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The Epistle of PAUL to PHILEMON.

, Christ, and Timothy our that is, mine own bowels: brother, unto Philemon our 13 Whom I would have redearly beloved and fellow- tained with me, that in thy labourer. stead he might have minis

. 2 And to our beloved Ap-tered unto me in the bonds phia, and Archippus our fel- of the gospel: low-soldier, and to the church k 14 But without thy mind in thy house:

would I do nothing; that thy 63 Grace to you, and peace, benefit should not be as it from God our Father and the were of necessity, but will. Lord Jesus Christ.

ingly. e 4 I thank my God, making 15 For perhaps he therefore mention of thee always in my departed for a season, that prayers,

thou shouldest receive him c 5 Hearing of thy love and for ever; faith, which thou hast toward 16 Not now as a servant, the Lord Jesus, and toward but above a servant, a broall saints;

ther beloved, specially to me, 6 That the communication but how much more of thy faith may become ef- thee, both in the flesh, and in fectual by the acknowledg- the Lord? ing of every good thing which 17 If thou count me thereis in you in Christ Jesus. fore a partner, receive him e7 For we have great joy and as myself. consolation in thy love, be 18 If he hath wronged thee, cause the bowels of the saints or oweth thee aught, put that are refreshed by thee, bro- on mine account; ther.

19 I Paul have written it 8 Wherefore, though I might with mine own hand, I will be much bold'in Christ to en- repay it: albeit I do not say join thee that which is con- to thee how thou owest unto venient,

me even thine own self bef9 Yet for love's sake I rather sides. beseech thee, being such an 20 Yea, brother, let me have one as Paul the aged, and joy of thee in the Lord: renow also a prisoner of Jesus fresh my bowels in the Lord. Christ.

k 21 Having confidence in 10 I beseech thee for my thy obedience I wrote unto son Onesimus, whom I have thee, knowing that thou wilt begotten in my bonds: also do more than I say. t 11 Which in time past was 22 But withal prepare me to thee unprofitable, but now also a lodging: for I trust that profitable to thee and to me. through your prayers I shall 12 Whom I have sent again: be given unto you.

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Obedience due

to Christ. minister for them who shall made a little lower than the be heirs of salvation? angels for the suffering, of d CHAP. II.

death, crowned

with glory THEREFORE we ought and honour; that he by the

to give the more earnest grace of God should taste heed to the things which we death for every man. have heard, lest at any timet 10 For it became him, for we should let them slip. whom are all things, and by

2 For if the word spoken whom are all things, in bring. by angels was steadfast, and ing many sons unto glory, to every transgression and dis- make the captain of their obedience received a just re- salvation perfect through compense of reward; sufferings. w3 How shall we escape, if c 11 For both he that sanewe neglect so great salva- tifieth and they who are sanetion; which at the first began tified are all of one:for which to be spoken by the Lord, and cause he is not ashamed to was confirmed unto us by call them brethren, them that heard him; a 12 Saying, I will declare t 4 God also bearing them thy name unto my brethren, witness, both with signs and in the midst of the church wonders, and with divers mi- will I sing praise unto thee. racles, and gifts of the Holy a 13 And again, I will put my Ghost, according to his own trust in him. And again, Bewill?

hold I and the children which 5 For unto the angels hath God hath given me. he not put in subjection the t 14 Forasmuch then as the world to come, whereof we children are partakers of speak.

flesh and blood, he also him6 Butone in a certain place self likewise took part of the testified, saying, What is same; that through death he man, that thou art mindful might destroy him that had of him? or the son of man, the power of death, that is, that thou visitest him? the devil; Í 7 Thou madest him a little 15 And deliver them who Yower than the angels; thou through fear of death were crownedst him with glory all their lifetime subject to and honour, and didst set him bondage. over the works of thy hands: t 16 For verily he took not on

8 Thou hast put all things him the nature of angels; but in subjection under his feet. he took on him the seed of For in that he put all in sub- Abraham. jection under him, he left no. 17 Wherefore in all things thing that is not put under it behoved him to be made him. But now we see not yet like unto his brethren, that all things put under him. he might be a merciful and 9 But we see Jesus, who was faithful high priest in things

t 6 But Christ as a son over ned, whose carcasses fe
are we, if we hold fast the 2018 And to whom sware

19 So we see that they

could not enter in because
ed me, proved me, and saw any of you should

9 When your fathers temptus of entering into his rest,
with that generation, and I pel preached, as well as unto
10 Wherefore I was grieved 2 For unto us was the gos-

Christ more worthy CHAP. III, IV.

than Moses. pertaining to God, to make said, They do alway err in reconciliation for the sins of their heart; and they have the people.

not known my ways. 18 For in that he himself w11 So I sware in my wrath, hath suffered being

tempted, They shall not enter into my he is able to succour them rest.) that are tempted.

e 12 Take heed brethren, lest CHAP. III.

there be in any of you an thren, partakers of the parting from the living God. heavenly calling,consider the a 13 But exhort one another our profession, Christ Jesus; day; lest any of you be hard

2 Who was faithful to ltim ened through the deceitful-
that appointed him, as also ness of sin.
Moses was faithful in all his e 14 For we are made

takers of Christ, if we hold
t 3 For this man was counted the beginning of our
worthy of more glory than dence steadfast unto y
Moses, inasınuch as he who 15 While it is said
hath builded the house hath if ye will hear his vo
more honour than the house. den not your heart
t 4 Forevery house is builded the provocation.
by some man; but he that g 16 For some, when
built all things is God. heard, did provoke:

5 And Moses verily was not all that came
faithful in all his house, as a Egypt by Moses.
servant, for a testimony of 17 But with whom
those things which were to grieved forty years?
he spoken after;

not with them that had his own house; whose house the wilderness?

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