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2 2 Και είδον άλλον a seal of the Living the seal of the Living

αγελον ανασαίνονία God. And he cried God: and he cried από ανατολής ηλία, , with a loud voice to with a loud voice to έχoνία σφραγίδα the four angels, to the four angels, to Oiz Savic • nais whom it was commit whom it was given to κραξε φωνή μεγάλη ted to injure the earth hurt the earth and the τους τέσσαρσιν α and the sea, Saying, 3 sea, Saying, Hurt not γέλοις, οίς εδόθη

3 Injure not the earth, the earth, neither the αυτοίς αδικήσαι την nor the sea, nor the sea, nor the trees, till gão ty tnu danao

trees, until we shall we have sealed the ser. 3 σαν, Λέγων· Μη

“ have sealed the ser vants of our God in αδικήσητε την γην, , " vants of our God 4 their foreheads. And μήτε τη, θάλασupon their fore.

I beard the number of σαν, μήτε τα δέν

“ heads." And I heard them which were seal δρα, άχρις και σφρα the number of the ed: and there were ίσωμεν τες δέλες

sealed: an hundred sealed an hundred and τ8 Θεξ ημών επί and-forty - four thou forty and four thou

των μελώπων αυτών. . sand were sealed out sand, of all the tribes 4 Και ήκεσα TOU of all the tribes of the of the children of Is

αριθμός των εσφρα 5 sons of Israel. Of the 5 rael. Of the tribe of γισμένων inalov tribe of Judah, twelve Juda were sealed twelve τεσσαράκονlα τισ thousand sealed; of thousand. Or the tribe σαρες χιλιάδες εσ

the tribe of Reuben, of Reuben were sealed Φραγισμένοι εκ τά

twelve thousand seal. twelve thousand. Of ons quant ziar

ed; of the tribe of the tribe of Gad were 5 Ισραήλ. Εκ φυλής Gad, twelve thousand sealed twelve thou

Pleoa, 6 xınades 6 sealed; Of the tribe of 6 sand. Of the tribe of εσφραγισμένοι" εκ Asher, twelve thou Aser were sealed twelve quañs Pelno, o

sand sealed; of the thousand. Of the tribe χιλιάδες εσφραγισ

tribe of Naphthali, of Nephthalim were μένοι"

twelve thousand seal sealed twelve thousand. Γαδ, ιβ' χιλιάδες ed; of the tribe of Ma Of the tribe of Manas6 εσφραγισμένοι: Εκ nasseh, twelve thou ses were sealed twelve

Quais 'Acre, 6 7 sand sealed; Of the 7 thousand. Of the tribe χιλιάδες εσφραβισ tribe of Simeon, twelve of Simeon were sealed Hérou

εκ φυλής thousand sealed; of the twelve thousand.Ofthe Νεφθαλείμ, ς' χι tribe of Levi, twelve tribe of Levi were seal. λιάδες εσφαγισμέ thousand sealed; of the ed twelve thousand. You éx quans Mac tribe of Issachar, twelve Of the tribe of Isachar vagoñ, .6 xenocides & thousand sealed; Of


twelve 7 εσφραγισμένοι. Εκ

the tribe of Zabulon, 8 thousand, Of the tribe

έκ φυλής



φυλής Συμεών, 6" twelve thousand seal of Zabulon were sealed χιλιάδες εσφραγια ed; of the tribe of Jo twelve thousand. Of σμένοι εκ φυλής seph, twelve thousand

the tribe of Joseph Λευή, 16" χιλιάδες sealed; of the tribe of

sealed twelve εσφραγισμένοι" έκ

Benjamin, twelve thou thousand. Of the tribe Quais Ioaxaq, 69 sand sealed. After this of Benjamin were seal

