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AN ACT to authorize the printing of the annual reports of the New Hamp

shire State Agricultural Society.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened, It shall be the duty of the Secretary and Executive Committee of the State Agricultural Society, each year during the continuance of this act, to prepare a concise and exact report of their doings, comprehending, as near as may be, the results arising from the encouragement offered by the society for improvement in stock, in agricultural products and mechanical and domestic arts, and including the Treasurer's report, showing the amount of receipts and expenditures each year.

Sec. 2. The State Printer is hereby ordered to print five hundred copies of the said report each year for the use of the Legislature, and two thousand copies for the use of the State Agricultural Society. Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.


Speaker of the House of Representatives. JOHN S. WELLS,

President of the Senate. Approved, June 19, 1852.



The committee, to whom was entrusted the labor of compiling the Report of the Society's transactions, experienced no small degree of difficulty and delay in obtaining the proper material for the work. During the three years of the Society's existence, no especial care has been taken to preserve the statements, reports and communications made to the Society. Consequently, whatever is presented here has either been gathered from the files of the press, where it existed in incorrect form, or has been found in the almost forgotten possession of those into whose hands it chanced to fall. It has been through the efforts of a few good friends to the cause, that we have succeeded in presenting anything of value in these pages.


The payment of $25, or $5 annually, for five years, constitutes life membership.







Gen. FRANKLIN PIERCE, Concord, $10
ICHABOD GOODWIN, Esq., Portsmouth, ....25
Hon. GEORGE W. NESMITH, Franklin,
Dr. DIXI CROSBY, Hanover,

5 ABRAHAM BEAN, Esq., Concord,..

5 J. A. BURLEIGH, Esq., Great Falls,...... 5 BARUCH BIDDLE, Esq., Concord,..

6 J. HAMILTOX SHAPLEY, Esq., Exeter,....




N. H. Asylum for the Insane, $20, premium of 1851.
JAMES M. Whiton, Esq., Plymouth, $5, premium of 1852.
JAMES M. WHITON, Esq., Plymouth, $20, for a specific purpose.

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