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Judas betrayeth S. MARK.

Christ. fruit of the vine, until that ther, all things are possible day that I drink it new in the unto thee; take away this cup kingdom of God.

from me: nevertheless not g 26 ( And when they had what I will, but what thou sung an hymn, they went wilt. out into the mount of Olives. 37 And he cometh, and findr. 27 And Jesus saith unto eth them sleeping, and saith them, All ye shall be offend- unto Peter, Simon, sleepest ed because of me this night: thou? couldest not thou watch for it is written, I will smite one hour? the shepherd, and the sheep 138 Watch ye and


lest shall be scattered.

ye enter into temptation. g 28 But after that I am risen, The spirit truly is ready, but I will go before you into the flesh is weak. Galilee.

39 And again he went c 29 But Peter said unto him, away, and prayed, and spake Although all shall be offend the same words. ed, yet will not I.

40 And when he returned, 7 30And Jesus saith unto him, he found them asleep again: Verily I say unto thee, That for their eyes were heavy: this day, even in this night, neither wist they what to before the cock crow twice, answer him. thou shalt deny me thrice. t 41 And he cometh the third f 31 But he spake the more time, and saith unto them, vehemently, if I should die Sleep on now, and take your with thee, I will not deny rest: it is enough, the hour thee in any wise. Likewise is come; behold, the Son of also said they all.

man is betrayed into the g 32 And they came to a hands of sinners. place which named 42 Rise up, let us go; lo, he Gethsemane: and he saith to that betrayeth me is at hand. his disciples, Sit ye here, 4439 And immediately, while while I shall pray;

he yet spake, cometh Judas, § 33 And he taketh with him one of the twelve, and with Peter and James and John, him a great multitude with and began to be sore amazed, swords and staves, from the and to be very heavy; chief priests and the scribes

34 And saith unto them, My and the elders. soul is exceeding sorrowful c 44 And he that betrayed unto death: tarry ye here, and him had given them a token, watch,

saying, Whomsoever I shall 35 And he went forward kiss, that same is he;take him, a little, and fell on the and lead him away safely. ground, and prayed that, if s 45 And as soon as he was it were possible, the hour come, he goeth straightway might pass from him. to him, and saith, Master, d 36 And he said, Abba, Fa-! master; and kissed him.


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Christ bound


and crucified. again, and began to say to Barabbas, which lay bound them that stood by, This is with them that had made one of them.

insurrection with him, who u 70 And he denied it again. had committed murder in And a little after, they that the insurrection. stood by said again to Peter, 8 And the multitude crying Surely thou art one of them: aloud began to desire him to for thou art a Galilean, and do as he had ever done unto thy speech agreeth thereto. them. u71But he began to curse and 9 But Pilate answered them, to swear, saying, I know not saying, Will ye that I release this man of whom ye speak. unto you the King of the Jews? d 72 And the second time the 10 For he knew that the cock crew. And Peter called chief priests had delivered to mind the word that Jesus him for envy. said unto him, Before the c 11 But the chief priests cock crow twice, thou shalt moved the people, that he deny me thrice. And when should rather release Barabhe thought thereon, he wept. bas unto them. f CHAP. XV.

12 And Pilate answered and AN

ŃD straightway in the said again unto them, What

morning the chief will ye then that I shall do priests held a consultation unto him whom ye call the with the elders and scribes King of the Jews? and the whole council, and 13 And they cried out again, bound Jesus, and carried him Crucify him. away, and delivered him to s 14 Then Pilate said unto Pilate.

them, Why, what evil hath 2 And Pilate asked him, he done? And they cried out Art thou the king of the the more exceedingly, CruJews? And he answering said cify him. unto him, Thou sayest it. c 15 9 And so Pilate, willing

3 And the chief priests ac- to content the people, releascused him of many things: ed Barabbas unto them, and but he answered nothing: delivered Jesus, when he had

4 And Pilate asked him scourged him, to be crucified. again, saying, Answerest 16 And the soldiers led him thou 'nothing?' behold how away unto the hall, called many things they witness Pretorium; and they call toagainst thee.

gether the whole band. 5 But Jesus yet answered 17 And they clothed him nothing; so that Pilate mar- with purple, and platted a velled.

crown of thorns, and put it f6 Now at that feast he re- about his head, Jeased unto them one prison. 18 And began to salute him, er, whomsoever they desired. Hail, King of the Jews! 7 And there

Reproached by CHAP. XV.

the Jews. the head with a reed, and did themselves with the scribes, spit upon him, and bowing He saved others; himself he their knees worshipped him. cannot save.

