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PART II., divided into nine Sections, contains a ge

neral prophetical Sketch of á men det yevegbes, future Events, under the six first Seals.

PAGE Sect. I. Chap. iv. - The Representation of the divine Glory in Heaven

95 Sect. II. Ch. v. _The sealed Book, the Lamb who

opens it, and the Praises sung by the heavenly Choir 115 Sect. III. Ch. vi. 143. The opening of the first Seal

127 Sect. IV. Ch. vi. 3—5. The opening of the second Seal

125 Sect. V. Ch. vi. 5-7. The opening of the third Seal

142 Sect. VI. Ch. vi. 7-9.

The opening of the fourth

Sect. VII. Ch. vi. 9.-12. --The opening of the fifth

164 Sect. VIII. Ch. vi. 14-to the end, The opening of the sixth Seal

168 Sect. IX. Chap. vii. - The Sealing of the 144,000, aud

the Presentation of the palm-bearing multitude be-
fore the Throne


PART III., divided into seven Sections, contains the

opening of the seventh Seal, and the six first Trumpets, and the Prophetic Commission to Saint John.

Sect. I. Ch. viii, 1–6. — The opening of the seventh

Seal, and the Commission to the Angels with the
seven Trumpets

Sect. II. Ch. viii. 6-13.-The four first Trumpets 205
Sect. III. Ch. viii. 13. The Denunciation of the
three Woes

223 Sect. IV. Ch.ix. 1–13. The fifth Trumpet and first Woe

226 Sect.

PAGE Sect. V. Ch. ix. 13—to the end. The sixth Trumpet and the second Woe

252 Sect. VI. Chap. x. — The little Book

274 Sect. VII. Ch. xi. 1-16. The Measuring of the Temple, and the Witnesses


PART IV., divided into four Sections, contains the

sounding of the seventh Trumpet, the Dragon, and two Wild-Beasts.


Sect. I. Ch. xi. 15-to the end. - The sounding of
the seventh Trumpet

Sect. II. Ch.xii. 1--17. TheWoman and the Dragon, 309
Sect. III. Ch. xii. 18. xiii. 1-11. The wild-beast
from the Sea -

327 Sect. IV. Ch. xiji, 11-to the end. --The Wild-Beast from the Land, or false Prophet


PART V., divided into six Sections, contains the

Lamb on Mount Sion, and the Proclamations or Warnings.

PAGE Sect. I. Ch. xiv. 1-6. - The Lamb on Mount Sion, 375 Sect. II. Ch. xiv. 6–8. The first Angel proclaims, 379 Sect. III. Ch. xiv, 8. The second Angel proclaims, 380 Sect. IV. Ch. xiv. 9-13. The third Angel proclaims

381 Sect. V. Ch. xiv, 13. The Blessedness of those who die in the Lord proclaimed

384 Sect. VI. Ch. xiv. 14--to the end. The Vision of the Harvest and Vintage


PART VI., divided into five Sections, contains the

seven Vials, and the Episode of the Harlot of Babylon, and her Fall.


Sect. I. Chap. xv. xvi. 1. —--- The Vision preparatory

to the seven Vials

389 Sect.

PAGE Sect. II. Ch. xvi. 9-to the end. The seven Vials, 394 Sect. III. Chap. xvii.-The great Harlot, or Babylon, 414 Sect. IV. Chap. xviii. - The Judgment of Babylon, continued

440 Sect. V. Ch. xix. 1--11.-Exultation in Heaven

over the fallen Babylon, and upon the Approach of
the New Jerusalem


PART VII., divided into seven Sections, contains the

grand Conflict, the Millennium, the Conflict renewed, the Judgment, and the new Creation.


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Sect. I. Ch. xix. 11-19. --- The Lord appears with his Followers for Battle and Victory

459 Sect. II. Ch. xix. 19—to the end. The Conflict,

and Victory over the Beast and false Prophet 462 Sect. III. Ch. xx. 1-4. The Dragon taken and confined

465 Sect. IV. Ch. xx, 4-7.-The Millennium

467 Sect. V. Ch. xx. 7-11. Satan loosed, deceiveth the Nations, and is cast into the burning Lake

471 Sect. VI. Ch. xx. 11-to the end. ----- The Judgment, 473 Sect. VII. Ch. xxi. 1-9. The new Creation 475

PART VIII., in two Sections, contains the Bride, or
New Jerusalem, and the Conclusion.

Sect. I. Ch. xxi. 3-to the end ; xxii. 1-6. The
Bride, or New Jerusalem.

482 Scut, 11. Ch. xxii. 6-to the end. The Conclusion, 492

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