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Seven angels with CHAP. VIII, IX. seven trumpets.

CHAP. VIII. creatures which were in the A

the seventh seal, there the third part of the ships was silence in heaven about were destroyed. the space of half an hour. 10 And the third angel

2 And I saw the seven an- sounded, and there fell a gels which stood before God; great star from heaven, burnand to them were given seven ing as it were a lamp, and trumpets.

it fell upon the third part of t 3 And another angel came the rivers, and upon the founand stood at the altar, hav- tains of waters; ing a golden censer; and 11 And the name of the star there was given unto him is called Wormwood: and the much incense, that he should third part of the waters beoffer it with the prayers of all came wormwood; and many saints upon the golden altar men died of the waters, bewhich was before the throne. cause they were made bitter.

4 And the smoke of the in 12 And the fourth angel cense, which came with the sounded, and the third part prayers of the saints, ascend of the sun was smitten, and ed up before God out of the the third part of the moon, angel's hand.

and the third part of the 5. And the angel took the stars; so as the third part of censer, and filled it with fire them was darkened, and the of the altar, and cast it into day shone not for a third part the earth: and there were of it, and the night likewise. voices, and thunderings, and w13 And I beheld, and heard lightnings, and an earth- an angel flying through the quake.

midst of heaven, saying with 6 And the seven angels a loud voice, wo, wo, wo, to which had the seven trum- the inhabiters of the earth by pels prepared themselves to reason of the other voices of sound,

the trumpet of the three anv 7 The first angel sounded, gels, which are yet to sound! and there followed hail and

CHAP. IX. fire mingled with blood, and ND the fifth angel soundthey were cast upon the earth: ed, and I saw a star fall and the third part of trees from heaven unto the earth: was burnt up, and all green and to him was given the key grass & And the second angel - 2 And he opened

the botsounded, and as it were a tomless pit; and there arose great moutain burning with a smoke out of the pit, as the fire was cast into the sea: and smoke of a great furnace; and the third part of the sea be- the sun and the air were came blood;

darkened by reason of the ofilo cudzesta 9 And the third part of the smoke of the pit.

yd, key

stod bota


The sirth

REVELATION. trumpet soundeth. 3 And there came out of the name in the Hebrew tongue smoke locusts upon the earth: is Abaddon, but in the Greek and unto them was given tongue hath his name A polpower, as the scorpions of lyon. the earth have power.

12 One wo is past; and, be4 And it was commanded hold, there come two woes them that they should not more hereafter. hurt the grass of the earth, 13 And the sixth angel neither any green thing, nei- sounded, and I heard a voice ther any tree; but only those from the four horns of the men which have not the seal golden altar which is before of God in their foreheads.

God, 5 And to them it was given g 14 Saying to the sixth angel that they should not kill which had the trumpet, Loose them, but that they should the four angels which are be tormented five months: bound in the great river Euand their torment was as the phrates. torment of a scorpion, when

15 And the four angels he striketh a man.

were loosed, which were prer 6 And in those days shall pared for an hour, and a day, men seek death, and shall not and a month, and a year, for find it; and shall desire to die, to slay the third part of men. and death shallflee from them. 16 And the number of the

7 And the shapes of the lo- army of the horsemen were custs were like unto horses two hundred thousand thouprepared unto battle; and on sand: and I heard the number their heads were as it were of them. crowns like gold, and their r 17 And thus I saw the horses faces were as the faces of in the vision, and them that men.

sat on them, having breast8 And they had hair as the plates of fire, and of jacinth, hair of women, and their and brimstone: and the heads teeth were as the tecth of lious. of the horses were as the

9 And they had breast- heads of lions;and out of their plates, as it were breastplates mouths issued fire and smoke of iron; and the sound of their and brimstone. wings was as the sound of 18 By these three was the chariots of many horses run- third part of men killed, by ning to battle.

the fire, and by the smoke, 10 And they had tails like and by the brimstone, which unto scorpions, and there issued out of their mouths. were stings in their tails: and 19 For their power is in their power was to hurt men their mouth, and in their five months.