20 And when they had c 32 Let Christ the King of mocked him, they took off Israel descend now from the the purple from him, and put cross, that we may see and behis own clothes on him, and lieve. And they that were cruled him out to crucify him. cified with him reviled him. f 21 And they compel one Si-m33 And when the sixth hour mon a Cyrenian, who passed was come, there was darkby, coming out of the coun- ness over the whole land untry, the father of Alexander til the ninth hour. and Rufus, to bear his cross, s 34 And at the ninth hour g 22 And they bring him un- Jesus cried with a loud voice, to the place Golgotha, which saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sais, being interpreted, The bachthani?which is, being inplace of a scull.'

terpreted, My God, my God, $ 23 And they gave him to why hast thou forsaken me?' drink wine mingled with 35 And some of them that myrrh: but he received it not. stood by, when they heard it, 24And when they had cruci- said, Behold, he calleth Elias. fied him, they parted his gar- 36 And one ran and filled a ments,casting lotsupon them, spunge full of vinegar, and what every man should take. put it on a reed, and gave

25 And it was the third him to drink, saying, "Let hour, and they crucified him. alone;let us see whether Elias

26 'And the superscription will come to take him down, of his accusation was written s 37 And Jesus cried with a over, THE KING OF THE loud voice, and gave up the JEWS.

ghost. 27 And with him they cru- a 38 And the veil of the temcify two thieves; the one on ple was rent in twain from his right hand, and the other the top the bot m. on his left.

t 39 | And when the cena 28 And the scripture was turion, which stood over fulfilled, which saith, And against him, saw that he so he was numbered with the cried out, and gave up the transgressors.

ghost, he said, Truly this c 29 And they that passed by man was the Son of God. railed on him, wagging their f 40 There were also women heads, and saying, Ah, thou looking on afar off: among that destroyest the temple, whom was Mary Magdalene, and buildest it in three days, and Mary the mother of

30 Save thyself, and come James the less and of Joses, down from the cross. and Salome;

31 Likewise also the chief g 41 (Who also, when he was priests mocking said amonglin, Galilee, followed him,

Christ's burial.

S. MARK. His resurrection. and ministered unto him;) away the stone from the door and many other

women of the sepulchre? which came up with him 4 And when they looked, unto Jerusalem.

they saw that the stone was 42 And now when the rolled away: for it was very even was come, because it great. was the preparation, that is, v 5 And entering into the sethe day before the sabbath, pulchre, they saw a young ¢ 43 Joseph of Arimathea, an man sitting on the right side, honourable counsellor, which clothed in a long white garalso waited for the kingdom ment; and they were afof God, came, and went in frighted. boldly unto Pilate, and crav- t 6 And he saith unto them, ed the body of Jesus. Be not affrighted: Ye seek

44 And Pilate marvelled if Jesus of Nazareth, which he were already dead: and was crucified: he is risen; he calling unto him the cen- is not here: behold the place turion, he asked him whether where they laid him. he had been any while dead. & 7 But go your way, tell his

45 And when he knew it disciples and Peter that he of the centurion, he gave the goeth before you into Galibody to Joseph.

lee: there shall ye see him, as $ 46 And he bought fine lin- he said unto you.

and fied from the sepuland laid him in a sepulchre chre; for they trembled and which was hewn out of a were amazed: neither said rock, and rolled a stone un- they any thing to any man; to the door of the sepulchre. for they were afraid.

47 And Mary Magdalene 9 4 Now when Jesus was and Mary the mother of Joses risen early the first day of the beheld where he was laid. week, he appeared first to

* CHỈP. XVI, Mary Magdalene,outof whom

ND when the sabbath he had cast seven devils. A

was past, Mary Magda- 10 And she went and told lene, and Mary the mother them that had been with of James, and Salome, had him, as they mourned and bought sweet spices, that wept. they might come and anoint u li And they, when they had him.

heard that he was alive, and 2 And very early in the had been seen of her, bemorning the first day of the lieved not,

week, they came unto the f 12 4 After that he appearsepulchre at the rising of ed in another form unto two

of them, as they walked, and 3 And they said among went into the country. themselves, Who shall roll us 13 And they went and told

wrapped him in the Knen, ly. And they went out quick.

the sun.

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