χιλιάδες εσφραγι I beheld, and lo! a ed twelve thousand. 8 σμένοι" 'Εκ φυλής great multitude, which 9 After this I beheld, Zabem, C" x

no one could number, and lo, a great mulλιάδες εσφραγισμέ from all nations and

titude which no man νοι εκ φυλής Ιω tribes and people and

could number of all σήφ, β' χιλιάδες languages, standing

nations, and kindreds, εσφραγισμένοι" έκ before the throne and and people,

and φυλής Βενιαμίν, 16 before the Lamb, clo tongues, stood before

χιλιάδες εσφραγισ thed in white robes, the throne, and be 9 μένου, Μελά ταύτα and palm-branches in fore the Lamb, cloth

tidor, rey de oxa@ 10their hands; And they ed with white robes, σολύς, δν αριθμήσαι cry with a loud voice, and palms in their autor idris adúvalo, saying, “ The Sal 10 hands; And cried ix saylos Ores y vation be ascrib. with a loud voice, sayφυλών και λαών και ed to our God who ing, Salvation to our ywoow, 5WTES

16 sitteth


the God which sitteth upενώπιον το θρόνα και

“ throne, and to the on the throne, and unενώπιον τα αρία, , 11" Lamb !" And all 11 to the Lamb. And σσεριςεβλημένες σο. the angels stood round all the angels stood λας λευκάς" και φοί about the throne, and round about the

ικες εν ταις χερσον about the elders and throne, and about the 10αυτώνΚαι κρά the four living-crea elders, and the four ζωσι φωνή μεγάλη, , tures, and fell before

beasts, and fell before Régoules. 'H compit the throne on their the throne on their τω Θεώ ημών το faces, and worshipped faces, and worshipped καθημένων επί τα 12God, Saying," Amen! 12 God, Saying, Amen :

θρόνα, και το αρνίω. “ The praise, and the Blessing and glory, and 11 Kai warles ai alye “glory, and the wis wisdom, and thank som

λοι εσήκεσαν κύκλο “dom, and the thanks giving, and honour, το θρόνο και των giving, and the ho and power, and might πρεσβυτέρων και των

be unto our God for τεσσάρων ζώων, και “ and the might, be ever and ever. Amen., έπεσον ενώπιον το « unto our God for 13 And one of the elders Sgún ini ta wpó ever and ever! A. answered, saying unto


and the power,

O my

« bave

OWTH aürür, xg | 13men!" And one of me, What are these σροσεκύνησαν τα the elders spake, say

which are arrayed in 12 , Aéyorles. 'A

ing unto me, “ These, white robes? and μήν· και ευλογία και “ clothed in white whence came they? i dóža, vej i copia, “robes, who are they, | 14 And I said unto him, και η ευχαρίσια, και “ and whence came

Şir, thou knowest. And irrus, rj durexues, 14" they?" And I said he said to me, These και η ισχύς τω Θεό unto him,

are they which came quw als tes awrxs “ Lord, thou kuow out of great tribula

των αιώνων, Αμήν. “ est." And he said un tion, and have washed 13 Και απεκρίθη εις to me,“ These are they their robes, and made

εκ των πρεσβυτέρων, , " who are come out them white in the λέγων μοι ούτοι

“ of the great tribula blood of the Lamb. οι περιβεβλημένοι “tion, and have wash 15 Therefore are they beτας σολας τας λευ "ed their robes, and fore the throne of κας, τίνες εισί, και

made them God, and serye bim 14σόθο ήλθον ; Και - wbite [their robes]

day and night in bis είρηκα αυτα Κύριε " in the blood of the

temple: and he that με, συ οίδας. Και

15“ Lamb: Therefore sitteth on the throne είπε μοι· Ούτοι are they before the shall

dwell among εισιν οι ερχόμενοι “ throne of God, and | 16 them. ix tñs Saitews tas

serve him day and hunger no more, neiμεγάλης* και έπλυναν " night in his temple; ther thirst any more, τάς σολας αυτών, , “ and He that sitteth neither shall the sun και ελεύκαναν [σολας

on the throne, shall light on them, nor any αυτών] εν τη αϊμαλι

" have bis dwelling 17 heat. For the Lamb 15τ8 αρνίε. Δια τέτο

16“ over them; "They which is in the midst εισιν ενώπιον το


of the throne, shall θρόνα τέ Θεέ, και, more, neither shall

feed them, and sball λατρεύεσιν αυτω η.

