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Paul's prayer for

EPHESIANS. the Ephesians. worketh all things after the ty, and power, and might, counsel of his own will: and dominion, and every

12 That we should be to name that is named, not only the praise of his glory, who in this world, but also in that first trusted in Christ. which is to come: t 13 In whom ye also trusted, t 22 And hath put all things after that ye heard the word under his feet, and gave him of truth, the gospel of your to be the head over all things salvation: in whom also after to the church, that ye believed, ye were t 23 Which is his body, the sealed with that Holy Spirit fulness of him that filleth all of promise,

in all. 14 Which is the earnest of

CHAP. II. our inheritance until the re ND you hath he quickdemption of the purchased ened, who were dead in possession, unto the praise trespasses and sins: of his glory:

2 Wherein in time past ye e 15 Wherefore I also, after I walked according to the heard of your faith in the course of this world, accordLord Jesus, and love unto all ing to the prince of the powthe saints,

er of the air, the spirit that d 16 Cease not to give thanks now worketh in the children for you, making mention of of disobedience: you in my prayers;

ť 3 Among whom also we all 6 17 That 'the God of our had our conversation in times Lord Jesus Christ, the Father past in the lusts of our flesh, of glory, may give unto you fulfilling the desires of the the spirit of wisdom and re- flesh and of the mind; and velation in the knowledge of were by nature the children him:

of wrath, even as others, b 18 The eyes of your under-h 4 But God, who is rich in standing being enlightened; mercy, for his great love that ye may know what is the wherewith he loved us, hope of his calling, and what t 5 Even when we were dead the riches of the glory of his in sins, ha quickened us inheritance in the saints, together with Christ, (by b 19 And what is the exceed- grace ye are saved;) ing greatness of his power to 8 6 And hath raised us up us-ward who believe, accord-together, and made us sit toing to the working of his gether in heavenly places in mighty power,

Christ Jesus: t 20 Which he wrought in 7 That in the ages to come Christ, when he raised him he might shew the exceeding from the dead, and set him at riches of his grace in his his own right hand in the kindness toward us through heavenly places,

Christ Jesus. 21 Far above all principali-le 8 For by grace are ye saved


Paul prayeth. EPHESIANS. He exhorteth to unity. to me by the effectual work-It 19 And to know the love of ing of his power.

Christ, which passeth knowc8 Unto me, who am lessthan ledge, that ye might be filled the least of all saints, is this with all the fulness of God. grace given, that I should 20 Now unto him that is preach among the Gentiles able to do exceeding abunthe unsearchable riches of dantly above all that we ask or Christ;

think, according to the pow9 And to make all men see er that worketh in us, what is the fellowship of the 21 Unto him be glory in mystery, which from the be- the church by Christ Jesus ginning of the world hath throughout all ages, world been hid in God, who created without end. Amen. all things by Jesus Christ:

d CHAP. IV. t 10 To the intent that now


THEREFORE, the priunto the principalities and soner of the Lord,) bepowers in heavenly places seech you that ye walk wormight be known by thechurch thy of the vocation wherethe manifold wisdom of God, with ye are called, t 11 According to the eternal c 2 With all lowliness and purpose which he purposed meekness, with longsufferin Christ Jesus our Lord: ing, forbearing one another 6 12 In whom we have bold- in love; ness and access with confi. 3 Endeavouring to keep the dence by the faith of him. unity of the Spirit in the

13 Wherefore I desire that bond of peace. ye faint not at my tribulations 4 There is one body, and for you, which is your glory. one Spirit, even as ye are

14 For this cause I bow my called in one hope of your knees unto the Father of our calling; Lord Jesus Christ,

5 One Lord, one faith, one 15 of whom the whole fa- baptism, mily in heaven and earth is 6 One God and Father of named,

all, who is above all, and b 16 That he would grant through all, and in you

all. you, according to the riches 7 But unto every one of us of his glory, to be strength- is given grace according to ened with might by his Spirit the measure of the gift of in the inner man;

Christ. d 17 That Christ may dwell t 8 Wherefore he saith, When in your hearts by faith; that he ascended up on high, he ye, being rooted and ground- led captivity captive, and ed'in love,

gave gifts unto men. € 18 May be able to compre

9 (Now that he ascended, hend with all saints what is what is it but that he also dethe breadth, and length, and scended first into the lower depth, and height;

parts of the earth

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other Gentiles walk, in the mouth, but that which is
t 18 Having the understand that it may minister grace
through the ignorance that Spirit of God, whereby Yerred

JOne not to Paul exhorteth to CHAP. IV. holiness of life.

