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The Christians' rest. HEBREWS. of Christ's priesthood. them: but the word preached , dividing asunder of soul and did not profit them, not being spirit, and of the joints and mixed with faith in them marrow, and is a discerner that heard it.

of the thoughts and intents e 3 For we which have believ- of the heart. ed do enter into rest, as he t 13 Neither is there any crea. said, As I have sworn in my ture that is not manifest in wrath, if they shall enter his sight: but all things are into my rest: although the naked and opened unto the works were finished from the eyes of him with whom we foundation of the world. have to do. I 4 For he spake in a certain a 14 Seeing then that we place of the seventh day on have a great high priest, that this wise, And God did rest is passed into the heavens, the seventh day from all his Jesus the Son of God, let us works.

hold fast our profession. 5 And in this place again, If 15 For we have not an high they shall enter into my rest. priest which cannot be touch

6 Seeing therefore it re-ed with the feeling of our maineth that some must en- infirmities; but was in all ter therein, and they to whom points tempted like as we it was first preached entered are, yet without sin. not in because of unbelief: d 16 Let us therefore come e 7 (Again, he limiteth a cer- boldly unto the throne of tain day, saying in David, To grace, that we may obtain day, after so long a time; as mercy, and find grace to it is said, To day, if ye will help in time of need. hear his voice, harden not I CHAP. V. your hearts. 8 For if Jesus had given FR every high priest tak

en from among men is them rest, then would he not ordained for men in things afterward have spoken of pertaining to God, that he another day.

mayoffer both gifts and 6 9 There remaineththerefore sacrifices for sins: a rest to the people of God. 2 Who can have compas

10 For he that is entered sion on the ignorant, and on into his rest, he also hath them that are out of the way; ceased from his own works, for that he himself also is as God did from his.) compassed with infirmity. d11 Let us labour therefore t 3 And by reason hereof he to enter into that rest, lest ought, as for the people, so alany man fall after the same so for himself, to offer for sins. example of unbelief.

4 And no man taketh this t 12 For the word of God is honour unto himself, but he quick, and powerful, and that is called of God, as was sharper than any twoedged Aaron. sword, piercing even to the h 5 So also Christ glorified

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Christ's priesthood HEBREWS.

above Aaron's. right hand of the throne of Egypt; because they conthe Majesty in the heavens; tinued not in my covenant,

2 A minister of the sanc- and I regarded them not, tuary, and of the true ta- saith the Lord. bernacle, which the Lord t 10 For this is the covenant pitched, and not man.

that I will make with the 1 3 For every high priest is house of Israel after those ordained, to offer gifts and days, saith the Lord; I will sacrifices: wherefore it is of put my laws into their mind, necessity that this man have and write them in their somewhat also to offer. hearts: and I will be to

4 For if he were on earth, them a God, and they shall he should not be a priest, see-be to me a people: ing that there are priests r 11 And they shall not teach that offer gifts according to every man his neighbour, the law:

and every man his brother, 5 Who serve unto the exam- saying, Know the Lord: for ple and shadow of heavenly all shall know me, from the ihings, as Moses was admo- least to the greatest. nished of God when he was b 12 For I will be merciful to about to make the tabernacle: their unrighteousness, and for, See, saith he, that thou their sins and their iniquimake all things according to ties will I remember no more. the pattern shewed to thee 13 In that he saith, A new in the mount.

covenant, he hath made the 6 But now hath he obtained first old. Now that which a more excellent ministry, by decayeth and waxeth old is how much also he is the me- ready to vanish away. diator of a better covenant,

CHAP. IX. which was established upon T

THEN verily the first co

venant had also ordi7 For if that first covenant nances of divine service, and had been faultless, then a worldly sanctuary. should no place have been f 2 For there was a tabersought for the second. nacle made; the first, wherea 8 For finding fault with in was the candlestick, and them, he saith, Behold, the the table, and the show bread; days come, saith the Lord, which is called the sanctuary. when I will make a new co- 73 And after the second veil, venant with the house of the tabernacle which is called Israel and with the house of the Holiest of all; Judah:

1/4 Which had the golden 8 9 Not according to the co-censer, and the ark of the venant that I made with covenant overlaid round their fathers in the day when about with gold, wherein I took them by the hand to was the golden pot that had yond them

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