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That wish'd the mountains now might be again thrown on them.

-Rev. 6. 16. Worthiest to reign.

Rev. 4. 11. Who into glory him received, Where now he sits at the right hand of bliss.

-- 1 Tim. 3. 16; Heb. 1. 3. Warn thy weaker.

-i Pet. 3. 7.


Nor let thine own inventions hope things not reveald.

-l'sa. 106. 29.

Whom their place kuows here vo more.

-Job 7. 10.

Let there be light, said God.

Gen. 1. 3.

When Orient light exhaling first from darkness they

beheld : Birthday of heaven and parth: with joy and shout.

-Job 38. 4, 7.

God said, Let there be firmament.

-Gen. 1. 6.

Be gather'd now, ye waters, under heaven.

-Gen. 1. 9; Psa. 104. 6.

There the eagle and the stork on cliffs and cedar-tops their eyries build.

--Job 39. 27, 28.

Let us make now man in our image, man in our simili.

tude, and let them rule over the fish and fowl of sea and air, beart of the field, and over all the earth and every creeping thing that creeps the ground.

-Gen. 1. 26, 27, 28.

Open, ye everlasting gates! they sung; open, ye heav

ens! your living doors; let in the great Creator, from bis work return'd maguificent, his six days' work, a world.

-Psa. 24. 7.


Inevitably thou shalt die.

-Gen. 2. 17.

To attain the height and depth of thy eternal ways all buman thoughts come short.

-Rom. 11. 33.

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The serpent subtlest beast of all the field.

-Gen. 3. 1.

We live law to ourselves.

-Rom. 2. 14.

Indeed! bath God then said that of the fruit of all these

garden-trees ye shall pot eat, yet lords declared of all in earth or air?

Gen. 3. 1.

Ye shall not die.

--(ien. 3. 4.

BOOK X Which he presumes already vain and void, because not yet inflicted.

--Eccl. 8. 11.

To thee I have transferr'd all judgment, whether in heaven, or earth, or hell.

--- John 5. 22.

Now was the sun in western cadence low, from noon.

--(ien. 3. 8. Where art thou, Adam?

----Cien. 3. 9.

Say, woman, what is this which thou hast done?

lieni. 3. 13.

Because thou hast done this, thou art acoursed above

all cattle, cach beast of the field: upon thy belly grov. elling thou shalt go, and dust shalt eat all the days of thy life. Between thee and the woman I will put enmity and between thine and her seed: her seed shall bruise thy head, thou bruise his heel.

-Gen. 3. 14.

Haw Satan fall, like lightning, down from heaven.

-Luke 10. 18; Eph. 2. 2; Col. 2. 15); l' a. 68. 18; Eph. 4. 8; Rom. 16. 20.

He clad their nakedness with skins of beasts.

-Gen. 3. 21.

Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay to mold me man?

-Isa. 14. I.


That sighs now breathed unutterable; which the Spirit of prayer inspired.

Rom. 8. 26.

O rons, like one of us man is become, to know both good and evil.

-Gen. 3. 22-24.

Four faces each had, like a double Janus.

--Ezek. 10. 14.

Which I must keep till my appointed day.

Job 14. 14.

And to them preach'd conversion and repentance.

- 1 Pet. 3. 19, 20.


He straight obeys; not knowing to what land, yet firm believes.

Heb. 11. 8.

Over the tent a cloud shall rest by day, a fiery gleam by pight; save when they journey.

--Exod. 40. 34.

And therefore shall not Moses, though of God highly

beloved, being but the minister of the law, his people into Canaan lead.

-Deut. 34; Josh. 1.

What will they then but force the Spirit of grace itself, and bind his consort Liberty?

-2 Cor. 3. 17.

Last, in the clouds, from heaven to be reveal'd in glory of the Father.

--Matt. 21. 64; Matt. 16. 27.

New heavens, new earth.

- Pet. 3. 13.

Paradise Regained


By one man's disobedience lost.

Rom. 5. 19.

Who ledst this glorious eremite into the desert?

-Matt. 4. 1.

Roving still about the world.

Job 1. 7; 1 l'et. 5. 8.

So purified, to receive him pure.

- John 3. 3.

llis weakness shall o'ercome Satanic strengtlı.

-1 Cor. 1. 27; Isa. 8. 2.

The law of God I read, and found it sweet, made it my whole delight.

l'sa. 119. 10:3; l'sa. 1. 2.

And of thy kingdom there should be no end.

--Luke 1. 32, 33.

Full weight must be transferrd upon my head.

Isa. 53. 6.

By which I knew the time now full.

-Gal. 4. 4.

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