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had conferred upon them the title of Spouse. In the language of Scripture, le lias “given them a bill of “ divorce *.” Such: appears to be the precise case of the idolatrous church of Rome; she forsook her Lord, when she attached herself to the beast and his image; she rebelled and apostatized; and in such a state, if the Holy Spirit were to call her abominations adultery, it would be to own and to honour her more than she deserves. She is no longer the adulterous wife; she is the divorced castaway, and consequently the harlot. The prophecy therefore in this passage, as in all other parts of it, is strictly applicable to Papal Rome ; to Papal Rome in her high zenith of insolence and dominion, when she had the command of worldly power in tlie ten European kingdoms ; for it is then more especially that she could be said to ride the beast, and intoxicate the kings. In our days, that proud period of her exaltation is well nigh passed. She now appears in a state of weakness and decline. The kings, the powers of Europe, have begun to hate her,” to strip ber of her ornaments, and to expose hier nakedness and shame t.

* See Jer. iii. 8. Isa. 1. 1.- This also appears to be the case with Thu yuranxa ce '1:2x6na, in this rery bock of Revelation, ch. ii. 20—23 : the term implies, that she is a wife, yet she is said woprevoki, to act the harlot; whilst those who are corrupted by her, are represented as peixeusvles uel autns, as committing adultery with her.

+ In my remarks on this chapter, I have not found it necessary to enter into a detail of those wumerous particulars, in which this prophecy has been found to quadrate with the apostacy and corruptions of the papal church. The reader will find this abundantly supplied by almost all the Protestant commentators. Joseph Mede very ably led the way, by proving the apostacy of this church, (Mede's Works, p. 623.) and he has been followed by many learned writers, even to our own times; who bave with great felicity demonstrated the corruptions of this hierarchy, concording with the symbols of the pro'phery.



The Judgement of Babylon continued.


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1 Και μετά ταύτα 1 And after these things, 1 And after these things

είδον άλλον άγγελος I saw another angel I saw another angel xalab qivoyla ix TË coming down from coine down from hea. {pavě. Exorla i& heaven, having great ven, having great σίαν μεγάλην και η power : and the eartlı

power: and the earth γη εφωνίσθη εκ της was enlightened by his was lightened with his 2 Sons aútg. Kail 2 glory. And he cried 2 glory. And he cried έκραξεν εν ισχυρά with a mighty voice, mightily with a strong. νη, λέγων: "Επε saying; “ Slie is fal voice, saying, Babylon

“ len! the great Ba the great is fallen, is nierzin, , 1870 “ bylon is fallen! and fallen, and is become κ.τλοικήσιαν δαιμό " is become an habi the habitation of deval, enhann waren “ tation of demons, vils, and the hold of TO WE" Ja zlos ax.:

station of every foul spirit, and Broly j qehaan every unclean spirit, a cage of every untres los órés éxz

station of clean and hateful bird. Angly rý mileson

“ every unclean and 3 For all nations have hirt "OTO &x e " abominated

drunk of the wine of Owe Jugað og 3 Because all the na

the wrath of her fornia woqueias a vtis « tions have drunken cation, and the kings πωχε πανα " of the wine of the

of the earth have comεθνη και οι βασιλεις rage

of her fornica mitted fornication with Της γης μείαυτής “ tions; and the kings

her, and the merchants επορνεον και οι έμ. " of the earth have

of the earth are waxTourñs yñ in this 66 committed fornica ed rich through the diversis të spures " tion with her; and abundance of her des αυτής έπλότησαν. .

“ the merchants of the 4 licacies. And I heard 4 Και ήκεσα άλλης " earth have become another voice from

φωνήν έκ το έραν “ rich from the abun heaven, saying, Come λέγε: αν: 'Εξέλθετε “ dauce of her inso out of her, my people, εξ αυτής, ο λαός 4 " lent luxury." And that ye be not para

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bird ;

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8, ,
ένα μή συγκοι-

I heard another voice takers of her sins, wwronti Tais ausp from heaven, saying; and that ye receive τίαις αυτής, και " Come out of her, my not of her plagues: ex Tv winy v “people, that ye be not 5 For her sins have

airns, x n aa partakers of her sins, reached unto heaven, 5 Εητε· “Οτι εκολλή " and that ye receive and God hath remem

θησαν αυτης αι α “ not of her plagues : bered her iniquities. μαρτίαι άχρι το 5 “ For, her sins have

e | 6 Reward her even as έραν, και εμνημόc reached

she rewarded you, and νευσεν ο Θεός τα

“ heaven, and God double unto her dou. αδικήματα αυτής. .