10 He that descended is the is in them, because of the same also that ascended up blindness of their heart: far above all heavens, that he 19 Who being past feeling might fill all things.) have given themselves over

ii And he gave some, apos- unto lasciviousness, to work il

tles; and some, prophets; and all uncleanness with greedi-
soine, evangelists; and some, ness.
pastors and teachers;

20 But ye have not so
12 For the perfecting of the learned Christ;
saints, for the work of the 21 If so be that ye have
ministry, for the edifying of heard him, and have been
the body of Christ:

taught by him, as the truth
t 13 Till we all come in the is in Jesus:
unity of the faith, and of the d 22 That ye put off con-
knowledge of the Son of God, cerning the former conver-
into a perfect man, unto the sation the old man, which is
measure of the stature of the corrupt according to the de
fulness of Christ:

ceitful lusts;
p 14 That we henceforth be 23 And be renewed
no more children, tossed to spirit of your mind;
and fro, and carried about d 24 And that ye put
with every wind of doctrine, new man, which afte
by the sleight of men, anů is created in righteo
cunning craftiness, whereby and true holiness.
they lie in wait to deceive; d25 Wherefore putting
d 15 But speaking the truth lying, speak every man.
in love, may grow up unto with his neighbour: fc
him in all things, which is are members one of ano
the head, even Christ:

p 26 Be ye angry, and
i 16 From whom the whole not: let not the sun go

body fitly joined together and upon your wrath:
compacted by that which

27 Neither give place
every joint supplieth, accord- the devil.
ing to the effectual working d 28 Let him that stole steal

maketh increase of the body labour, working with

the measure of every part, no more: but rather let him
unto the edifying of itself hands' the thing which is
in love,
017 This ! say therefore, give to him that needeth,
and testify in the Lord, that a 29 Let no corrupt commu-
vanity of their mind,
ing darkened, being alien- unto the hearers.
ated from the life of God t 30 Ana grieve not the Holy


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to love, &c. are sealed unto the day of 9 (For the fruit of the Spiredemption.

rit is in all goodness and p 31 Let all bitterness, and righteousness and truth;) wrath, and anger, and cla io Proving what is acceptmour, and evil speaking, be able unto the Lord. put away from you, with all 11 And have no fellowship malice:

with the unfruitful works of d 32 And be ye kind one to darkness, but rather reprove another, tenderhearted, for-them. giving one another, even as

12 For it is a shame even to God for Christ's sake hath speak of those things which forgiven you.

are done of them in secret. d CHAP. V.

13 But all things that are of God, as dear children; by the light: for whatsoever h! And walk in love, as doch make manifest is light. Christ also hath loved' us, d 14 Wherefore he saith, and hath given himself for Awake thou that sleepest, us an offering and a sacrifice and arise from the dead, to God for a sweetsmelling and Christ shall give thee

light. p3 But fornication, and all d 15 See then that ye walk uncleanness, covetous circumspectly, not as fools, ness, let it not be once but as wise, named among you as be- d 16 Redeeming the time, becometh saints;

cause the days are evil. p*4 Neither. filthiness, nor d 17 Wherefore be ye not foolish talking, nor jesting, unwise, but understanding which are not convenient: what the will of the Lord but rather giving of thanks. is. c 5 For this ye know, that no d 18 And be not drunk with whoremonger, nor unclean wine, wherein is excess; but person, nor covetous man, be filled with the Spirit; who is an idolater, hath any d 19 Speaking to yourselves inheritance in the kingdom in psalms and hymns and of Christ and of God. spiritual songs, singing and w6 Let no man deceive you making melody in your heart with vain words: for because to the Lord; of these things cometh the d 20 Giving thanks always wrath of God upon the child- for all things unto God and ren of disobedience.

the Father in the name of 7 Be not ye therefore par- our Lord Jesus Christ; takers with them.

1 21 Submitting yourselves d 8 For ye were sometimes one to another in the fear of darkness, but now are ye God. light in the Lord; walk as d 22 Wives, submit your children of light:

selves unto your own bus

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