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the Red sea. It is composed, Ta'bor, conical mountain, of red granite, in which Pal., to the west of the lake steps have been cut, in or- of G., supposed to have der to facilitate the ascent. been the scene of the transImmediately to the west of figuration. Sinai, iş Mount Horci, Tar sus, city, A. M. capital which is a summit of the of Cilicia, 100 NW. Antisame range.

och. It was anciently large Si'on or Zion, see J.

and splendid, distinguished Smyr' na, city and s-p. A. M. in the arts and sciences,

in Ionia, 35 N, by W. Ephe- but now decayed. sus. It was anciently large Thes-sa-lo-ni'ca, now Saloniand powerful, and is now ki, city and s-p. Mac., both the most populous and

in ancient and modern commercial city in A. M. times large and commerSod' om, one of the cities cial. It is situated on a which were destroyed by gulf, about 200 N. Athens. fire from heaven,, and Three Tov'erns, place, Italy, which stood in the situation about 30 S. hy E. Rome. now occupied by the Dead Thi-a-ti ra, now Akhisar, t. Sea.

A. M. on the borders of Spain, a country in the Sw. Mysia and Lydia ; 40 NE. of Europe.

Smyrna. Syr'a-cusi, once a rich and Ti-beri-ns, now, Tabaria, t. populous city, on the SE. Pal. capital of Galilee, on

part of the island of Sicily. the west side of the lake of Sy'char, called also Sichem, G. or sea of Tiberias, 58 and Shechem, now Napo- N. J. It bas long been a lose, city, Samaria, be- place of noe among the tween mounts Ebal and Jews, and is one of the four Gerizim ; 24 N. J. Three holy cities of the Talmud, miles from Sychar was Ja- the other three being Sacob's Well, memorable for fad, J. and Hebron. our Saviour's conversation Tra-cho-ni'tis, district in the with the woman of Sama- NE. part of Palestine. ria.

On mount Gerizim Troas, district in the NW. was the temple of the Sa- corner of Asia Minor. maritans.

Tro-gylli-um, t. on the w. Syr'i-a, country, Asia, ex- coast of A. M, a little to the

tending from A. M. and the SE, of the island of Sa. Med. on the west, to the mos. Euphrates on the east, and Tyre, now Sur, city and s-p. in its most extensive sense, Phænicia ; 20 S, Sidon. It including Palestine.

is a very ancient city, in Sy-ro-phe-nic'i-a, that part

early ages celebrated for of Phenicia which border- commerce.

It is now a




CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE. Jacob goes to Egypt. 1706.cles, Proverbs, and Ecelesias

Aaron was born, 1574. tes. 1003. 1

Moses was born. 1571. Solomon dies, and Reho: Moses goes to Midian. 1531. | boam succeeds him. 975. ! God appears to him. 1491. Asa dies, and Jehosaphat

Israelites pass the Red Sea. succeeds him. 914. 1491.

Elijah destroy's the proPentateuch written by Mo- phets of Baal, and anoints ses, and probably the book Elisha. 908. of Job. 1452.

Ahab slain in battle. Moses's death. 1451. Elijah was translated. 896.

Joshua's victories com- Elisha dies. 839. mence. 1450.

Between the time of the terminate. 1443. last date and the succeeding The Book of Joshua writ- one, Jonah, Micah, Amos, ten. 1443.

Hosea, Joel, and Nahum proGovernment of the Judges phecy and write the Books commences, 1405.

which bear their names. Samuel is judge. 1096. Isaiah concludes the writ. Saul anointed king: 1074. ing of his prophecy: 710.

The Book of Judges and Revival of Religion in JoRuth were probably compiled siah's reign. 634. by Samuel about this period. Zephaniah and Habakkuk 1069.

prophecy and write the Books David kills Goliah. A. c. bearing their names. 613. 1063.

Jeremiah begins to propheSamuel dies aged 98 years. cy. A. C. 610. 1057.

Daniel carried to Babylon. The two Books of Samuel, 606. the two Books of Kings, and Jeremiah concludes his the two Books of Chronicles, prophecy, and writes his were probably compiled by Book of Lamentations about Ezra, from Jewish authentic this time. 590. records to which he had Ezekiel writes his proaccess, and must be dated phecy, and Daniel interlater.

prets Nebuchadnezzar's first Book of Psalms principally dream. 588. written about this time.

Jerusalem taken and deAbsalom's rebellion and stroyed. 586. death. 1023.

The golden image set up. David's advice to Solomon, 580. and death. 1014.

Babylon taken by Cyrus. Solomon commences build- 537. ing the Temple. 1013,

The decree for the Jews finishes and dedi- to return, soon after which cates it; between this date and Daniel was written.

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