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He declareth THE ACTS. the history of Israel. all his afflictions, and gave and nourished up in bis fahim favour and wisdom in the ther's house three months: sight of Pharaoh king of 21 And when he was cast Egypt; and he made him go- out, Pharaoh's daughter took vernor over Egypt and all him up, and nourished him his house.

for her own son. g 11 Now there came a dearth 22 And Moses was learned over all the land of Egypt and in all the wisdom of the Chanaan, and great afflic. Egyptians, and was mighty tion: and our fathers found in words and in deeds. no sustenance.

f 23 And when he was full 12 But when Jacob heard forty years old, it came into that there was corn in Egypt, his heart to visit his brethren he sent out our fathers first. the children of Israel.

13 And at the second time 24 And seeing one of them Joseph was made known to suffer wrong, he defended his brethren: and Joseph's him, and avenged him that kindred was made known was oppressed, and smote the unto Pharaoh.

Egypuan: f 14 Then sent Joseph, and 25 For he supposed his called his father Jacob to him, brethren would liave underand all his kindred, three-stood how that God by his score and fifteen souls. hand would deliver them: but

15 So Jacob went down into they understood not. Egypt, and died, he, and our 26 And the next day he fathers,

shewed himself unto them as 16 And were carried over they strove, and would have into Sychem, and laid in set ihematone again, saying, the sepulchre that Abraham Sirs, ye are brethren; why do bought for a sum of money ye wrong one to another? of the sons of Emmor the 27 But he that did his neighfather of Sychem.

bour wrong thrust him away, 17 But when the time of the saying, Who made thee a promise drew nigh, which ruler and a judge over us? God had sworn to Abraham, 28 Wilt thou kill me, as the people grew and multi-thou didst the Egyptian yesplied in Egypt,

terday? 18 Till another king arose, & 29 Then fled Moses at this which knew not Joseph. saying, and was a stranger i

19 The same deali subtilly the land of Madian, where he with our kindred, and evil begat two sons. entreated our fathers, so that 30 And when forty years they cast out their young were expired, there appeared children, to the end they to him in the wilderness of might not live,

mount Sina an angel of the f 20 In which time Moses was Lord in a flame of fire in a

and was exceeding fair, bush.


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is stoned. 46 Who found favour before their ears, and ran upon him God, and desired to find a ta- with one accord, bernacle for the God of Jacob. 58 And cast him out of the

47 But Solomon built him city, and stoned him: and the an house.

witnesses laid down their 48 Howbeit the most High clothes at 'a young man's dwelleth not in temples made feet, whose name was Saul. with hands; as saith the pro-t 59 And they stoned Stephet,

phen, calling upon God, and 49 Heaven is my throne, saying, Lord Jesus, receive and earth is my footstool: my spirit. what house will ye build me, d 60 And he kneeled down, saith the Lord: or what is the and cried with a loud voice, place of my rest?

Lord, lay not this sin to their 50 Jath not my hand made charge. And when he had all these things?

said this, he fell asleep. c 51 | Ye stiffnecked and un- C CHAP. VIII. circumcised in heart and ND Saul was consenting ears, ye do always resist the A

unto his death. And Holy Ghost: as your fathers at that time there was a did, so do ye.

great persecution against the t 52 Which of the prophets church which was at Jeru. have not your fathers perse- salem; and they were all cuted? and they have slain scattered abroad throughout them which shewed before of the regions of Judea and Suthe coming of the Just One; maria, except the apostles. of whom ye have been now f 2 And devout men carried the betrayers and murderers: Stephen to his burial, and

53 Who have received the made great lamentation over law by the disposition of an- him. gels, and have not kept it. 3 As for Saul, he madle ha

54 When they heard these vock of the church, entering things, they were cut to the into every house, and haling heart, and they gnashed on men and women committed him with their teeth. them to prison. +55 But he, being full of the 4 Therefore they that were Holy Ghost, looked up.stead- scattered abroad went every fastly into heaven, and saw where preaching the word. the glory of God, and Jesus f 5 Then Philip went down standing on the right hand to the city of Samaria, and

preached Christ unto them. 56 And said, Behold, I see a 6 And the people with one the heavens opened, and the accord gave heed unto those Son of man standing on the things which Philip spake, right hand of God.

