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by faith, whom the Lord will not im- that only which is of the law,

but to that also which is of # 9 Cometh this blessedness the faith of Abraham; who is then upon the circumcision the father of us all, only, or upon the uncircum- a 17. (As it is written, I have cision also for we say that made thee a father of many faith was reckoned to Abra- nations,) before him whom ham for righteousness. he believed, even God, who

10 How was it then reckon- quickeneth the dead, and ed? when he was in circum- calleth those things which be cision, or in uncircumcision? not as though they were. Not in circumcision, but in 18 Who against hope believuncircumcision.

ed in hope, that he might be t 11 And he received the sign come the father of many naof circumcision, a seal of the tions,according to that which righteousness of the faith was spoken, So shall thy which he had yet being un- seed be. circumcised: that he might 19 And being not weak in be the father of all them that faith, he considered not his believe, though they be not own body now dead, when circumcised; that righteous- he was about an hundred ness might be imputed unto years old, neither yet the them also:

deadness of Sarah's womb: 12 And the father of cir- d 20 He staggered not at the cumcision to them who are promise of God through unnot of the circumcision only, belief; but was strong in faith, but who also walk in the giving glory to God; steps of that faith of our fa 21 And being fully persuadther Abraham, which he had ed that, what he had probeing yet uncircumcised. mised, he was also able to t 13 For the promise, that he perform, should be the heir of the 22 And therefore it was imworld, was not to Abraham, puted to him for righteousor to his seed, through the ness. law, but through the right 23 Now it was not written eousness of faith.

for his sake alone, that it t 14 For if they which are of was imputed to him; the law be heirs, faith is made a 24 But for us also, to whom void, and the promise made it shall be imputed, if we beof none effect:

lieve on him that raised up 15 Because the law worketh Jesus our Lord from the dead; wrath: for where no law is, t 25 Who was delivered for there is no transgression. our offences, and was raised **16 Therefore it is of faith, again for our justification. that it might be by grace; to

b CHAP. V. be sure to all the seed; not to

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tified by faith, we have

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of life. abound. But where sin he liveth, he liveth unto God. abounded, grace did much d 11 Likewise reckon ye also more abound:

yourselves to be dead indeed t 21 That as sin hath reigned unto sin, but alive unto God unto death, even so might through' Jesus Christ our grace reign through right- Lord. eousness unto eternal life by d 12 Let not sin therefore Jesus Christ our Lord. reign in your mortal body, p CHAP. VI.

that ye should obey it in the shall we continue in d 13 Neither yield ye your sin, that grace may abound? members as instruments of

2 God forbid. How shall unrighteousness unto sin: we, that are dead to sin, live but yield yourselves into any longer therein?

God, as those that are alive 3 Know ye not, that so ma- from the dead, and your ny of us as were baptized in- members as instruments of to Jesus Christ were baptized righteousness unto God. into his death?

t 14 For sin shall not have d 4 Therefore we are buried 'dominion over you: for ye with him by baptisin into are not under the law, but death; that like as Christ was under grace. raised up from the dead by p 15 What then? shall we sin, the glory of the Father, even because we are not under the so we also should walk in law, but under grace? God newness of life.

forbid. 5 For if we have been plant 16 Know ye not, that to ed together in the likeness of whom ye yield yourselves his death, we shall be also in servants to obey, his servants the likeness of his resurrec- ye are to whom ye obey; tion:

whether of sin unto death, d 6 Knowing this, that our or of obedience unto rightold man is crucified with him, eousness? that the body of sin might d 17 But God be thanked, be destroyed, that henceforth that ye were the servants of we should not serve sin. sin, but ye have obeyed from

7 For he that is dead is the heart that form of docfreed from sin.

trine which was delivered e 8 Now if we be dead with you. Christ, we believe that we le 18 Being then made free shall also live with him: from sin, ye became the sert 9 Knowing that Christ be- vants of righteousness. ing raised from the dead dieth d 19 I speak after the manner no more; death hath no more of men because of the indominion over him. firmity of your flesh: for as

10 For in that he died, he ye have yielded your memdied unto sin once: but in that bers servants to uncleanness

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Of the flesh

ROMANS. and the spirit, 14 For we know that the, which are in Christ Jesus, law is spiritual: but am who walk not after the flesh, carnal, sold under sin.

but after the Spirit. e 15 For that which I do I e 2 For the law of the Spirit allow not: for what I would, of life in Christ Jesus hath that do I not; but what I hate, made me free from the law that do I.

of sin and death. 16 If then I do that which t 3 For what the law could I would not, I consent unto not do, in that it was weak the law that it is good. through the flesh, God sende 17 Now then it is no more ing his own Son in the likeI that do it, but sin that ness of sinful flesh, and for dwelleth in me.

sin, condemned sin in the t 18 For I know that in me flesh: (that is, in my flesh,) dwell. d 4 That the righteousness of eth no good thing: for to will the law might be fulfilled in is present with me; but how us, who walk not after the to perform that which is good flesh, but after the Spirit. I find not.

c 5 For they that are after the c 19 For the good that I would flesh do mind the things of I do not: but the evil which the flesh; but they that are I would not, that I do. after the Spirit the things of

20 Now if I do that I would the Spirit. not, it is no more I that do it, t*6 For to be carnally mind. but sin that dwelleth in me. ed is death; but to be spic 21 I find then a law, that, ritually minded is life and when I would do good, evil is peace. present with me.

7 Because the carnal mind © 22 For I delight in the law is enmity against God: for it of God after the inward man: is not subject to the law of

23 But I see another law in God, neither indeed can be. my members, warring against t 8 So then they that are in the law of my mind, and the flesh cannot please God. bringing me into captivity to 9 But ye are not in the the law of sin which is in my flesh, but in the Spirit, if so members,

be that the Spirit of God c 24 () wretched man that I dwell in you. Now if any man am! who shalldeliver me from have not the Spirit of Christ, the body of this death? he is none of his. e 25 I thank God through

10 And if Christ be in you, Jesus Christ our Lord. So the body is dead because of then with the mind I myself sin; but the Spirit is life serve the law of God; but because of righteousness. with the flesh the law of sin.t 11 But if the Spirit of him b CHAP. VIII.

that raised up Jesus from THERE is therefore now the dead dwell in you, he no condemnation to them that raised up Christ from

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