Pursuit: The Chase, Capture, Persecution, and Surprising Release of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

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Citadel Press, 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 322 pages
Discusses Confederate President Jefferson Davis's flight after the Civil War, subsequent pursuit and capture by the Union Army, time spent imprisoned, and the Johnson administration's attempts to try him for conspiracy and treason.

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Clint Johnson has written a book that works on many levels. This is a concise biography of Jefferson Davis. This is a look at the last days of the Civil War and early Reconstruction. This is a history ... Read full review

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Sorry, Clint was, like many Southern apologist, so enamored of Jeff Davis, and so vacant on the actual facts, that he could not write a factual book.
As to the capture of Davis -- his own wife
wrote a 20 page letter to the Blairs, and she details the clothes he had on. While she stops short, in this letter, of admitting he wore her dress, she describes three -- three -- different garment, one of them a long body length "dressing gown". D R E S S I N G GOWN.
She also describes two other garments. She is not trying to shame Davis- -she is trying to take the blame!! Her narrative is that she put these clothes on him "so he would not be recognized".
But the clincher does not come from her description of the clothes, but on what Davis did. According to her Davis was running away, and he was stopped by a soldier -- to which SHE called out "It's my mother".
It's . My. Mother. That's what she wrote to the Blairs -- ITS MY MOTHER. And she had to protect him.
Davis account is quite different -- Davis narrative is that he was heroic! He stood by his tent, protecting his children! Never mind that his own wife said he was running away, and not near his children. Davis also insisted for the next 24 years he was in his own manly clothes -- he did not use the excuse others have offered, the errant ratigan he had on by mistake.
Davis actually had a photograph taken of the clothes he claimed to wear -- and published in his book, and those exact clothes, and that exact photograph -- is right now, this minute, at the Museum of Confederacy.
Clint considers himself an historian of the first order -- especially about Davis capture. Yet he never heard of Varinas letter!! But that letter has been in library of Congress since 1906, donated by the Blair children. The point is, Clint Johnson is typical of "Davis experts" -- they have been fed nonsense -- this is just one example. Davis role in killing aboilitionist in Kansas, his role in demanding the spread of slavery AGAINST states rights, his bragging that blacks were not human beings but inferior beings ordained by GOD to be enslaved -- the list is long. What Davis bragged about at the time, and did, is glossed over in silly epistles like Johnson, who, bless his heart, doesn't know any better.
And by the way, it was NOT just Davis wife who described his running away in a dress --(or three layers of female clothing, she did not say dress, she said dressing gown). Davis own nephew recorded in his journal that he was sorry for his role in dressing Davis as a woman to escape.
While Davis wife and nephew are trying to spare him embarrassment, mostly they validate the union soldiers reports of Davis in a dress.
At BEST Southern apologist will claim "its too confusing" to know if Davis wore a dress. No, its not confusing at all, his wife and nephew validate the soldiers reports. And they were trying to PROTECT him! Furthermore, Davis own silly claims of his heroism belie the excuse made up for him -- that he just had on an errant ratigan (his wife's ratigan) by mistake.
He had on her Ratigan alright -- he had it over his HEAD, not his shoulders, per his wife's account, and she details the two other garments. Davis denied anything unusual about his garments, and took that picture I mentioned. That picture is easy to find on line -- Muesum of Confederacy has the clothes Davis claimed he wore. Go look -- see if any resemble a dressing gown, a female ratigan, etc.
I emailed Clinton back and forth on this, and at one point, Clint admitted Davis wore his wifes dress (and ran from his children). He was quick to add -- but he only did it because his wife made him.
OH really? Davis was a control freak, he did not do anything others told him, especially put on female clothing. Davis did NOT put on these three layers of clothing quickly, you don't slip into three layers of female clothing as you run out of a tent. Whatever he wore when he ran, he had


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