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All Israel

not cast of 16 For if the first-fruit be ye should be wise in your holy, the lump is also holy: own conceits; that blindness and if the root be holy, so in part is happened to Israel, are the branches.

until the fulness of the Gend 17 And if some of the tiles be come in. branches be broken off, and 26 And so all Israel shall be thou, being a wild olive tree, saved: as it is written, There wert graffed in among them, shall come out of Sion the De. and with them partakest of liverer, and shall turn away the root and fatness of the ungodliness from Jacob: olive tree;

27 For this is my covenant 18 Boast not against the unto them, when I shall take branches. But if thou boast, away their sins. thou bearest not the root, but t 28 As concerning the gosthe root thee.

pel, they are enemies for your 19 Thou wilt say then, The sakes: but as touching the branches were broken off, election, they are beloved for that I might be graffed in. the fathers' sakes. p 20 Well; because of unbe-t 29 For the gifts and calllief they were broken off, ing of God are without reand thou standest by faith. pentance. Be not high minded, but fear: 30 For as ye in times past 21 For if God spared not the have not believed God,

yet natural branches, take heed have now obtained mercy lest he also spare not thee. through their unbelief: t 22 Behold therefore the 31 Even so have these goodness and severity of also now not believed, that God: on them which fell, through your mercy they severity; but toward thee, also may obtain mercy. goodness, if thou continue in 32 For God hath his goodness: otherwise thou cluded them all in unbelief, also shalt be cut off.

that he might have mercy 6 23 And they also, if they upon all. abide not in unbelief, shall t 33 O the depth of the be graffed in: for God is able riches both of the wisdom to graff them in again. and knowledge of Go how

24 For if thou wert cut out unscarchable are his judgof the olive tree which is wild ments, and his ways past by nature, and wert graffed finding out! contrary to nature into a 34 For who hath known the good olive tree: how much mind of the Lord? or who more shall these, which be hath been his counsellor? the naturalbranches, begraff 35 Or who hath first given ed into their own olive tree! to him, and it shall be re

25 For I would not, bre- compensed unto him again? thren, that ye should be ig- t 36 For of him, and through norant of this mystery, lest him, and to him, are all

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I promise of

CHAP. XII. Israel's salvation. things: to whom be glory for d 9 Let love be without disever. Amen.

simulation. Abhor that which d CHAP. XII.

is evil; cleave to that which I

BESEECH you therefore, is good.

brethren, by the mercies dio Be kindly affectioned one of God, that ye present your to another with brotherly bodies a living sacrifice, holy, love; in honour preferring acceptable unto God, which one another; is your reasonable service. d 11 Not slothful in business; p 2 And be not conformed fervent in spirit; serving the to this world: but be ye trans- Lord; formed by the renewing of sd 12 Rejoicing in hope; payour mind, that ye may prove tient in tribulation; continuwhat is that good and ac- ing instant in prayer; ceptable, and perfect, will d*13 Distributing to the neof God.

cessity of saints; given to d3 For I say, through the hospitality. grace given unto me, to every d 14 Bless them which perse. man that is among you, not cute you; bless, and curse not. to think of himself more d 15 Rejoice with them that highly than he ought to do rejoice, and weep with think; but to think soberly, them that weep. according as God hath dealt d 16 Be of the same mind one to every man the measure of toward another. Mind not faith.

high things, but condescend 4 For as we have many to men of low estate. Be not members in one body, and wise in your own conceits. all members have not the d 17 Recompense to no man same office:

evil for evil. Provide things 5 So we, being many, are honest in the sight of all meni. one body in Christ, and every «* 18 If it be possible, as one members one of another. much as lieth in you, live d 6 Having then gifts differ- peaceably with all men. ing according to the grace d 19 Dearly beloved, avenge that is given to us, whether not yourselves, but rather prophecy, let us prophesy give place unto wrath: for according to the proportion it is written, Vengeance is of faith;

mine; I will repay, saith the 7 Or ministry, let us wait Lord. on our ministering: or he 20 Therefore if thine enemy that teacheth, on teaching; hunger, teed him; if he thirst,

8 Or he that exhorteth, on give him drink: for in so exhortation: he that giveth, doing thou shalt heap coals let him do it with simplicity; of fire on his head. he that ruleth, with diligence; d 21 Be not overcome of be that sheweth mercy, with evil, but overcome evil with cheerfulness,


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of things CHAP. XV.

indifferent. esteemeth every day alike. there is nothing unclean of Let every man be fully per- itself: but to him that esteem suaded in his own mind. eth any thing to be unclean,

6 He that regardeth the to him it is unclean. day, regardeth it unto the le 15 But if thy brother be Lord; and he that regardeth grieved with thy meat, now not the day, to the Lord he walkest thou not charitably. doth not regard it. He that Destroy not him with thy eateth, eateth to the Lord, for meat for whom Christ died. he giveth God thanks; and 16 Let not then your good he that eateth not, to the be evil spoken of: Lord he eateth not, and giv- t 17 For the kingdom of eth God thanks.

