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Jairus's daughter S. MARK.

raised. and said, Who touched my the damsel, and them that clothes?

were with him, and entereth c31 And his disciples said un- in where the damsel was to him, Thou seest the multi- lying. tude thronging thee,and say 41 And he took the damest thou, Who touched me? sel by the hand, and said un

32 And he looked round to her, Talitha cumi; which about to see her that had is, being interpreted, Damdone this thing.

sel, I say unto thee, arise. d 33 But the woman fearing m42 And straightway the and trembling, knowing damsel arose, and walked; what was done in her, came for she was of the age of and fell down before him, twelve years. And they were and told him all the truth. astonished with a great astot 34 And he said unto her, nishment. Daughter, thy faith hath 43 And he charged them made thee whole; go in peace, straitly that no man should and be whole of thy plague.' know it; and commanded f 35 While he yet spake, that something should be there came from the ruler of given her to eat. the synagogue's house cer f CHAP. VI. tein in deh sa ii Thyrdawei A hente, went camte finmo thou the Master any further? his own country, and his d 36 As soon as Jesus heard disciples follow him. the word that was spoken, t 2 And when the sabbath he saith unto the ruler of day was come, he began to the synagogue,Be not afraid, teach in the synagogue: and only believe.

many hearing him were astof 37 And he suffered no man nished, saying, From whence to follow him, save Peter, hath this man these things? and James, and John the and what wisdom is this brother of James.

which is given unto him, 38 And he cometh to the that even such mighty works house of the ruler of the syna- are wrought by his hands? gogue, and seeth the tumult, c 3 Is not this the carpenter, and them that wept and the son of Mary, the brother wailed greatly.

of James, and Joses, and of 39 And when he was come Juda,and Simon? and are not in, he saith unto them, Why his sisters here with us? And make ye this ado, and weep? they were offended at him. the damsel is not dead, but 4 But Jesus said unto them, sleepeth.

A prophet is not without hoc 40 And they laughed him nour, but in his own country, to scorn.

But when he had and among his own kin, and put them all out, he taketh in his own house. the father


John baptist beheaded S. MARK.

and buried. 25 And she came in passion toward them, bestraightway with haste unto cause they were as sheep not the king, and asked, saying, having a shepherd: and he I will that thou give me by began to teach them many and by in a charger the head things. of John the Baptist. f 35 And when the day was c 26 And the king was ex- now far spent, his disciples ceeding sorry; yet for his came unto him, and said, oath's sake, and for their This is a desert place, and sakes which sat with him, he now the time is far passed: would not reject her.

36 Send them away, that $ 27 And immediately the they may go into the country king sent an executioner, round about, and into the and commanded his head to villages, and buy themselves be brought: and he went and bread: for they have nothing beheaded him in the prison, to eat.

28 And brought his head in 37 He answered and said a charger, and gave it to the unto them, Give ye them to damsel: and the damsel gave eat. And they say unto him, it to her mother.

Shall we go and buy two hunf 29 And when his disciples dred pennyworth of bread, heard of it, they came and and give them to eat? took up his corpse, and laid 38 He saith unto them, How it in a tomb.

many loaves have ye? go and f 30 And the apostles gather-see. And when they knew, ed themselves together unto they say, Five, and two Jesus,and told him all things, fishes. both what they had done, and

39 And he commanded them what they had taught.

to make all sit down by com31 And he said unto them, panies upon the green grass. Come ye yourselves apart 40 And they sat down in into a desert place, and rest ranks, by hundreds, and by a while: for there were many fifties. coming and going, and they d 41 And when he had taken had no leisure so much as the five loaves and the two to eat.

fishes, he looked up to heaf 32 And they departed into a ven, and blessed, and brake desert placeby shipprivately. the loaves, and gave them to 33 And the people saw them his disciples to set before departing, and many knew them; and the two fishes dihim, and ran atoot'thither vided he among them all. out of all cities, and out went m42 And they did all eat, them, and came together and were filled. unto him.

43 And they took up twelve h 34 And Jesus, when he baskets full of the fragments, came out, saw much people, and of the fishes, and was moved with com-] 44 And they that did eat


mens Men's traditions. S. MARK. Syrophenician healed. as it is written, This people, 16 If any man have ears to honoureth me with their lips, hear, let him hear, but their heart is far from me. 17 And when he was en

7 Howbeit in they tered into the house from the worship me, teaching for people, his disciples asked doctrines the command-him concerning the parable. ments of men.

18 And he saith unto them, p 8 For laying aside the com- Are ye so without undermandment of God, ye hold standing also? Do ye not perthe tradition of as the ceive, that whatsoever thing washing of pots cups: from without entereth into and many other such like the man, it cannot defile him; things ye do.

19 Because it entereth not 9 And he said unto them, into his heart, but into the Full well ye reject the com- belly, and goeth out into the mandment of God, that ye draught, purging all meats? may keep your own tradition, 20 And he said, That which d 10 For Moses said, Honour cometh out of the man, that thy father and thy mother; defileth the man. and, Whoso curseth father t 21 For from within, out of or mother, let him die the the heart of men, proceed death:

evil thoughts, adulteries, for1, 11 But ye say, If a man nications, murders, shall say to his father or mo 22 Thefts, covetousness, ther, It is Corban, that is to wickedness, deceit, lascivisay, a gift, by whatsoever ousness, an evil eye, blasphethou mightest be profited by my, pride, foolishness: me; he shall be free.

23 All these evil things 12 And ye suffer him no come from within, and defile more to do aught for his fa- the man. ther or his mother;

& 24 f And from thence he 13 Making the word of God arose, and went into the borof none effect through your ders of Tyre and Sidon, and tradition, which ye have de- entered into an house, and livered: and many such like would have no man know it: things do ye.

but he could not be hid. d 14 And when he had call-f25 For a certain woman, ed all the people unto him, whose young daughter had he said unto them, Hearken an unclean spirit, heard of unto me every one of you, him, and came and fell at and understand:

his feet: t 15 There is nothing from g 26 The woman was without a man, that entering Greek, a Syrophenician by into him can defile him: but nation; and she besought the things which come out him that he would cast forth of him, those are they that the devil out of her daughter.

27 But Jesus said unto her,

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defile the man,

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