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We must flee 1 CORINTHIANS. from idolatry. d 12 Wherefore let him that to jealousy? are we stronger thinketh he standeth take than he? heed lest he fall.

23 All things are lawful for 6 13 There hath no tempta- me, but all things are not extion taken you but such as is pedient: all things are lawcommon to man: but God is ful for me, but all things faithful, who will not suffer edify not. you to be tempted above that d 24 Let no man seek his ye are able; but will with the own, but every man another's temptation also make a way wealth. to escape, that ye may be 25 Whatsoever is sold in the able to bear it.

shambles, that eat, asking no d 14Wherefore, my dearly be question for conscience'sake: loved, flee from idolatry. 26 For the earth is the

15 I speak as to wise men; Lord's, and the fulness therejudge ye what I

of. 16 The cup of blessing, 27 If any of them that bewhich we bless, is it not the lieve not bid you to a feast, communion of the blood of and ye be disposed to go; Christ? The bread which whatsoever is set before you we break, is it not the eat, asking no question for communion of the body of conscience sake. Christ?

23 But if any man say unt 17 For we being many are to you, This is offered in sa. one bread, and one body: for crifice unto idols, eat not for we are all partakers of that his sake that shewed it, and one bread.

for conscience sake: for the 18 Behold Israel after the earth is the Lord's, and the flesh: are not they which fulness thereof: eat of the sacrifices partakers 29 Conscience, I say, not of the altar?

thine own, but of the other: 19 What say I then? that for why is my liberty judged the idol is any thing, or that of another man's conscience? which is offered in sacrifice 30 For if I by grace be a to idols is any thing? partaker, why am I evil t 20 But I say, that the spoken of for that for which things which the Gentiles I give thanks? sacrifice, they sacrifice to de- d*31 Whether therefore ye vils, and not to God: and I eat or drink, or whatsoever ye would not that ye should do, do all to the glory of God. have fellowship with devils. 32 Give none offence, nei

21 Ye cannot drink the cup ther to the Jews, nor to the of the Lord, and the cup of Gentiles, nor to the church devils: ye cannot be par- of God: takers of the Lord's table, d 33 Even as I please all men and of the table of devils. in all things, not seeking 22 Do we

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Of uncovering CHAP.XI.

the head, profit of many, that they without the man, in the Lord. may be saved.

12 For as the woman is of 4 CHAP. XI.

the man, even so is the man
BEye fallo wers of me, even also by the woman; but all
d 2 Now I praise you, bre 13 Judge in yourselves: is
thren, that ye remember me it comely that a woman pray
in all things, and keep the unto God uncovered?
ordinances, as I delivered 14 Doth not even nature
them to you.

itself teach you, that, if a
t 3 But I would have you man have long hair, it is a
know, that the head of every shame unto him?
man is Christ; and the head 15 But if a woman have
of the woman is the man; long hair, it is a glory to her:
and the head of Christ is God. for her hair is given her for a

4 Every man praying or covering.
prophesying, having his head p 16 But if any man seem to
covered, dishonoureth his be contentious, we have no

such custom, neither the
5 But every woman that churches of God.
prayeth or prophesieth with 17 Now in this that I de-
her head uncovered disho- clare unto you I praise you
noureth her head: for that is not, that ye come together
even all one as if she were not for the better, but for

the worse.
6 For if a woman be not p 18 For first of all, when ye
covered, let her also be shorn: come together in the church,
but if it be a shame for a wo- I hear that there be divisions
man to be shorn or shaven, among you; and I partly
Jet her be covered.

believe it.
d 7 For a man indeed ought 19 For there must be also
not to cover his head, foras- heresies among you, that they
much as he is the image and which are approved may be
glory of God: but the woman made manifest among you.
is the glory of the man. 20 When ye

8 For the man is not of the gether therefore into
woman, but the woman of place, this is not to eat the
the man.

Lord's supper.
9 Neither was the man 21 For in eating every one
created for the woman; but taketh before other his own
the woman for the man. supper: and one is hungry,

10 For this cause ought the and another is drunken.
woman to have power

on her 22 What! have ye not houses
head because of the angels.
to eat and to drink in? or

mem that Jedt mem
11 Nevertheless neither is despise ye the church of God, w I IIsnall I w I llenall I
the man without the wo- and shame them that have
man, neither the woman not? What shall I say


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