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Satan bound a REVELATION. thousand years. ed, and behold a white horse; the kings of the earth, and and he that sat upon him was their arinies, gathered togecalled Faithful and True,and ther to make war against him in righteousness he doth that sat on the horse, and judge and make war. against his army.

12 His eyes were as a flame i 20 And the beast was taken, of fire, and on his head were and with him the false promany crowns; and he had a phet that wrought miracles name written, that no man before him, with which he de knew, but he himself.

ceived them that had received t 13 And he was clothed with the mark of the beast, and a vesture dipped in blood: them that worshipped his and his name is called The image. These both were cast Word of God.

alive into a lake of fire burn14 And the armies which ing with brimstone. were in heaven followed him 21 And the remnant were upon white horses, clothed in slain with the sword of him fine linen, white and clean. that sat upon the horse, which

15 And out of his mouth sword proceeded out of his goeth a sharp sword, that mouth: and all the fowls were with it he should smite the filled with their flesh. nations: and he shall rule

CHAP. XX. them with a rod of iron: and ND I saw an angel come he treadeth the winepress of down from heaven, har. the fierceness and wrath of ing the key of the bottomless Almighty God.

pit and a great chain in his t*16 And he hath on his ves- hand. ture and on his thigh a name t 2 And he laid hold on the written, KING OF KINGS, dragon, that old serpent, AND LORD OF LORDS. which is the Devil, and Sa

17 And I saw an angel stand- tan, and bound him a thouing in the sun; and he cried sand years, with a loud voice, saying to 3 And cast him into the bot. all the fowls that fly in the tomless pit, and shut him up, midst of heaven, Come and and set a seal upon him, that gather yourselves together he should deceive the nations unto the supper of the great no more, till the thousand God;

years should be fulfilled: and 18 That ye may eat the flesh after that he must be loosed & of kings, and the flesh of cap- little season. tains, and the flesh of mighty C 4 And I saw thrones, and men, and the flesh of horses, they sat upon them, and and of them that sit on them, judgment was given unto and the flesh of all men, both them: and I saw the souls of free and bond, both small and them that were beheaded for great,

the witness of Jesus, and for 19 And I saw the beast, and the word of God, and which

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New Jerusalem REVELATION.

described. neither sorrow, nor crying, high, and had twelve gates, neither shall there be any and at the gates twelveangels, more pain: for the former and names written thereon, things are passed away. which are the names of the

5 And he that sat upon the twelve tribes of the children throne said, Behold, I make of Israel: all things new

And he said 13 On the east three gates; unto me, Write: for these on the north three gates; on words are true and faithful. the south three gates; and on t 6 And he said unto me, It the west three gates. is done. I am Alpha and 14 And the wall of the city Omega, the beginning and had twelve foundations, and the end. I will give unto him in them the names of the that is athirst of the fountain twelve apostles of the Lamb, of the water of life freely. 15 And he that talked with 6 7 He that overcometh shall me had a golden reed to meainherit all things; and I will sure the city, and the gates be his God, and he shall be thereof, and the wall thereof. my son.

16 And the city lieth fourt 8 But the fearful, and un- square, and the length is as believing, and the abomina- large as the breadtli, and he ble, and murderers, and measured the city with the whoremongers, and sorce- reed, twelve thousand furrers, and idolaters, and all longs. The length and the liars, shall have their part in breadth and the height of it the lake which burneth with are equal. fire and brimstone: which is 17 And he measured the the second death.

wall thereof, an hundred and 9 And there came unto me forty and four cubits, accordone of the seven angels which ing to the measure of a man, had the seven vials full of the that is, of the angel. seven last plagues, and talk- 1 18 And the building of the ed with me, saying, Come wall of it was of jasper: and hither, I will shew thee the the city was pure gold, like bride, the Lamb's wife. unto clear glass. c 10 And he carried me away 19 And the foundations of in the spirit to a great and the wall of the city were garhigh mountain, and shewed nished with all manner of me that great city, the holy precious stones. The first Jerusalem, descending out of foundation was jasper; the heaven from God,

second, sapphire; the third, a 11 Having the glory of God: chalcedony; the fourth, an and her light was like unto a emerald; stone most precious, even 20 The fifth, sardonyx; the like a jasper stone, clear as sixth, sardius; the seventh, crystal;

chrysolyte; the eighth, beryl; 12 And

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