they thirst any more; lead them unto living vigas y resclos in

nor shall the Sun fountains of waters : Ti vai air. “ srike on them, nor

and God shall wipe καθήμενς επί το 17“ any burning; Be


all tears from θρόνε, σκηνώσει επ'

cause the Lamb, 16 αυτές. Ου σεινά

“ which is in the midst σεσιν έτι, έδε δι

of the throne, shall ψήσεσιν έτι, έδε

“ rule them like μη τέση επ' αυτές

“ shepherd, and shall o nar@, édi wży

them unto 17 xaüdce “Οτι το

6 fountains of waters αρνίον το ανα μέσον

" of life; and God

They shall

« shall


their eyes.


" lead

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Ver. 1. After these things, I saw.] There appears, by these words, to be some separation of that which follows, from the main part of the sixth seal, which has preceded. And yet the sixth seal is certainly continued, for the seventh does not open till the next chapter. So this chapter is probably to be taken todo as a kind of supplement to the body of the sixth h seal; belonging to it, yet separated from it. The sixth seal represents the vengeance of God upon a ti. wicked world. This part of it seems to exhibit the ver las Divine protection and Salvation, which shall support weni the elect in that "

great day;"

“ the Jew first, and we “ also the Gentile."

Ib. Four angels.] The number is cardinal, and the expressive of universality *. Angels are ministers of me the Divine mercy, and of the Divine vengeance.

Ib. On the four corners of the Earth.] The earth ts. is a part of the scenery exhibited in this vision, and is a proper appendage to that which has been already displayed; the glory of the Lord in heaven. For he is described in Scripture as ruling over heaven and earth : the one being " his throne;" the other, his "foot-stoolt.” “The four corners of the earth” are, in the language of Isaiah and Ezekiel, the whole * See note, ch. iv. 6.

+1:. lxvi. 1.

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اگر من جهة

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APOCALYPSE. (Pt. II. § 9. earth; which now appears in view, immediately below heaven and the throne; not in an orbicular form, but stretched out as a plain, with four sides and angles, and thus it continues through the trumpets.

Ib. The four winds.) In the language of Scripture, a wind (which, when violent, destroys) is used to express destruction t; and the four winds, a general destruction I. The necessity of a superintending Providence to restrain the fury of these ministers of vengeance, will be acknowledged by those, who have witnessed the dreadful devastation committed by the unimprisoned winds in ruder climates; or, who have read accounts of the hurricanes in the West Indies. Hence the heathen poet has represented them as under divine restraint, and with such dignified language, that I shall not scruple to quote from him :

Hic vasto rex folus antro
Luctantes ventos, tempestalesque sonoras
Imperio premit, ac vinclis et carcere frænat :-
Illi indignantes, magno cum murmure montis
Circum claustra fremunt. Celsâ sedet Æolus arce
Sceptra tenens, mollitque animos et temperat iras.
Ni faciat, maria ac terras cælumque profundum
Quippe ferant rapidi secum, verrantque per auras :
Sed pater omnipotens speluncis abdidit atris,
Hoc metuens; molemque et montes insuper altos
Imposuit, regemque dedit, qui fædere certo
Et premere et laxas sciret dare jussus habenas.

Æneid. i. 56-63.

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But now the restraint is removed,

* Is. xi. 12. Ezek. vii. 2.
+ Jer, li. 1. iv, 11, 12. Hog. xii. 15.

Jer. xlix, 36. Ezek, vii. 2. Dan. vii. 2. yü, 8, xi. 4


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