Le Marchand's Fortune Teller: And Dreamer's Dictionary ... Also, Showing how to Tell Fortunes by the Wonderful and Mysterious Ladies' Love Oracle ...

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Dick & Fitzgerald, 1863 - Dreams - 134 pages

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Nostalgic but poorly scanned
This document was obviously scanned from a collection during a bulk process, there are a couple of pages that are 'missing' in that the scanning was interrupted or rushed
, including a clear picture of somebody's hand! Otherwise the book is an entertaining curiosity, especially worth the time of anyone exploring historical fortune telling, but the quality of the scans and dated information contained can't be considered accurate or easy to read, so expect to put some effort into this book. 

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Page 131 - TO KNOW HOW SOON A PERSON WILL BE MARRIED. Get a green pea-pod, in which are exactly nine peas, hang it over the door, and then take notice of the next person who comes in, who is not of the family, and if it proves a bachelor, you will certainly be married within that year. On any Friday...
Page 97 - COAL-PITS. To dream of being at the bottom of coal-pits, indicates matching with a widow ; for he that marries her must be a continual drudge, and yet shall never sound the depth of hei policies.
Page 91 - Kiccessful therein. And, in short, all good things are denoted by a clear and serene air. But to dream that the air is cloudy, dark, and troubled, denotes to the dreamer sadness, grief, sickness, melancholy, loss of goods, hindrance of business, and is in all things the reverse of dreaming what we have before mentioned of a cleat and serene air.
Page 9 - The Manufacture of Liquors, Wines, and Cordials. Without the aid of Distillation; also, the Manufacture of Effervescing Beverages, and Syrups, Vinegar, and Bitters. Prepared and arranged expressly for the Trade. Py PIBHRE LACOTJR. Procure a copy of -' Lacour on the Manufacture of Liquors...
Page 131 - Turn round three times, and cast the paring over your left shoulder, and it will form the first letter of your future husband's surname; but if the paring breaks into many pieces, so that no letter is discernible, you will never marry; take the pips of the same apple, put them in spring water, and drink them.
Page 118 - FORTUNE BY THE WHITE OF AN EGG. BREAK a new-laid egg, and, carefully separating the yolk from the white, drop the latter into a large tumbler half full of water ; place this, uncovered, in some dry place, and let it remain untouched for four-andtwenty hours, by which time the white of the egg will have formed itself into various figures — rounds, squares, ovals, animals, trees, crosses, &c.
Page 121 - ... 17, 22, 23, 24. July 3, 4, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18. October 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 31. November 1, 3. Almost all persons (being of the male sex) that are born...
Page 91 - To dream that you see it clear and serene, shows you shall be beloved and esteemed by all people, and that those who are your enemies, and envy you, shall be reconciled to you. It also denotes the discovery of lost goods, or things that have been stolen. If the person so dreaming be at law, he shall overthrow his adversary ; and if he designs a voyage or journey, he shall be succsssful therein.
Page 121 - Such persons who embark their capital on credit in new concerns or engagements, will be likely to receive checks or interruptions to the progress of their schemes or undertakings. Those who enter into engagements intended to be permanent, whether purchases, leases, partnerships, or, in short, any other speculation of a description which cannot readily be transferred, or got rid of, will dearly repent their bargains. They will find their affairs from time to time much interrupted and agitated, and...
Page 122 - ... and vexations in these respects. It will be better for them, in such matters, to be guided by the advice of their friends, rather than by their own feelings; they will be less fortunate in placing their affections than in any other action of their lives, as...

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