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Salvation of the

PHILIPPIANS. Gentiles revealed faith of Christ, the righteous- shame, who mind earthly ness which is of God by faith: things.)

10 That I may know him, ! 20 For our conversation is and the power of his resur- in heaven; from whence also rection, and the fellowship we look for the Saviour, the of his suffering, being made Lord Jesus Christ: conformable unto his death; 6 21 Who shall change our

11 If by any means I might vile body, that it may be attain unto the resurrection fashioned like unto his gloof the dead.

rious body, according to the 12 Not as though I had al- working whereby he is able ready attained, either were even to subdue all things unalready perfect: but I follow to himself. after, if that I may apprehend


THEREFORE, my bre. prehended of Christ Jesus. thren dearly beloved and d 13 Brethren, I count not longed for, my joy and crown, myself to have apprehended; so stand fast in the Lord, but this one thing I do, for- my dearly beloved. getting those things which Ž I beseech Euodias, and beare behind, and reaching seech Syntyche, that they be forth unto those things which of the same mind in the Lord. are before,

63 And I entreat thee also, 14 I press toward the mark true yokefellow, help those for the prize of the high call women which laboured with ing of God in Christ Jesus. me in the gospel, with Cle

15 Let us therefore, as many ment also, and with other as be perfect, be thus minded: my fellowlabourers, whose and if in any thing ye be names are in the book of life. otherwise minded, God'shall d 4 Rejoice in the Lord alway: reveal even this unto you. and again I say, Rejoice.

16 Nevertheless, whereto wed 5 Let your moderation be have already attained, let us known unto all men. The walk by the same rule, let us Lord is at hand. mind the sarae thing:

d 6 Be careful for nothing; 17 Brethren, be followers but in every thing by prayer together of me, and mark and supplication with thanksthem which walk so as ye giving let your requests be have us for an ensample. made known unto God. c 18 (For many walk, of whom 67 And the peace of God I have told you often, and which passeth all understand. now tell you even weeping, ing,shall keep yourhearts and that they are the enemies of minds through Christ Jesus. the cross of Christ:

d 8 Finally, brethren, whate t 19 Whose end is destruc- soever things are true, whattion, whose God is their belly, soever things are honest, and whose glory is in theišl whatsoever things are just,


for you,


Paul describeth COLOSSIANS. the true Christ. Jesus Christ, praying always the kingdom of his dear Son:

t 14 In whom we have reC4 Since we heard of your demption through his blood, faith in Christ Jesus, and of even the forgiveness of sins: the love which ye have to all 15. Who is the image of the the saints,

in visible God, the first-born 6 5 For the hope which is laid of every creature:

for you in heaven, where-t*16 For by him were all of ye heard before in the word things created, that are in of the truth of the gospel; heaven, and that are in earth,

6 Which is come unto you, visible and invisible, whether as it is in all the world; and they be thrones, or dominions, bringeth forth fruit, as it doth or principalities, or powers: also in you, since the day ye all things were created by heard of it, and knew the him, and for him: grace of God in truth: t 17 And he is before all 27 As ye also learned of things, and by him all things Epaphras our dear fellowser- consist. vant, who is for you a faith 18 And he is the head of ful minister of Christ; the body, the church: who is

8 Who also declared unto us the beginning, the first-born your love in the Spirit. from the dead; that in all é 9 For this cause we also, things he might have the since the day we heard it, preeminence. do not cease to pray for you, i 19 For it pleased the Father and to desire that ye might that in him should all fulness be filled with the knowledge dwell; of his will in all wisdom and t 20 And, having made peace spiritual understanding: through the blood of his cross, d 10 That ye might walk wor- by him, te reconcile all things thy of the Lord unto al pleas- unto himself, by him, I say, ing, being fruitful in every whether they be things in good work, and increasing in earth, or things in heaven. the knowledge of God; t 21 And you, that were some

11 Strengthened with all time alienated and enemies in might, according to his glori- your mind by wicked works, ous power, unto all patience yet now hath he reconciled. and longsuffering with joy-6 22 In the body of his flesh fulness;

through death, to present you 6 12 Giving thanks unto the holy and unblamable and unFather, which hath made us reprovable in his sight: meet to be partakers of the d 23 If ye continue in the faith inheritance of the saints in grounded and settled, and be light:

not moved away from the t 13 Who hath delivered us hope of the gospel, which ye from the power of darkness, have heard, and which was and bath translated us into preached to every creature

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his cross;

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Of ceremonies. COLOSSIANS. Of' seeking Christ. quickened together with him, will worship, and humility, having forgiven you all tres- and neglecting of the body; passes;

not in any honour to the sa14 Blotting out the hand-tisfying of the flesh. writing of ordinances that d CHAP. III. was against us, which was I christ, seek those things

ye then be risen with contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to which are above,where Christ

sitteth on the right hand of f 15 And having spoiled prin. God. cipalities and powers, he 12 Set your affection on made a shew of them openly, things above, not on things triumphing over them in it. on the earth.

16 Let no man therefore t 3 For ye are dead, and your judge you in meat, or in life is hid with Christ in Ġod. drink, or in respect of an 5 4 When Christ, who is our holyday, or of the new moon, life, shall appear, then shall or of the sabbath days: ye also appear with him in

17 Which are a shadow of glory. things to coine; but the body 5 Mortify therefore your is of Christ.

members which are upon the e 18 Let no man beguile you earth; fornication, uncleanof your reward in a voluntary ness,' inordinate affection, humility and worshipping of evil concupiscence,and covet. angels, intruding into those ousness, which is idolatry: things which he hath not w6 For which things' sake seen, vainly puffed up by his the wrath of God cometh on fleshly mind,

the children of disobedience: i 19 And not holding the 7 In the which ye also Head, from which all the walked some time, when ye body by joints and bands hav- lived in them. ing nourishment ministered, 8 But now ye also prit off and knit together, increaseth allthese;anger, wrath,malice, with the increase of God. blasphemy, filthy communi

20 Wherefore if ye be dead cation out of your mouth. with Christ from the rudi- d 9 Lie not one to another, ments of the world, why, as seeing that ye have put off though living in the world, the old man with his deeds; are ye subject to ordinances,' lc 10 And having put on the

21 (Touch not; taste not; new man, which is renewed handle not;

in knowledge after the image 22 Which all are to perish of him that created lim: with the using;) after the 11 Where there is neither commandments and doctrines Greek nor Jew, circumcision of men?

nor uncircumcision, Barba23 Which things have in- rian, Scythian, bond nor free: deed a shew of wisdom in but Christ is all, and in all.

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