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Page 155 - The change in the number of lines of force passing through the coil in the same direction relatively to the coil, produced by the half-turn, is plainly equal to twice as many times the area of the turn of mean area as there are turns in the coil (the effective area swept over) multiplied by the total intensity of the earth's magnetic force at the place of experiment.
Page 387 - S BY WALTER R. BROWNE, MA, M. INST. CE, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. THE STUDENT'S MECHANICS: An Introduction to the Study of Force and Motion. With Diagrams. Crown 8vo. Cloth, 45. 6d. " Clear in style and practical in method, 'THE STUDENT'S MECHANICS' is cordially to be recommended from all points of view."— AtAttuzum.
Page 440 - IN A RIGHT LINE. This force consists in the action only; and remains no longer in the body, when the action is over. For a body maintains every new state it acquires, by its vis inertia only. Impressed forces are of different origins as from percussion, from pressure, from centripetal force.
Page 440 - DEFINITION IV An impressed force is an action exerted upon a body, in order to change its state, either of rest, or of uniform motion in a right line.
Page 258 - ... thus radiated being of the same quality as that which the snow itself radiates is on this account absorbed by the snow. Little or none of it is reflected like that received from the sun. The consequence is that the heat thus absorbed accumulates in the snow till melting takes place. Were the amount of aqueous vapour possessed by the atmosphere sufficiently diminished, perpetual snow would cover our globe down to the sea-shore. It is true that the air is warmer at the lower than at the higher...
Page 199 - ... by Cornu upon gratings purposely constructed with an increasing interval. He has also shown how to rule a plane surface with lines so disposed that the grating shall of itself give well-focused spectra. • "In the same way we may conclude that in flat gratings any departure from a straight line has the effect of causing the dust in the slit and the spectrum to have different foci — a fact sometimes observed " (Rowland, " On Concave Gratings for Optical Purposes,
Page 158 - Mactra-kalk is yet known. (4) Freshwater beds, which occur in force in the interior of the country, between the Mendere and the south coast, and in patches near the coast. These are Upper Miocene or Lowest Pliocene. Later than these are the Pliocene beds of the great plain of Edsemet. The igneous rocks are of various ages, but most are of Tertiary date. The oldest is a granite which intrudes through and alters the oldest (? Archaean) crystalline rocks.
Page 157 - Map of Europe (and its borders), which is now being prepared by a Committee of the International Geological Congress. The country described is that lying south and west of the river Mendere (Scamander).
Page 461 - Of course the resolution of the spot-spectrum into lines tends to indicate that the absorption which darkens the centre of a sun-spot is produced, not by granules of solid or liquid matter, but by matter in the gaseous form ; and it becomes interesting to inquire what substances are capable of producing such a spectrum, and under what conditions. As to the fineness and number of the lines, it may be noted that in the region included between...
Page 158 - Nepheline-btualts are of late Tertiary date ; possibly they are the latest volcanic rocks of the district, but their relation to the other eruptive rocks of the Troad cannot be definitely determined. The volcanic rocks in the isolated area between Alimadja and Lyalar are interesting because their relative ages are here well seen. The earliest was melaphyre ; this was followed by mica-andesite, horneblende-andesite, au;ite-andesite, basalt, and late (if not last) by liparite.

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