hcaring and seeing the mira| 57 Then they cried out with cles which he did. a loud voice

of God,


Of Simon

the sorcerer, ing with loud voice, came t 17 Then laid they their out of many that were pos- hands on them, and they sessed with them: and many received the Holy Ghost. taken with palsies, and that 18 And when Simon saw were lame, were healed. that through laying on of

8 And there was great joy the apostles' hands the Holy in that city.

Ghost was given, he offered f'9 But there was a certain them money, man, called Simon, which 19 Saying, Give me also beforetime in the same city this power, that on whomsoused sorcery, and, bewitched ever I lay hands, he may rethe people of Samaria, giving ceive the Holy Ghost. out that himself was some 20 But Peter said unto him, great one:

Thy money perish with thee, 10 To whom they all gave because thou hast thought heed, from the least to the that the gift of God may be greatest, saying, This man purchased with money. is the great power of God. C 21 Thou hast neither part

11 And to him they had re- nor lot in this matter: for gard, because that of long thy heart is not right in the time he had bewitched them sight of God. with sorceries.

11 22 Repent therefore of this 12 But when they believed thy wickedness, and pray Philip preaching the things God, if perhaps the thought concerning the kingdom of of thine heart may be forGod, and the name of Jesus given thee. Christ, they were baptized, t 23 For I perceive that thou both men and women. art in the gall of bitterness,

13 Then Simon himself be- and in the bond of iniquity. lieved also: and when he was 24 Then answered Šimon, baptized, he continued with and said, Pray ye to the Lord Philip, and wondered, be- for me, that none of these holding the miracles and things which ye have spoken signs which were done. come upon me.

| 14 Now when the apostles f25 And they, when they had which were at Jerusalem testified and preached the heard that Samaria had re-word of the Lord, returned ceived the word of God, they to Jerusalem, and preached sentuntothem Peterand John: the gospel in many villages t 15 Who, when they were of the Samaritans. come down, prayed for them, g 26 And the angel of the that they might receive the Lord spake unto Philip, sayHoly Ghost:

ing, Arise, and go toward the 16 (For as yet he was fallen south unto the way that goeth upon none of them:only they down from Jerusalem unto were baptized in the name Gaza, which is desert. of the Lord Jesus.)

1/27 And he arose and went 207


The eunuch

and Philip.
and, behold, a man of Ethio- what doth hinder me to be
pia, an eunuch of great au- baptized?
thority under Candace queen 137 And Philip said, If thou
of the Ethiopians, who had believest with all thine heart,
the charge of all her treasure, thou mayest. And he an-
and had come to Jerusalem swered and said, I believe that
for to worship,

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 28 Was returning, and sit- 38 And he commanded the ting in his chariot, read chariot to stand still: and Esaias the prophet.

they went down both into the 29 Then the Spirit said un- water, both Philip and the to Philip, Go near, and join eunuch; and he baptized him. thyself to this chariot. m39 And when they were

30 And Philip ran thither come up out of the water, the to him, and heard him read Spirit of the Lord caught the prophet Esaias, and said, away Philip, that the eunuch Understandest thou what saw him no more: he thou readest?

went on his way rejoicing. 31 And he said, How can I, & 40 But Philip was found at except man should Azotus: and passing through guide me? And he desired he preached in all the cities, Philip that he would come till he came to Cesarea. up and sit with him.

CHAP. IX. +32 The place of the serie: Amala xem neathing ture which he read was this, out He was led as a sheep to the slaughter against the disslaughter; and like a lamlı ciples of the Lord, went unto dumb before his shearer, so the high priest,, opened he not his mouth: & 2 And desired of him let

33 In his humiliation his ters to Damascus to the syna. judgment was taken away: gognes, that if he found any and who shall declare his of this way, whether they generation? for his life is were men or women, he taken from the earth. might bring them bound

34 And the eunuch answer- unto Jerusalem. ed Philip, and said, I pray n3 And as he journeyed, he thee, of whom speaketh the came near Damascus: and prophet this? of himself, or suddenly there shined round of some other man?

about him a light from hea35 Then Philip opened his ven: mouth, and begail at the 4 And he fell to the earth, same scripture, and preached and heard a voice saying unWito him Jesus.

to him, Saul, Saul, why per,36 And as they went on secutest thou me? their way, they came into a 5 And he said, who art certain water: and the eu-thou, Lord? And the Lord much said

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