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Paul sendeth

CHAP. XVI. greetings to many. whom he was not spoken of, together with me in your they shall see; and they that prayers to God for me; have not heard, shall under-8 31 That I may be deliverstand.

ed from them that do not 22 For which cause also I believe in Judea; and that have been much hindered my service which I have for from coming to you. Jerusalem may be accepted

23 But now having no more of the saints; place in these parts and hav 32 That I may come unto ing a great desire these many you with joy by the will of years to come unto you; God, and may with you be

24 Whepsoever ! take my refreshed. journey into Spain, I will | 33 Now the God of peace come to you: for I trust to see be with you all. Amen. you in my journey, and to & CHAP. XVI. be brought on my way thi


you therward by you, if first I Phebe our sister, which be somewhat filled with your is a servant of the church company.

which is at Cenchrea: g 25 But now I go unto Jeru- d 2 That ye receive her in salem to minister into the the Lord, as becometh saints, saints.

and that ye assist her in what26 For it hath pleased them soever business she hath need of Macedonia and Achaia of you: for she hath been a to make a certain contribu-succourer of many, and of tion for the poor saints which myself also. are at Jerusalem.

3 Greet Priscilla and Aquid 27 It hath pleased them la my helpers in Christ Jesus: verily; and their debtors they c 4 Who have for my life laid are. For if the Gentiles have down their own necks: unto been made partakers of their whom not only I give thanks, spiritual things, their duty is but also all the churches of also to minister into them in the Gentiles. carnal things.

& 5 Likewise greet the church 28 When therefore I have that is in their bouse. Salute performed this, and have my well beloved Epenetus, sealed to them this fruit, I who is the first-fruits of will come by you into Spain. Achaia unto Christ. d 29 And I am sure that, 6 Greet Mary, who bestowwhen I come unto you, I shall ed much labour on us. come in the fulness of the c7 Salute Andronicus and blessing of the gospel of Junia, my kinsmen, and my Christ.

fellow prisoners, who are of e 30 Now I beseech you, bre-note among the apostles, who thren, for the Lord Jesus also were in Christ before me. Christ's sake, and for the love 8 Greet Amplias my belove of the Spirit, that ye strive led in the Lord.


The power of 1 CORINTHIANS. Paul's preaching. hath not God made foolish 31 That, according as it is the wisdom of this world? written, He that glorieth, let t 21 For after that in the wis- him glory in the Lord. dom of God the world by wis f CHAP. II. dom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of AND I, brethren, when I

came to you, came not preaching to save them that with excellency of speech or believe.

of wisdom, declaring unto 22 For the Jews require you the testimony of God. a sign, and the Greeks seek a 2 For I determined not to after wisdom:

know any thing, among you, C 23 But we preach Christ save Jesus Christ, and him crucified, unto the Jews a crucified. stumblingblock, and unto / 3 And I was with you in the Greeks foolishness; weakness, and in fear, and in c 24 But unto them which much trembling. are called, both Jews and d 4 And my speech and my Greeks, Christ the power of preaching was not with enGod, and the wisdom of God. ticing words of man's wis

25 Because the foolishness dom, but in demonstration of God is wiser than men; of the Spirit and of power: and the weakness of God is 5 That your faith should stronger than men.

not stand in the wisdom of t 26 For ye see your calling, men, but in the power of God. brethren, how that not many 6 Huwbeit we speak wiswise men after the flesh, not dom among them that are many mighty, not many no- perfeet: yet not the wisdom ble, are called:

of this world, nor of the 21 But God hath chosen the princes of this world, that foolish things of the world to come to naught: confound the wise; and God t 7 But we speak the wisdom hath chosen the weak things of God in a mystery, even of the world to confound the the hidden wisdom, which things which are mighty; God ordain::d before the t 28 And base things of the world unto our glory: world, and things which are 8 Which none of the princes despised, hath God chosen, of this world knew. for had yea, and things which are they known it, they would not, to bring to naught not have crucified the Lord things that are:

of glory. 29° That no flesh should 09 But as it is written, Eye glory in his presence. hath not seen, nor ear heard, t 30 But of him are ye in neither have entered into Christ Jesus, who of God is the heart of man, the things made unto us wisdom, and which God hath prepared righteousness, and sanctifi- for them that love him. cation, and redemption: t 10 But God hath revealed


against strife


and division. them unto us by his Spirit: whereas there is among you for the Spirit searcheth all envying, and strife, and divithings, yea, the deep things sions, are ye not carnal, and of God.

walk as men? t 11 For what man knoweth 4 For while one saith, I am the things of a man, save the of Paul; and another, I am spirit of man which is in him? of Apollos; are ye not carnal? even so the things of God 5 Who then is Paul, and knoweth no man, but the who is Apollos, but ministers Spirit of God.

by whom ye believed, even as t* 12 Now we have received, the Lord gave to every man? not the spirit of the world, t 6 I have planted, Apollos but the spirit which is of watered; but God gave the God; that we might know the increase. things that are freely given 7 So then neither is he that to us of God.

planteth any thing, neither d 13 Which things also we he that watereth; but God speak, not in the words which that giveth the increase. man's wisdom teacheth, but t 8 Now he that planteth and which the Holy Ghost teach- he that watereth are one: and eth; comparing spiritual every man shall receive his things with spiritual. own reward according to his t 14 But the natural man re- own labour. ceiveth not the things of the 9 For we are labourers toSpirit of God: for they are gether with God: ye are God's foolishness unto him: neither husbandry, ye are God's can he know them, because building. they are spiritually discern 10 According to the grace ed.

of God which is given unto 15 But he that is spiritual me, as a wise master builder, judgeth all things, yet he I have laid the foundation, himself is judged of no man. and another buildeth there

16 For who hath known the on. But let every man take mind of the Lord, that he heed how he buildeth theremay instruct him? But we upon. have the mind of Christ. t 11 For other foundation can

CHAP. III. no man lay than that is laid, A not speak unto you as ND I, brethren, could which is Jesus Christ.

12 Now if any man build unto spiritual, but as unto upon this foundation gold, carnal, even as unto babes in silver, precious stones, wood, Christ.

hay, stubble; 2 I have fed you with milk, t 13 Every man's work shall and not with meat: for hither be made manifest: for the to ye were not able to bear it, day shall declare it, because neither yet now are ye able.' it shall be revealed by fire; p3 For ye are yet cainal: for and the fire shall try every




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