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to liberali
it wrought in you, yea, what 3 For to their power, I bes
clearing of yourselves, yea, record, yea, and beyond thei
what indignation, yea, what power they were willing o
fear, yea, what vehement de-themselves;
sire, yea, what zeal, yea, what 4 Praying us with mucl
revenge! In all things ye entreaty that we would re
have approved yourselves to ceive the gift and take upon
be clear in this matter. us the fellowship of the mi-

12 Wherefore, though I nistering to the saints. wrote unto you, I did it not d 5 And this they did, not as for his cause that had done we hoped, but first gave their the wrong, nor for his cause own selves to the Lord, and that suffered wrong, but that unto us by the will of God. our care for you in the sight 6 Insomuch that we desired of God might appear unto Titus, that as he had begun, you.

so he would also finish in you 13 Therefore we were com- the same grace also. forted in your comfort: yea, d 7 Therefore, as ye abound and exceedingly the more in every thing, in faith, and joyed we for the joy of Titus, utterance, and knowledge, because his spirit was refresh- and in all diligence, and in ed by you all.

your love to us, see that ye 14 For if I have boasted any abound in this grace also. thing to him of you, I am not 8 I speak not by commandashamed; but as we spake all ment, but by occasion of the things to you in truth, even so forwardness of others, and our boasting, which I made to prove the sincerity of your before Titus, is found a truth. love. c 15 And his inward affection t 9 For ye know the grace of is more abundant toward you, our Lord Jesus Christ, that, whilst he remembereth the though he was rich, yet for obedience of you all, how your sakes he became poor, with fear and trembling ye that ye through his poverty received him.

might be rich. 16 I rejoice therefore that 10 And herein I give my I have confidence in you in advice for this is expedient all things.

for you, who have begun beCHAP. VIII. fore, not only to do, but also

we do you to wit of the d 11 Now therefore perform grace of God bestowed on the doing of it; that as there the churches of Macedonia; was a readiness to will, so d 2 How that in a great trial there may be a performance of affliction the abundance also out of that which ye have. of their joy and their deep t 12 For if there be first a poverty abounded unto the willing mind, it is accepted riches of their liberality. according to tbat a man hatheeshores 299

ave. gvsdove have first a Sara first a cepted bet999ccepted

Vhy Paul


for you.

to you:

2 CORINTHIANS. sent Titus. and not according to that he much more diligent, upon hath not.

the great contidence which 13 For I mean not that other I have in you. men be eased, and ye bur 23 Whether any do inquire dened:

of Titus, he is my partner 14 But by an equality, that and fellow-helper concerning now at this time your abun- you: or our brethren be indance may be a supply for quired of, they are the mestheir want, that their abun- sengers of the churches, and dance also may be a supply the glory of Christ. for your want: that there mayi 24 Wherefore shew ye be equality:

to them, and before the 15 As it is written, He that churches, the proof of your had gathered much had no- love, and of our boasting on thing over; and he that had your behalf. gathered little had no lack. d CHAP. IX. which put the same earnest Tnistering to the saints, it care into the heart of Titus is superfluous for me to write

17 For indeed he accept 2 For I know the forward. ed the exhortation; but being ness of your mind, for which more forward, of his own I boast of you to them of accord he went unto you. Macedonia, that Achaia was

18 And we have sent with ready a year ago; and your him the brother, whose praise zeal hath provoked very is in the gospel throughout many. all the churches;

3 Yet have I sent the bre. 19 And not that only, but thren, lest our boasting of who was also chosen of the you should be in vain in this churches to travel with us behalf; that, as I said, ye may with this grace, which is ad- be ready: ministered by us to the glory 4 Lesi haply if they of Ma. of the same Lord, and decla- cedonia come with me, and ration of your ready mind: find you unprepared,

20 Avoiding this, that no (that we say not, ye) should man should blame us in this be ashamed in this same conabundance which is admi- fident boasting. nistered by us:

d 5 Therefore I thought it d 21 Providing for honest necessary to exhort the brethings, not only in the sight thren, that they would go beof the Lord, but also in the fore unto you, and make up sight of men.

beforehand your bounty, 22 And we have sent with whereof ye had notice before, them our brother, whom we that the same might be ready, have oftentimes proved dili- as a matter of bounty, and gent in many things, but now not as of covetousness,


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Paul commendeth 2 CORINTHIANS.

himself. 10 For his letters, say they, ed, but whom the Lord comare weighty and powerful; mendeth. but his bodily presence is

CHAP. XI. weak, and his speech con


VOULD to God ye could temptible.

bear with me a little in 11 Let such an one think my folly: and indeed bear this, that, such as we are in with me. word by letters when we e 2 For I am jealous over are absent, such will we be you with godly jealousy: for also in deed when we are i have espoused you to one present.

husband, that I may present p 12 For we dare not make you as 'a chaste virgin to ourselves of the number, or Christ. compare ourselves with some w3 But I fear, lest by any that' commend themselves: means, as the serpent beguil. but they measuring them- ed Eve through his subtilty, selves by themselves, and so your minds should be corcomparing themselves among rupted from the sim city themselves, are not wise. that is in Christ. t 13 But we will not boast of w4 For if he that cometh things without our measure, preacheth another Jesus, but according to the measure whom we have not preached, of the rule which God hath or if ye receive another spidistributed to us, a measure rit, which ye have not reto reach even unto you. ceived, or another gospel,

14 For we stretch not our which ye have not accepted, selves beyond our measure, ye might well bear with him. as though we reached not un. 5 For I suppose I was not to you: for we are come as far a whit behind the very chiefas to you also in preaching est apostles. the gospel of Christ:

6 But though I be rude in 15 Not boasting of things speech, yet not in knowledge; without our measure, that is, but we have been throughly of other men's labours; but made manifest among you in having hope, when your faith all things. is increased, that we shall be 7 Have I committed an ofenlarged by you, according ence in abasing myself that to our rule abundantly, ye might be exalted, because

16 To preach the gospel in i have preached to you the the regions beyond you, and gospel of God freely? not to boast in another man's 8 I robbed other ehurches, line of things made ready to taking wages of them, to do our hand.

you service. d. 17 But he that glorieth, let| 9 And when I was present him glory in the Lord. with you, and wanted, I was

18 For not he that com- chargeable to no man: for mendeth himself is approv. I that which was lacking to

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