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Paul anszvereth THE ACTS.

for himself. Felix, with all thankfulness, in the synagogues, nor in

4 Notwithstanding, that I the city: be not further tedious into

13 Neither can they prove thee, I pray thee that thou the things whereof they non wouldest hear us of thy cle-accuse me. mency a few words.

d 14 But this I confess into 5 For we have found this thee, that after the way man a pestilent fellow, and a which they call heresy, so mover of sedition among all worship I the God of my fa. the Jews throughout the thers, believing all things world, and a ringleader of which are written in the law the sect of the Nazarenes: and in the prophets:

6 Who also hath gone about 15 And have hope toward to profane the temple: whom God, which they themselves we took, and would have also allow, that there shall judged according to our be a resurrection of the dead, law.

both of the just and unjust. 7 But the chief captain Ly- ( 16 And herein do I exercise sias came upon us, and with myself, zo have always a congreat violence took him away science void of offence toward out of our hands,

God, and toward men. 8 Commanding his accusers 17 Now after many years I to come unto thee: by exam- came to bring alms to my ining of whom thyself mayest nation, and offerings. take knowledge of all these 18 Whereupon certain Jews things, whereof we accuse from Asia found me purified him.

in the temple, neither with 9 And the Jews also assent- multitude, nor with tumult. ed, saying that these things 19 Who ought to have been

here before thee, and object, b 10 Then Paul, after that if they had aught against me. the governor had beckoned 20 Or else let these same unto him to speak, answered, here say, if they have found Forasmuch as I know that any evil doing in me, while thou hast been of many years I stood before the council, a judge unto this nation, I do t 21 Except it be for this one the more cheerfully answer voice, that I cried standing for myself

among them, Touching the 11 Because that thou may resurrection of the dead I est understand, that there are am called in question by you yet but twelve days since I this day. went up to Jerusalem for to f' 22 And when Felix heard worship

these things, having more 12 And they neither found perfect knowledge of that me in the temple disputing way, he deferred them, and with any man, neither rais- said, when Lysias the chief ing up the people, neither captain shall come down,

were so.

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Paul is cleared

by Festus, had conferred with the coun- there be judged of these cil, answered, Hast thou ap- matters. pealed unto Ćesar? unto Ce 21 But when Paul had apsar shalt thou go.

pealed to be reserved unto f 13 And after certain days the hearing of Augustus, I king Agrippa and Bernice commanded him to be kept came unto Cesarea to salute till I might send him to Cesar. Festus.

22 Then Agrippa said unto 14 And when they had been Festus, I would also hear the there many days, Festus de- man myself. To morrow, clared Paul's cause unto the said he, thou shalt hear him. king, saying, There is a cer- $'23 And on the morrow, tain man left in bonds by when Agrippa was come, and Felix:

Bernice, with great pomp, 15 About whom, when I and was entered into the was at Jerusalem, the chief place of hearing, with the priests and the elders of the chief captains, and principal Jews informed me, desiring to men of the city, at Festus' have judgment against him. commandment Paul

16 To whom I answered, It brought forth. is not the manner of the Ro 24 And Festus said, King mans to deliver any man to Agrippa, and all men which die, before that he which is are here present with us, ye accused have the accusers see this man, about whom all face to face, and have license the multitude of the Jews to answer for himself con- have dealt with me, both at cerning thecrime laid against Jerusalem, and also here, him.

crying that he ought not to 17 Therefore, when they live any longer, were come hither, without 25 But when I found that any delay on the morrow 1 he had committed nothing sat on the judgment seat, and worthy of death, and that he commanded the man to be himself hath appealed to brought forth.

Augustus, I have determined 18 Against whom when to send him. the accusers stood up, they 26 Of whom I have no brought none accusation of certain thing to write unto such things as I supposed: my lord. Wherefore I have

19 But had certain ques- brought him forth before you, tions against him of their and especially before thee, own superstition, and of one o king Agrippa, that, afJesus, which was dead, whom ter examination had, I might Paul affirmed to be alive. have somewhat to write.

20 And because I doubted 27 For it seemeth to me unof such manner of questions, reasonable to send a prisoner, I asked him whether he and not withal to signify the would go to Jerusalem, and crimes laid against him.'

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