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The Editor also returns his thanks to the numerous subscribers to "The Christian Pioneer," for their liberal encouragement. It is in their power to increase his obligations, and, at the same time, further that sacred Cause, the object, he is persuaded, of their mutual wishes and aim, by their recommendation of the Magazine among their friends, and thus introducing it into districts in which it has not, at present, an opportunity of labouring. Surrounded as the Editor is, by persons who boast that their feelings towards Christian Unitarianism, are those "of serious and settled abhorrence" who proudly prophesy, that "never, either on the mountains, or in the valleys of Caledonia, shall it shake with prosperous fruit," the Editor confesses, that, next to the approbation of God and of his own conscience, the kind aid and approval of those at a distance-who are engaged in one common work, the dissemination of pure and undefiled Religion is to his mind most satisfactory, most cheering. Let that countenance and encouragement be continued, combined, as he trusts they will still be, with the co-operation and friendship of his brethren in Scotland, and aided by the blessing of HIM, without whose blessing nothing can prosper, and the Editor pledges his unwearied efforts, "to uphold the great doctrines of the Reformation, the sufficiency of Scripture, the right of individual judgment, and of fearless free inquiry," against all gainsayers, believing, as he does, that thereby he will be doing something to promote the diffusion of knowledge, the purity of religion, the reformation of man, the honour of the Saviour, and the glory of the One true God, the Father.

GLASGOW, September, 1828.

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Sunday Morning,

God was not there,

A Dream,

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The Close of the Year 1827,

On the Lapse of Time,
The Memory of Howard,.
The Lot of Humanity,
On Truth,










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