« hath

remembered ble, according to her 6 ’Anódote aúrn, ws 6 “ her iniquities. Ren

works: in the cup και αυτή απέδωκεν,

“ der unto her even as which she hath filled, και διπλώσατε αυτή “ she herself has ren fill to her double. διπλά καλά τα έργα

“ dered, and repay

her 7 How much she hath αυτής· εν τω πολη "two-fold, according glorified herself, and gia, pixedơi, xe “ to her works; in lived deliciously, so ράσατε αυτή δι

" the cup in which she much torment and sor7 72őv. "Oou idú frem “ hath mingled, mingle

row give her : for she der taulo ng Espre « unto her two-fold. saith in her heart, I sit vízos, popótor dóte 7 " So much as she hath a queen, and am no αυτή βασανισμών

“glorified herself, and widow, and shall see και σένθ.: ότι εν

“ wantoned in luxury, 18 no sorrow. Therefore τη καρδία αυτής

so much give untu shall her plagues come λέγει Κάθημαι βα

“ her torment and sor in one day, death, and σίλισσα, και χήρα TOW; because in her

mourning, and fa. έκ ειμι, και σένθε

" heart she saith, I am mine; and she shall 8 å las ide. Δια " seated as a queen,

be utterly burnt with τέτο εν μια ημέρα " and am not a widow, fire: for strong is the ήξεσιν αι πληγαι

* and sorrow I shall Lord God who jud. αυτής, θάνατο και 18

There- 19 geth her. And the σένθών και λιμάς:

“ fore in one day shall kings of the earth, και εν συρί κατα " her plagues come,

who have committed καυθήσεται» STI “ death and Sorrow

fornication, and lived is gugus Kúęcó

" and famine;

and deliciously with her, Θεός ο κρίνας αυτήν.

« with fire shall she shall bewail her, and 9 Και κλαύσουλαι και “ be utterly burned;

lament for her, when κόψονται επ' αυτή “ for mighty is the

they shall οι βασιλείς της γης, , “ Lord God who hath smoke of her burning, ci per' ajtós wogo 9 “ judged her. And the 10 Standing atar off for sauczysz semua

” kings of the earth the fear of her tore

never see.



6 shall

for 10

εσι και σενθεσιν επ'

σαντες, όταν βλέ

“ shall bewail and la ment, saying, Alas, σωσι τον καπνός ment over her, (they alas, that great city

της συρώσεως αυ “ who have commit Babylon, that mighty 10 της, 'Από μακρό “ted fornication, and city ! for in one hour is

Oxy xótas, dia “ wantoned in luxury thy judgement come. τον φόβον τα βα " with her,) when they 11 And the merchants of σανυσμα αυτής, λέ

behold the

the earth shall weep govles Oùzi, šai, smoke of her burn and mourn over her, o wókus s Mercan 10“ ing, Standing afar

man buyeth Βαβυλών, η πόλις

« off for fear of her merchandize any

( και ισχυρα, ότι μια her torment; saying, 12 more; The merchanώρα ήλθεν η κρίσις

" Alas! alas! that dize of gold, and sil11 σε. Και οι έμπο "great city, Babylon ! ver, and precious goi rñs yñs nhai

“ that mighty city! stones, and of pearls,

“ for in oue hour is and of fine linen, αυτή, ότι τον γόμον “thy judgement come. and purple, and silk,

autāv udris ogása 11" And the merchants and scarlet, and all 12 εκ έτι Γόμον χει“ of the earth weep

thyine wood, aud 6 and lament over her, all manner vessels of σε, και αργυρά, και λίθο τιμία, και μας

