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III. Every Subscriber shall pay an annual subscription of twenty-five shillings; and the money hence arising, as also from rents, fines, &c., shall be laid out, under the direction of the Committee, in the purchase of books, in the necessary salaries, and in promoting the interests and design of the Institution.

IV. A present of books, natural curiosities, or philosophical instruments, or of any work of art, valued in the judgment of the Committee at not less than ten pounds, from a Person not resident within twenty miles, shall constitute the donor an Honorary Member, and entitle him to free access to the Library-room during the time it is open to the Subscribers; a similar present, valued at not less than twenty pounds, from a Resident, shall confer the same privilege: but the communication of such privilege shall not be made to the Individual, until it have received the approbation of the next General Meeting.

V. Every Subscriber shall have the right to dispose of his property in the Library, in any mode by which personal property is usually transferred. The sum of half a guinea to be paid on every transfer, except in cases of death.

VI. Any Lady or Gentleman, during an occasional residence in the town, may be accommodated with the use of the Library, on paying the sum of five shillings per month in advance; provided that such occasional resident be introduced by a Subscriber, (who shall sign his name in a book kept for that purpose, and be answerable for any loss, damage, or fine) and agree to be subject to the laws of the Society.

VII. Every Subscriber shall have the privilege of introducing a Stranger to the Reading-room, for any space of time not exceeding one month; and the name and residence of the Stranger, and the name of the Subscriber introducing him, shall be entered at the time in a book, to be kept on the Library table for that purpose.


VIII. The Officers of the Society shall consist of a Committee, President, Treasurer, and Librarian.


IX. The Committee shall consist of twenty-one Members, including the President and Treasurer, who shall be chosen out of the Society at large, at every Annual Meeting, in the manner following:-Each Subscriber shall be requested, in the notice for the Annual Meeting, (see law 34,) to send in an alphabetical list of gentlemen, not exceeding twenty-one in number, of whom he wishes the Committee to consist, which list he shall sign with his name, and either deliver in person to the Librarian, or send by a Subscriber, provided that such Subscriber countersign the same; and it may be delivered any time before the day of meeting, or on that day up to the hour at which all other business shall have been disposed of: the Librarian shall immediately deposit such list (through a crevice provided for that purpose) in a locked box, of which the President shall keep the key. Six Scrutators shall be appointed at the Annual Meeting, to whom shall be delivered the box and key, with which they shall retire into the Committee-room; and when they have cast up the votes tendered for each Individual, deliver a list thereof to the President, who shall sign the same, and declare the twentyone who have the greatest number to be duly elected. The list shall be kept by the Librarian, who shall lay a copy thereof on the table of the Reading-room and should any person thus elected, personally or in writing, signify to him his intention not to take upon himself the appointment, he who has the next greatest number of votes on the list shall come in of course, and be summoned in his stead; and the order of those who have an equal number of votes shall be determined by lot at the first meeting of the Committee. The Scrutators shall be appointed in manner following:-At the Annual General Meeting, the President, immediately after reading the Report, shall nominate six of the Subscribers present as he shall think proper to be Scrutators; the first six who shall accept the office shall act as Scrutators accordingly; and the gentlemen who accept the office of Scrutators shall have the Reviews circulated amongst them after the Committee.

X. At each annual election those seven of the expiring Committee, who have served thereon the longest in succession, shall be declared ineligible for one year; and when more than seven are of equal standing on the Committee, then it shall be determined by lot which seven shall be declared ineligible.

XI. The Committee, at their first meeting, shall elect a President and Treasurer out of their number, by each Member producing in writing the names of the Persons for whom he wishes to vote; and those Persons who have the greatest number of votes shall be duly elected.

XII. If a vacancy occur in the Committee, it shall be supplied as in the case of a person declining to take upon him the appointment, (see law 9).

XIII. The Committee shall meet at least once a month in the Committeeroom, at the Library, to transact the business of the Society, any four of whom, with the President, or his deputy, shall be competent to act; but if the President be absent, and have neglected to appoint a deputy, the Members present, if amounting to five in number, shall constitute a Committee, and have power to choose a President for the day.

