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Paul and Silas THE ACTS.

imprisoned. Troas, we came with a out of her. And he came out straight course to Samo- the same hour. thracia, and the next day to c 19 $ And when her masters Neapolis;

saw that the hope of their g 12 And from thence to Phi- gains was gone, they caught lippi, which is the chief city Paul and Silas, and drew of that part of Macedonia,and them into the market-place a colony: and we were in that unto the rulers, city abiding certain days. 20 And brought them to the d 13 And on the sabbath we magistrates, saying, These went out of the city by a river men, being Jews, do exceedside, where prayer was wont inglý trouble our city, to be made; and we sat 21

And teach customs, down, and spake into the wo- which are not lawful for us men which resorted thither. to receive, neither to observe, t 14 And a certain woman being Romans. named Lydia, a seller of pur 22 And the multitude rose ple, of the city of Thyati- up together against them: ra, which worshipped God, and the magistrates rent off heard us: whose heart the their clothes, and commandLord opened, that she attended to beat them. ed unto the things which 23 And when they had laid were spoken of Paul. many stripes upon them, d 15 And when she was bap- they cast them into prison, tized, and her household, she charging the jailor to keep besought us, saying, If ye them safely: have judged me to be faith 24 Who, having received ful to the Lord, come into my such a charge, thrust them house, and abide there. And into the inner prison, and she constrained us.

made their feet fast in the f 16 And it came to pass, stocks. as we went to prayer, a cer- d 25 F And at midnight Paul tain damsel, possessed with a and Silas prayed, and sang spirit of divination, met us, praises unto God: and the which brought her masters prisoners heard them. much gain by soothsaying: m26 And suddenly there c 17 The same followed Paul was a great earthquake, so and us, and cried, saying, that the foundations of the These men are the servants prison were shaken: and imof the most high God, which mediately all the doors were shew unto us the way of sal- opened, and every one's vation.

bands were loosed. m18 And this did she many 27 And the keeper of the days. But Paul, being griev- prison awaking out of his ed, turned and said to the sleep, and seeing the prison spirit, I command thee in the doors open, he drew out his name of


Paul preacheth

at Athens. them not, they drew Jason Athens: and receiving a comand certain brethren unto mandment unto Silas and the rulers of the city, crying, Timotheus for to come to him

These that have turned the with all speed, they departed. world upside down are come f 16 (Now while Paul waited hither also;

for them at Athens, his spirit 7 Whom Jason hath re- was stirred in him, when he ceived: and these all do con- saw the city wholly given to trary to the decrees of Cesar, idolatry. saying that there is another 17 Therefore disputed he in king, one Jesus.

the synagogue with the Jews, 8 And they troubled the and with the devout persons, people and the rulers of the and in the market daily with city, when they heard these them that met with him. things.

t 18 Then certain philoso9 And when they had taken phers of the Epicureans, and security of Jason, and the of the Stoicks, encountered other, they let them go. him. And some said, What

f 10 ý And the brethren im- will this babbler say? other mediately sent away Paul some, He seemeth to be a setand Silas by night unto Be- ter forth of strange gods: berea: who coming thither went cause he preached unto them into the synagogueofthe Jews. Jesus, and the resurrection. d*11 These were more noble 19 And they took him, and than those in Thessalonica, brought him unto Areopain that they received the gus, saying, May we know word with all readiness of what this new doctrine, mind, and searched the whereof thou speakest, is.. scriptures daily, whether 20 For thou bringest certain those things were so. strange things to our ears:

12 Therefore many of them we would know therefore believed; also of honourable what these things mean. women which were Greeks, 21 (For all the Athenians and of men, not a few. and strangers which were § 13 But when the Jews of there spent their time in noThessalonica had knowledge thing else, but either to tell, that the word of God was or to hear some new thing.) preached of Paul at Berea, & 22 Then Paul stood in the they came thither also, and midst of Mars' hill, and said, stirred up the people. Ye men of Athens, 1 perceive

14 And then immediately that in all things ye are too the brethren sent away Paul superstitious. to go as it were to the sea: 23 For as I passed by, and but Silas and Timotheus beheld your devotions, I abode there still.

found an altar with this in8 15 And they that conduct- scription, TO THE UNed Paul brought him unto I KNOWN GOD. Whom


Paul accused

THE ACTS. before Gallio. I will go unto the Gentiles. 17 Then all the Greeks

7. And he departed thence, took Sosthenes, the chief and entered into a certain ruler of the synagogue, and man's house, named Justus, beat him before the judg. one that worshipped God, ment seat. And Galliocared whose house joined hard to for none of those things. the synagogue.

./189 And Paulafter this tard 8 And Crispus, the chief ried there yet a good while, ruler of the synagogue, be- and then took his leave of the lieved on the Lord with all brethren, and sailed thence his house; and many of the into Syria, and with him Corinthians hearing believ- Priscilla and Aquila; having ed, and were baptized. shorn his head in Cenchrea:

9 Then spake the Lord to for he had a row. Paul in the night by a vision, $ 19 And he came to Ephesus, Be not afraid, but speak, and and left them there: but he hold not thy peace:

himself entered into the synat 10 For I am with thee, and gogue, and reasoned with the no man shall set on thee to Jews. hurt thee: for I have much 20 When they desired him people in this city.

to tarry longer time with fu And he continued there a them, he consented not; year and six months, teaching 121 But bade them farewell, the word of God among them. saying, I must by all means & 12 1 And when Gallio was keep this feast that cometh in the deputy of Achaia, the Jerusalem: but I will return Jews made insurrection with again umto you, if God will. one accord against Paul, and And he sailed from Ephesus. brought him to the judgment 3 22 And when he had landed

at Cesarea, and gone up and 13 Saying, This fellow per- saluted the church, he went suadeth men to worship God down to Antioch. contrary to the law.

f 23 And after he had spent 14 And when Paul was now some time there, he departed, about to open his mouth, and went over all the country Gallio said unto the Jews, It of Galatia and Phrygia in it were a matter of' wrong or order, strengthening all the wicked lewdness, O ye Jews, disciples. reason would that I should 8 24 And a certain Jew bear with you:

named Apollos, born at Alex15 But if it be a question andria,an eloquent man, and of words and names, and of mighty in the scriptures, your law, look ye to it; for I came to Ephesus. will be no judge of such : 25 This man was instructed matters.

in the way of the Lord; and 16 And he drove them from being fervent in the spirit the judgmeet seat:

bë spake and taught dili


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