that of the fruit of his and to all that are afar off loins, according to the flesh, even as many as the Lord he would raise up Christ to our God shall call. sit on his throne;

d 40 And with many other t 31 He seeing this before words did he testify and exspake of the resurrection of hort, saying, Save yourselves Christ, that his soul was not from this untoward generaleft in hell, neither his flesh tion. did see corruption.

f 41 Then they that gladly 32 This Jesus hath God received his word were bapraised up, whereof we all are tized: and the same day there witnesses.

were added unto them about t 33 Therefore being by the three thousand souls. right hand of God exalted, 42 And they continued steadand having received of the fastly in the apostles'doctrine Father the promise of the and fellowship, and in break

Ghost, he hath shed ing of bread, and in prayers. forth this, which ye now see

43 And fear came upon and hear.

every soul: and many wont 34 For David is not ascend- ders and signs were done by ed into the heavens: but he the apostles. saith himself, The Lord said 44 And all that believed unto my Lord, Sit thou on were together, and had all my right hand,

things common; 35 Until I make thy foes

45. And sold their possesthy footstool.

sions and goods, and parted 36 Therefore let all the them to all men, as every house of Israel know as- man had need. suredly, that God hath made d 46 And they, continuing that same Jesus, whom ye daily with one accord in the have crucified, both Lord temple, and breaking bread and Christ.

from house to house, did eat 137 Now when they heard their meat with gladness and this, they were pricked in singleness of heart, their heart, and said unto 47 Praising God, and liavPeter and to the rest of the ing favour with all the peoapostles, Men and brethren, ple. And the Lord added what shall we do?

to the church daily such as d38 Then Peter said unto should be saved. them, Repent, and be bap- d* CHAP. III. tized every one of in

went up together into remission of sins, and ye the temple at the hour of shall receive the gift of the prayer, being the ninth hour. Holy Ghost.

f2 And a certain man lame 39 For the promise is unto from his mother's womb was you, and to your children, I carricd, whom they laid daily

name of Jesus Christ for the NW. Peter and John


the people.

The Apostles THE ACTS.

examined. titution of all things, which d 4 Howbeit many of them God hath spoken by the which heard the word bemouth of all his holy pro- lieved ; and the number of phets since the world began. the men was about five thoua 22 For Moses truly said un- sand. to the fathers, A prophet 5 f And it came to pass on shall the Lord your God raise the morrow, that their rulers, up unto you of your brethren, and elders, and scribes, like unto me; him shall ye f 6 And Annas the high hear in all things whatsoever priest, and Caiaphas, and he shall say unto you.

John, and Alexander, and as w23 And it shall come to pass, many as were of the kindred that every soul, which will of the high priest, were ganot hear that prophet, shall thered together at Jerusalem. be destroyed from among 7 And when they had set

them in the midst, they ask24 Yea, and all the prophets ed, Bywhat power, or bywhat from Samuel and those that name, have ye done this? follow after, as many as have t 8 Then Peter, filled with spoken, have likewise fore- the Holy Ghost, said unto told of these days.

them, Ye rulers of the people, 25 Ye are the children of the and elders of Israel, prophets, and of the covenant 9 If we this day be exam. which God made with our ined of the good deed done to fathers, saying unto Abra- the impotent man, by what ham, And in thy seed shall means he is made whole; all the kindreds of the eartht 10 Be it known unto you be blessed.

all, and to all the people of b 26 Unto you first God, hav- Israel, that by the name of ing raised' up his Son Jesus, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, sent him to bless you, in turn- when ye crucified, whom ing away every one of you God raisexl from the dead, from his iniquities.

even by him doth this man f CHAP. IV.

stand here before you whole.

11 This is the stone which Aihe asetbez spake unto

the people, the priests, was set at nought of you and the captain of the tem- builders, which is become the ple, and the Sadducees, came head of the corner. upon them,

t 12 Neither is there salvation 2 Being grieved that they in any other: for there is none taught the people, and other name under heaven preached through Jesus the given ameng men, whereby resurrection from the dead. we must be saved.

3 And they laid hands on 13 Now when they saw the them, and put them in hold boldness of Peter and John, unto the next day: for it was and perceived that they were now eventide.

unlearned and ignorant men,

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