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The Sounding of the seventh Trumpet.

CHAP. xi. VER. 15-to the end.

15 Kai • i6domos

15And the seventh angel | 15 And the seventh angel αγελος εσάλπισι, ,

sounded; and there sounded, and there και εγένoύλο φωναι were loud voices in

were great voices in μεγάλαι εν τω heaven, saying, “ The heaven, saying, The spavą, absortes• E "kingdom of the world kingdoms of this world γενεί» η βασιλεία

“ is become our Lord's, are become the kingτω Κυρίω ημών, και “ and his Anointed's; doms of our Lord, and Tô Xposô avrë, rij " and he shall reign for of his Christ, and he βασιλεύσει εις τες 16“ ever and ever.” And shall reign for ever

αιώνας των αιώνων. . the twenty-four elders, 16and ever. And the 16Και οι είκοσι τέσ who were sitting be four-and-twenty elders σαρες πρεσβύτεροι

fore God upon their which sat before God και ενώπιον τέ Θεέ thrones, fell

on their seats, fell upκαθήμενοι επί τες

faces, and worshipped on their faces, and Spóves aitwr, ine-17 God, saying; “Wegive 17 worshipped God, Sayσαν επι τα προ " thanks to thee, O ing, We give thee σωπα αυτών, και

“ Lord, the Almighty thanks, O Lord God προσεκύνησαν το “ God, which art and Almighty, which art, 17 ra, Aiyosles* Đủ “ hast been; because and wast, and art to

χαριςεμέν σοι, Κύ " thou hast taken unto come; because thou pie “thee thy great power,

hast taken to thee thy Toxgátwe, ó ir, “ and hast reigned.

great power, and hast 'n to stampas 18“ And the nations 18reigned. And the naτην δύναμιν συ την were wrathful, and tions were angry, and

upon their

ο Θεός και σαν


μεγάλην, και εβασί18 heures. Kai gă

im wgyíonoar, ry na bax gj ogarn , και ο καιρός των sexgūr, spilnvas, ry δέναι τον μισθόν τους δέλοις σε τοις προφήταις και τους αγίοις και τους φοΘεμένοις το όνομά σε τους μικρούς και τους μεγάλους, και διαφθείραι τες δια

φθείρουλας την γήν. 19 Και ήνοίγη ο ναός Ta

Otë in Torino igavü, y upon i wiburis tüs dixθήκης αυτε εν τη vau auru x lyéboslo åsganai

Quraisy Reorizi ty σεισμός και χάλαζα μεγάλη. .

thy wrath is come, thy wrath is come, and « and the season of the the time of the dead, “ dead, for judgment that they should be “ to take place, and judged, and that thou “ to give the reward shouldest give reward " to thy servants the unto thy servants the “ Prophets, and to the prophets, and to the “ Saints, and to those sainis, and them that “ who fear thy name,

fear thy name, small " to the small and to and great, and should“ the great; and to est destroy them which “ destroy those that 19 destroy the earth. And

destroy the earth." the Temple of God was 19 And the Temple of opened in heaven, and

God was opened in there was seen in his heaven, and the Ark temple the ark of his of his Covenant was testament: and there seen in his Temple. were lightnings, and And there were light voices, and thundera nings, and voices, and ings, and an earththunderings and earth quake, and great hail. quake, and great hail.

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Ver. 15. And the seventh angel sounded, and there were loud voices in heaven, suying ; &c.] The sound of the seventh Trumpet was become an object of expectation. It was the last Trumpet, the sabbatical one, which, after a long period of warfare, should bring rest and peace to the Church. The angel had solemnly declared, that “in the days of the voice of " the seventh angel, the mystery of God should be " finished *.” Inmediately therefore as the sound of this Trumpet is heard, heavenly voices hail the happy time, and announce the triumphant reign of God and

Ch. x.7.


of his Anointed. The twenty-four elders join tlre heavenly chorus, anticipating the joyful event, even before it is disclosed in prophetical vision. Thus the scene is suddenly removed from earth to heaven; where the same apparatus, and the same heavenly ministers appear, surrounding the throne of God, as in the fourth chapter.