XIV. Every Member absent from the Committee, except confined by sickness, or absent from home, shall be fined six pence: if absent three times successively, except for the reasons above mentioned, he shall lose his seat in the Committee: and for every time the President shall be absent, except for the aforesaid reasons, and neglect to appoint a deputy, he shall be fined one shilling.

XV. The Committee shall have power to buy the books where and in what manner they may think most advantageous to the Subscribers. They shall also have power to purchase such shares in the Library as may be offered to them, at a price which they deem reasonable.

XVI. Three of the Committee may order a pamphlet, not exceeding the value of five shillings, at any time between the monthly meetings, on entering their names in a book to be kept for that purpose.

XVII. The Committee shall fix the time to be allowed for reading each particular book, which shall be noted on a paper on the inside of the cover.

XVIII. The Committee may suspend the circulation of such books as, after admission, are discovered to have an immoral tendency, until the next General Meeting.

XIX. The Committee shall have power to determine what books are to remain in the Library for reference only, and not to be circulated among the Subscribers, reporting to the Annual Meeting the names of such books for its decision thereon; but the President may permit such books of reference to be taken out, on a written application being made, in such cases as may appear to him to require that indulgence, or may refer such application to the Committee, for their decision, if he see fit.

XX. The Committee shall have power to impose fines on account of such books as may be injured by dirt, tearing, &c.; provided that such fines in no case exceed the value of the book.

XXI. The Committee shall annually, at the November meeting, appoint three Auditors of the Treasurer's accompts, whose report shall be submitted for allowance at the Annual Meeting.

XXII. The Committee may order to be printed, as often as they think necessary, a copy of the laws, a list of the Subscribers, and a catalogue of the books; which shall be sold at a fixed price, not exceeding the cost of printing the same.

XXIII. The Committee may shut up the Library for the purpose of examining into its state whenever they think necessary, giving a reasonable notice thereof.

XXIV. The Committee may call a General Meeting of the Subscribers whenever they judge it expedient.

XXV. When a Requisition for a General Meeting, signed by fifty or more Subscribers, is sent to the Committee, they shall cause a General Meeting to be held accordingly.

XXVI. The Committee shall not have power to order any complete works into the Library in any one year, unless such books can be paid for and included in the accounts of the year in which such works may be ordered.

(See Standard Works' Committee, also Books, also Librarian, also General Regulations.)


XXVII. The President, of his own authority, may order into the Library, once a month, any book he pleases, not exceeding the value of twenty-one shillings.

XXVIII. The President may call an extraordinary meeting of the Committee whenever he thinks it necessary.

XXIX. In all questions which come before the Committee or General Meetings, when the numbers are equal, the President or Chairman shall have a casting voice.


XXX. The Treasurer's accompts shall be made up to the 15th of November in each year, and audited according to law 21.

XXXI. A book shall be kept, under the inspection of the Treasurer, in which shall be entered, under its proper head, the title and price of every book and pamphlet received into the Library.


XXXII. The Librarian, who shall also act as Secretary, under the direction of the Committee, shall be elected by the Subscribers at a General Meeting, and shall continue in office as long as may be agreeable to himself and the Society. When a vacancy occurs, the Committee shall take immediate measures for the choice of a successor, and give at least one month's notice of the day of election. The mode of election shall be by each Subscriber delivering in writing, or sending countersigned, the name of the Person for whom he wishes to vote; and he who has the greatest number of votes shall be declared duly elected.

XXXIII. The Librarian shall not be allowed to engage in any other business.

XXXIV. The Librarian shall be required to attend at the Library from ten o'clock until nine, every day, (Sundays excepted) and shall deliver and receive books until six o'clock: for every book taken out after that hour, he shall be paid two pence. He shall keep an accurate account of the books— in whose hands they are-deliver them out-receive them in, and note the time; he shall also examine them carefully as they are returned, and inform the Committee of any tearing, or other damage they may have sustained, in order that proper fines may be imposed on these accounts. He shall inform the Subscribers when a General Meeting is to be held; and shall give notice to all the Members of the Committee, one day at least before each of their monthly meetings. He shall likewise receive the annual subscriptions, rents, &c., for which he shall account to the Treasurer, whenever he shall be required; and he shall rigorously enforce the payment of the fines: and within two days after the regular Committee Meeting, in November, shall suspend in the Reading-room, a list of books rejected in the past year, there

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