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ONTWherefore I beseech you Dmend ourselves? or need


Happy success of 2 CORINTHIANS. Paul's preaching.

5 But if any have caused them that are saved, and in grief, he hath not grieved me, them that perish: but in part: that I may not 16 To the one we are the overcharge you all.

savour of death unto death; 6 Sufficient to such a man and to the other the savour is this punishment, which of life unto life. And who is was inflicted of many.

sufficient for these things? 7 So that contrariwise ye d 17 For we are not as many, ought rather to forgive him, which corrupt the word of and comfort him, lest per- God; but as of sincerity, but haps such a one should be as of God, in the sight of God swallowed up with overmuch speak we in Christ. sorrow.


Owe that ye would confirm your love toward him.

we as some others epistles 9 For to this end also did of commendation to you, or I write, that I might know letters commendation the proof of you, whether ye from you? be obedient in all things. e 2 Ye are our epistle written c 10 To whom ye forgive any in our hearts, known and thing, I forgive also: for if I read of all men: forgave any thing, to whom t 3 Forasmuch as ye arc I forgave it, for your sakes manifestly declared to be the forgave I it in the person epistle of Christ ministered of Christ;

by us, written not with ink, 11 Lest Satan should get an but with the Spirit of the livadvantage of us: for we are ing God; not in tables of not ignorant of his devices.

stone, but in fleshy tables of 12 Furthermore, when I the heart. came to Troas to preach 4 And such trust have we Christ's gospel, and a door through Christ to God-ward: was opened unto me of the 5 Not that we are sufficient Lord,

of ourselves to think any 13 í had no rest in my spi- thing as of ourselves; but our rit, because I found not Ti- sufliciency is of God; tus my brother: but taking 5 6 Who also hath made us my leave of them, I went able ministers of the new tesfrom thence into Macedonia. uament; not of the letter, but b 14 Now thanks be unto God, of the spirit: for the letter which always causeth us to killeth, but the spirit giveth triumph in Christ, and mak- life. eth manifest the savour of his 7 But if the ministration of knowedge by us in every death, written and engraven place.

in stones, was glorious, so t 15 For we are unto God a that the children of Israel sweet savour of Christ, in could not steadfastly behold


Paul's hope 2 CORINTHIANS.

of glory. Lord Jesus, that the life also earnestly desiring to be of Jesus might be made mani- clothed upon with our house fest in our body.

which is from heaven: 11 For we which live are 3 If so be that being clothed alway delivered unto death we shall not be found naked, for Jesus' sake, that the life c 4 For we that are in this taalso of Jesus might be made bernacle do groan, being burmanifest in our mortal flesh. dened: not for that we would

12 So then death worketh be unclothed, but clothed in us, but life in you. upon, that mortality might

13 We having the same spi- be swallowed up of life. rit of faith, according as it is t 5 Now he that hath wrought written, I believed, and there- us for the selssame thing is fore have I spoken; we also God, who also bath given un. believe, and therefore speak; to us the earnest of the Spirit.

14 Knowing that he which t 6 Therefore we are always raised up the Lord Jesus shall confident, knowing that, raise up us also by Jesus, and whilst we are at home in the shall present us with you. body, we are absent from the b 15 For all things are for Lord: your sakes, that the abun-d7 (For we walk by faith, dant grace might through the not by sight:) thanksgiving of many re- t 8. We are confident, I say, dound to the glory of God. and willing rather to be abd 16 For which cause we faint sent from the body, and to be not; but though our outward present with the Lord. man perish, yet the inward a 9 Wherefore we labour, man is renewed day by day. that, whether present or ab6 17 For our light affliction, sent, we may be accepted which is but for a moment, of him, worketh for us a far more ex- 1*10 For we must all appear ceeding and eternal weight before the judgment seat of of glory;.

Christ; that every one may 18 While we look not at the receive the things done in his things which are seen, but at body, according to that he the things which are not seen: hath done, whether it be for the things which are seen good or bad. are temporal; but the things á 11 Knowing therefore the which arenot seenare eternal. terror of the Lord, we perC CHAP. V.

suade men; but we are made NOR we know that if our manifest unto God; and I

earthly house of this ta- trust also are made manifest bernacle were dissolved, we in your consciences. have a building of God, an 12 For we commend not house not made with hands, ourselves again unto you, but eternal in the heavens. give you occasion to glory on 02 For in this we groan, lour behalf, that ye anay have



Godly sorrow 2 CORINTHIANS,

described. us, but ye are straitened in fore, that ye are in our hearts your own bowels.

to die and live with you. 13 Now for a recompense in e 4 Great is my boldness of the same, (I speak as unto speech toward you, great is my children,) be ye also en- my glorying of you: I am Jarged.

filled wiih comfort, I am exp 14 Be ye not unequally ceeding joyful in all our triyoked together with unbe- bulation. lievers: for what fellowship le 5 For, when we were come hath righteousness with un-into Macedonia, our flesh had righteousness? and what com- no rest, but we were troubled munion hath light with dark- on every side; without were ness?

fighting's, within were fears. 15 And what concord hath 6 6 Nevertheless God, that Christ with Belial? or what comforteth those that are part hath he that believeth cast down, comforted us by with an infidel?

the coming of Titus; b 16 And what agreement 7 And not by his coming hath the temple of God with only, but by the consolation idols? for ye are the temple wherewith he was comforted of the living God; as God in you, when he told us your hath said, I will dwell in earnest desire, your mournthen, and walk in them; and ing, your fervent mind toI will be their God, and they ward me; so that I rejoiced shall be my people. d 17 Wherefore come out from 8 For though I made you among them, and be ye se- sorry with a letier, I do not parate, saith the Lord, and repent, though I did repent: touch not the unclean thing; for I perceive that the same and I will receive you, epistle hath made you sorry, b 18 And will be a father though it were but for a seaunto you, and ye shall be my son. sons and daughters, saith the a 9 Now I rejoice, not that Lord Almighty.

ye were made sorry, but that e CHAP. VII. ye sorrowed to repentance:

AVING therefore these for ye were made sorry after ed, let us cleanse ourselves might receive damage by us from all filthiness of the flesh in nothing. and spirit, perfecting holi-le 10 For godly sorrow workness in the fear of God. eth repentance to salvation

2 Receive us; have not to be repented of: but wronged no man, we have the sorrow of the world workcorrupted no man, we have eth death. defrauded no man.

d 11 For behold this selfsame 3.1 speak not this to con- thing, that ye sorrowed after demn you: for I have said be- la godly sort, what carefulness

the more.

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