God is not meat and drink; d. 7 For none of us liveth to but righteousness and peace, himself, and no man dieth to and joy in the Holy Ghost. himself.

18 For he that in these e 8 For whether we live, we things serveth Christ is aclive unto the Lord; and whe- ceptable to God, and approvther we die, we die unto the ed of men. Lord: whether we live there- d 19 Let us therefore follow fore, or die, we are the Lord's. after the things which make t 9 for to this end Christ both for peace, and things wheredied, and rose, and revived, with one may edify another. that he migut be Lord both 20 For meat destroy not the of the dead and living. work of God. All things in. t 10 But why dost thou judge deed are pure; but it is evil thy brother? or why dost for that man who eateth with thou set at naught thy bro- offence. ther? for we shall all 'stand 21 It is good neither to eat before the judgment seat of flesh, nor to drink wine, nor Christ.

any thing whereby thy bro11 For it is written, As I ther stumbleth, or is offendlive, saith the Lord, every ed, or is made weak. knee shall bow to me, and

22 Hast thou faith? have every tongue shall confess to it to thyself before God. HapGod.

py is he that condemneth not t 12 So then every one of us himself in that thing which shall give account of him- he alloweth. self to God.

23 And he that doubteth is p 13 Let us not therefore damned if he eat, because he judge one another any more: eateth not of faith: for whatbut judge this rather, that soever is not of faith is sin. no man put a stumblingblock

CHAP. XV. Croane pccasion to fall in his Wubber that are strong

14 I know, and am persuad- firmities of the weak, and not ed by the Lord Jesus, that to please ourselves.



We must


imitate Christ. d 2 Let every one of us please him shall the Gentiles trust. his neighbour for his good to 6 13 Now the God of hope edification.

fill you with all joy and 3 For even Christ pleased peace in believing that ye not himself; but, as it is writ- may abound in hope, through ten, The reproaches of them the power of the Holy Ghost. that reproached thee fell on 14 And I myself also am perme.

suaded of you, my brethren, 4 For whatsoever things that ye also are full of goodwere written aforetime were ness, filled with all knowwritten for our learning, that ledge, able also to admonish we through patience and one another. comfort of the scriptures 15 Nevertheless, brethren, might have hope.

I have written the more bold0 5 Now the God of patience ly unto you in some sort, as and consolation grant you to putting you in mind, because be like minded one toward of the grace that is given to another according to Christ me of God, Jesus:

t. 16 That I should be the mi6 That ye may with one nister of Jesus Christ to the mind and one mouth glorify Gentiles, ministering the gosGod, even the Father of our pel of God, that the offering Lord Jesus Christ.

up of the Gentiles might be d7 Wherefore receive ye one acceptable, being sanctified another, as Christ also re- by the Holy Ghost. ceived us to the glory of God. 17 I have therefore wheret 8 Now I say that Jesus of I may glory through Jesus Christ was a minister of the Christ in those things which circumcision for the truth of pertain to God. God, to confirm the promises i 18 For I will not dare to made unto the fathers: speak of any of those things a 9 And that the Gentiles which Christ has not wrought might glorify God for his by me, to make the Gentiles mercy; as it is written, For obedient, by word and deed, this cause I will confess to g 19 Through mighty signs thee among the Gentiles, and and wonders, by the power sing unto thy name, of the Spirit of God; so that

10 And again he saith, Re- from Jerusalem, and round joice, ye Gentiles, with his about unto Illyricum, I have people.

fully preached the gospel of 11 And again, Praise the Christ. Lord, all ye Gentiles; and 20 Yea, so have I strived to land him, all ye people.

preach the gospel, not where a 12 And again Esaias saith, Christ was named, lest I There shall be a root of Jes- should build upon another se, and he that shall rise to man's foundation: reign over the Gentiles; in 21 But as it is written, To

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