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Paul's care for 1 THESSALONIANS, the Thessalonians. things which are done here. 14 Luke, the beloved phy

10 Aristarchus my fellow- sician, and Demas, greet you. prisoner saluteth you, and 15 Salute the brethren Marcus, sister's son to Bar- which are in Laodicea, and nabas, (touching whom ye re- Nymphas, and the church ceived commandments: if he which is in bis house, come unto you, receive him;) § 16 And when this epistle

11 And Jesus, which is is read among you, cause that called Justus, who are of the it be read also in the church circumcision. These only are of the Laodiceans; and that my fellow-workers unto the ye likewise read the epistle kingdom of God, which have from Laodicea, been a comfort unto me. d 17 And say to Archippus, 6 12 Epaphras, who is one of Take heed to the ministry you, a servant of Christ, sa- which thou hast received in luteth you, always labouring the Lord, that thou fulfil it. fervently for you in prayers, 18 The salutation by the that ye may stand perfect hand of me Paul. Remer ver and complete in all tăe will my bonds. Grace be with of God.

you. Amen. g 13 For I bear him record, that he hath a great zeal for f Written from Rome to you, and them that are in Lao the Colossians by Tychidicea,and them inHierapolis. | cus and Onesimus.

The First Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the


1t 4 Knowing, brethren belov. PAUL andSylvanus, and ed; pour election of God.

thet 5 For our gospel came not church of the Thessalonians unto you in word only, but which is in God the Father also in power and in the Holy and in the Lord Jesus Christ: Ghost, and in much assurGrace be unto you,and peace, ance; as ye know what manfrom God our Father, and the ner of men we were among Lord Jesus Christ.

you for your sake. 2 We give thanks to God + 6 And ye became followers always for you all, mak- of us, and of the Lord, having ing mention of you in our received the word in much prayers;

afiliction with joy of the Holy d3 Remembering,

without Ghost: ceasing your work of faith, g 7 So that ye were ensamples and labour of love, and pa- to all that believe in Macedotience of hope in our Lord nia and Achaia. Jesus Christ, in the sight of e 8 For from you sounded out God and our Father; the word of the Lord not only

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Paul's love to 1 THESSALONIANS, the Thessalonians. God, and are contrary to all I sent to know your faith, lest men.

by some means the tempter 16 Forbidding us to speak have tempted you, and our to the Gentiles that they labour be in vain. might be saved, to fill up < 6 But now when Timotheir sins alway: for the theus came from you unto wrath is come upon them to us, and brought us good tithe uttermost.

dings of your faith and chari17 But we, brethren, being ty, and that ye have good taken from you for a short reme mbrance of us always, time in presence, not in desiring greatly to see us, as heart, endcavoured the more we also to see you: abundantly to see your face 7 Therefore, brethren, we with great desire.

were comforted over you in 18 Wherefore we would all our affliction and distress have come unto you, even I by your faith: Paul, once and again; but 8'For now we live, if ye Satan hindered us.

stand fast in the Lord. b'19 For what is our hope, or

9 For what thanks can we joy, or crown of rejoicing? render to God again for you, Are not even ye in the pre- for all the joy wherewith we sence of our Lord Jesus joy for your sakes before our Christ at his coming?

God; 20 For ye are our glory and 6 10 Night and day praying joy.

exceedingly that we might & CHAP. III. see your face, and might per

could no longer forbear, your faith? we thought it good to be left 11 Now God himself and at Athens alone;

our Father, and our Lord Jed 2 And sent Timotheus, our sus Christ, direct our way brother, and minister of God, unto you. and our fellowlabourer in the b 12 And the Lord make you gospel of Christ, to establish to increase and abound' in you, and to comfort you con- love one toward another, and cerning your faith:

toward all men, even as we 3 That no man should be do toward you: moved by these afflictions: b 13 To the end he may stafor yourselves know that we blish your hearts unblamable are appointed thereunto. in holiness before God, even

4 For verily, when we were our Father, at the coming of with you, we told you before our Lord Jesus Christ with that we should suffer tribula- all his saints. tion; even as it came to pass,

d CHAP. IV. and ye know.

F 5 For this cause, when I


we beseech you, brecould no longer forbear, I thren, and exhort you by the

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