Ver. 18. The nations were wrathful.] This agrees with the opening of that august prophecy of our Lord's kingdom, in the second Psalm: “Why do “ the nations so furiously rage ?" &c.

The same subject is also magnificently displayed in the 110th Psalrn.

Ib. The scason of the dead, for judgment to take place.] The received translation expresses that the dead are to be judged at this time. But this does not appear the whole import of the original: for, before the great day of retribution, when the literally dead shall be raised from their


before the judgment-seat, (as in ch. xxii. 12.) another Xkind of judgment is to be expected; that by which

the inequalities in the distribution of justice are, under the earthly reign of Christ, to be rectified. Kpigiu TOIS EQUEST ETC[yehel, “ llc shall utter judgment "to the nations, was the prophetic designation of our Lord *. All judgment was committed to him” by the Father t; and his right to exercise it, took place from his crucifixion $ : but this judgment was suspended for a time, 'Hygiris evig upon , and was not to be exercised in plenitude of power, till the times of the Gentiles should be fulfilled || ; and this judgment, though not perfected in all its parts before

graves, and

* Matt, xii. is.

Acts viii. 33.

John xii. 31.

+ Jolin v. 22.

Luke sxi. 24.


the great and last day, (which is also comprehended under this Trumpet,) yet, is first to be displayed, in the destruction of the corrupt worldly powers, and the restoration of a purer religion and morality. This display of Christ's judgment on earth we shall yet behold under this Trumpet; and the jubilant songs of the heavenly choir evidently refer to it. " The “ time of the dead,” may likewise signify in that metaphorical sense in which the word death, &c. is frequently used) the time when pure Religion, dead and buried, as it had been with the witnesses, shall X revive and flourish. But no final opinion can be passed on an unfulfilled prophecy, before the event shall direct the interpretation.

Ver. 19. The ark of his covenant was seen in his Temple.] “ The Ark of the Covenant" (the sacred coffer, so called, because it contained the tables of the Covenant, into which God had deigned to enter with the ancient Church) was deposited in the "ta- X

bernacle, called the holiest of all *.” This interior part of the temple, accessible under the law to none but the high-priest, is now opened ; and the ark is exhibited to view. Jesus Christ, the only Highpriest, and Mediator of the New Covenant, who had t here deposited his New Covenant of Mercy, even “ the everlasting Gospel;" who had broken down the partition excluding the Gentiles from its benefits; who alone could enter the Holy of Holies; grants it to be exhibited. As the walls of the idolatrous Jericho fell before the ark of the Old Covenant, so will the corrupt Babylon before this.

But that which seems more immediately to be signified under this exhibition, is the restoration of the Gospel; of the Christian Religion, X

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in its purity. The Gentiles, from the entrance of the greater part of them into the Church, had not yet enjoyed the opportunity of knowing and practising a pure Religion. They had trodden the courts, but had never been admitted into the interior, of the Tem

ple*. From the period of the Reformation, a view of ? the Ark of the Covenant was afforded to them.

Ib. And there were lightnings and roices; &c.] Such apparatus accompanied the promulgation of the old Covenant from Mount Sinaït; and the same attends the re-production of the New Cocenant. The scene is now in heaven $; and the voices, &c. seem to proceed thence. But their effect inust be intended for the earth; and the hail would probably fall there. So that GELTHOS (omitted in some copies) may

be translated earthquake. And the whole seenis to í express commotions, which must be dreadfully felt

when the wrath of God, disclosed by this Trumpet, (ver. 18.) shall break forth upon the usurpers of his power. This is only a preparatory scene, and therefore affords only a general view of the wrath of God, which is seen especially poured out in the vision of the Vials, contained also under this Trumpet.

+ Exod. xix. 16, &c.

* Ch. xi. 2.

See nole, ver. 15.


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