tails: for their tails were like n 11 And they had a king unto serpents, and had headsover them, which is the angel and with them they do hurt. of the bottomless pit, whose 20 And the rest of the men

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The seventh REVELATION. \' angel soundeth. to my two witnesses, and they11 And after three days shall prophesy a thousand and an half the Spirit of life two hundred and threescore from God entered into them, days, clothed in sackcloth. and they stood upon their

4 These are the two olive feet; and great fear fell upon trees, and the two candle-them which saw them. sticks standing before the 12 And they heard a great God of the earth.

voice from heaven saying un5 And if any man will hurt to them,Come up hither. And them, fire proceedeth out of they ascended up to heaven their mouth, and devoureth in a cloud; and their enemies their enemies: and if any man beheld them. will hurt them, he must in this

13 And the same hour was manner be killed.

there a great earthquake, and 6 These have power to shut the tenth part of the city fell, heaven, that it rain not in and in the earthquake were the days of their prophecy: slain of men seven thousand: and have power over waters and the remnant were afto turn them to blood, and frighted, and gave glory to to smite the earth with all the God of heaven. plagues, as often as they will. w14 The second wo is past; 77 And when they shall have and, behold, the third wo finished their testimony, the cometh quickly. beast that ascendeth out of 15 And the seventh angel the bottomless pit shall make sounded; and there were war against them, and shall great voices in heaven, sayovercome them,' and killing, The kingdoms of this them.

world are become the king8 And their dead bodies doms of our Lord, and of his shall lie in the street of the Christ; and he shall reign for great city, which spiritually ever and ever. is called Sodom and Egypt,

16 And the four and twenty where also our Lord was elders, which sat before God erucified.

on their seats, fell upon their 9 And they of the people faces, and worshipped God and kindreds and tongues and 17 Saying, We give thee nations shall see their dead thanks, Lord God Albodies three days and an half, mighty, which art, and wast, and shall not suffer their dead and art to come; because bodies to be put in graves.

thou hast taken to thee thy 10 And they that dwell great power,and hastreigned. upon the earth shall rejoice # 18 And the nations were anover them, and make merry, gry, and thy wrath is come, and shall 'send gifts one to and the time of the dead, that another; because these two they should be judged, and prophets tormented them that thou shouldest give rethat dwelt on the earth, ward unto thy servants the


her child as soon as it was down unto you, havi
and her child was caught up the earth, he persecuted the
unto God, and to his throne, woman which brought forth

6 And the woman fied into the man child.
hath a place prepared of God, given two wings of a great
that they should feed her eagle, that she might fly into
there a thousand two hun. the wilderness, into her place,

red dragon. prophets, and to the saints, 7 And there was war in heaand them that fear thy name, ven: Michael and his angels small

and great; and should fought against the dragon; est destroy them which de- and the dragon fought and stroy the earth.

his angels, 19 And the temple of God 8 And prevailed not; neiwas opened in heaven, and ther was their place found there was seen in his temple any more in heaven. the ark of his testament: and 9 And the great dragon was there were lightnings, and cast out, that old serpent, voices, and thunderings, and called the Devil, and Satan, anearthquake,and great hail, which deceiveth the whole CHAP. XII.

world: he was cast out into ND there appeared a the earth, and his angels a woman clothed with the 10 And I heard a loud voice sun, and the moon under her saying in heaven, Now is feet, and upon her head a come salvation and crown of twelve stars: and the kingdoy

2 And she being with child and the power cried, travailing in birth, for the accuse and pained to be delivered. thren is cast

3 And there appeared an- accused them other wonder in heaven; and day and night behold a great red dragon, c 11 And they having seven heads and ten by the blood horns, and seven crowns up- and by the wo on his heads.

4 And his tail drew the third their lives unto part of the stars of heaven, w12 Therefore and did cast them to the earth? heavens, and ye and the dragon stood before in them. Wo to the woman which was ready ers of the earth to be delivered, for to devour sea! for the devil born.

5 And she brought forth a that he hath but a short time. man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: saw that he was cast unto the wilderness, where she died and threescore days.

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