" because no one buy ivory, and all manner γαρίτε, και βύσ

" eth their merchan vessels of most pre08, x mogcugas,

“ dize any more ; Mer cious wood, and of aj onginõ, nỹ xox

12 chandize of gold, and brass, and iron, and sive" } gãy koAay "silver, and precious 13 marble; And cinnaSüvor, rj wãy oxeu “ stone, and pearl, and mon, and odours, and os inepártivos, ry “ fine linen, and pur

ointments, and frankσαν σκεύο εκ ξύλο “ple, and silk, and incense, and wine, and τιμιωλάτε, και χαλ

“scarlet,and all kind of oil, and fine flour, and xš, rj ordnga, rj

“ sweet-scented wood, wheat, and beasts, and 13 μαρμάρε. Και κι

" and all furniture of sheep, and horses, and γάμωνον, και άμωμον

“ ivory, and all furni chariots, and slaves; και θυμιάμαλα, και

“ ture of the most and souls of men. μύρον, και λίβανον, precious wood, and 14 And the fruits that και οίνον, και έλαιον, “ of brass, and of thy soul lusted after, και σεμίδαλιν, και " steel, and of marble;

departed from oitoy, xj xtum, rj 13“ And cinnamon, and ther, and all things τρός αλα και ίππων,

amomum, and which were dainty and και εδών, και σωμά “ dours of incense, goodly, are departed

των και ψυχάς αν. " and aromatics, and from thee, and thou 14 Opatowy. Και η “ frankincense, and shalt find then no

οπώρα της επιθυμί "s wine, and oil, and 15 more at all. The mer



Chap. xviii.]



" and

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66 and never,



And every

as tñs Luxns de

“ fine flour, and corn, än FX@av de Tè 18, xj

cattle, and bavlice za draga

sheep; and of horses και τα λαμπρα " and chariots, and απώλείο από συ, “ bodies and souls of

και έκέτι ε μή εί 14" men. And the bar15 gnons autá. Oi “ vest of the fruits of έμποροι τύτων οι

" the desire of thy αλετήσανlες απ' ? u soul is departed αυτής, από μακρό “ from thee; and all θεν σήσονται, δια των “the dainty and splenφόσον τα βασανισ. .

“ did things are peμε αυτής, κλαί

" rished from thee, ονες και σενθενίες,

16 (Kai] réyoures more shalt thou find

Ούαι, και, ή τσόλις 15“ them. The dealers
η μεγάλη, ή σερί “ in these things, who
βεβλημένη βύσσινον “ have been enriched
και πορφυρέι και κόκ-

6 by her, shall stand
κιλον, και κεχρυσω " afar off for fear of
μένη εν χρυσα, και

“ her torment, weepλίθω τιμίω, και μας “ing and wailing, 17 γαρίταις. . "OT 16" (and] saying, Alas! μια ώρα ήρη

« alas! that great city, μώθη ο τοσύτο.

" which was arrayed wõta tai mūs " in fine linen and Xu@grimas, ry was

“purple and scarlet, ο επί τόπον ολέων, “ and richly adorned και ναύται, και

“ with gold and preόσοι την θάλασσαν

stone and εργάζονται, από pearls! for in one

μακρόθεν έσησαν, , “ hour 30 great wealth
'18 Και έκραζον, βλε " is made desolate.

πόλεις τον καπνός 17" And every pilot,
της συρώσεως αυ-

" and every one who
της, λέγοντες· Τίς

“ saileth by the place, ομοία τη πόλει τη " and sailors, and 19μεγάλη; Και έζη

“ whosoever

occuλον χεν επί τας py the sea, stood xepalas autür, xj | 18" afar off, And cried έκραζον κλαίοντες "out, beholding the

chants of these things which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off, for the fear of her

torment, weeping, and 16 wailing, And saying,

Alas, alas, that great city, that was cloathed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold,

and precious stones, 17 and pearls: For in

hour so great riches is

to nought. ship-master, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as

many as trade by sea, 18 stood afar off, And

cried when they saw the snioke of her burning, saying, What

city is like unto this 19 great city? And they

cast dust heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea, by reason of her cosiliness : for in

one hour is she made 20 desolate. Rejoice over

her, thou heaven, and ye holy a ostles and prophets, for God hath avenged you on her.

on their

u cious

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