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V E N.

Wherein the

Duration of the Church of ROME,



The Time also of the


And the

Y E A R of the

of the WORLD,


Beginning of the MILLENNIUM;

And for the


Are attempted to be Shewn.

By a Member of the Church of CHRIST.

L O N D 0 N:
Printed for J. RIVINGTON and J. FLETCHER, at the Oxford Theatre in

Pater-noster Row. 1759.

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Tappan Presl, a

.. . 2-9-1932

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On the seventh Day God ended his Work which He had

made : and He rested on the seventh Day from all

his Work which He had made. And God blessed the seventh Day and san&tified it: be

cause that in it He had rested from all his Work, which God created and made.


FEW Observations acknowledged by the most esteemed
Interpreters of Scripture must precede the Explanation

of the Number Seven.
The first is, That the Mosaic Law is the figure in all its Branches
of the more full and open Revelation, which was to be brought
by Jesus Christ, who is the End of the Law in every Part of its

Secondly, That those Parts, which wait for their Accomplishment under the Gospel, are selected from the Writings of Moses and the Prophets of his Dispensation, and are transferred into the Writings of the Evangelists and Apostles ; and the most important are taken into the great Prophet St. John in his Revelation.

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Lastly, That God brings about the great Events predicted under the Gospel, by a secret Power, which were effected under the Law, by a more open and visible Display of his mighty Hand; so that the chief Difference does not consist in Events unlike, but in the Manner of bringing them to pass.

These Observations are confessed by most Christian Writers.

Upon this Ground then, we must have Recourse to the Propbecies for those illustrious Events and Revolutions, and for those signal Judgements, or Blessings, which are expected under the Gospel, as the THEOCRACY of the MESSIAH over many, even all Nations.---- These Prophecies are transplanted into the Revelation of St. John.

In this View the Law looks toward the Gospel for those Parts of it, yet to be accomplished, and the Gospel looks back to such Things figured or fhadowed out under the Law, which have not received their great End and Import. This Truth will be more evident in discussing the Subject before us, wherein I shall endeavour to open the great interior Sense and Meaning contained under the Number Seven, which is the most peculiar one used by the Spirit of God in both Dispensations.

Secondly, Will be pointed out some remarkable Agreements between the Prophecies of Daniel and of John.

Thirdly, It will be inquired whether CHRIST has not given forth such Marks and Characters, by which his Church may understand the Signs of the Times for great Events, as it is clear the Law and its Prophets held out to view to discern the Coming of the MESSIAH.

In the last Place, Several Reasons shall be assigned for entering upon this kind of Interpretation, and the most specious Objections, which will probably be formed against the Designs of this Essay, shall be considered and replied to.

First, of the Number Seven, used in both Dispensations, as a Mark set apart by divine Wisdom for the Figure of the greatest Events.

The sacred Writings caft before our View these leading Truths: first, the original State of Dignityand Happiness Adam, as the Fountain


Spirit of this Creation, was placed in ; his Fall and Degradation; the Promise of his Restoration with the Means leading to it; and lastly, what he is to be, when fully restored. These are the capital Points ever kept in Sight; these constitute not only the Weight and Greatness of every part of the Revelation from Adam, to the Patriarchs and to Moses, but lead us into the Design and End of the Types or Shadows of the Mosaic Dispensation----The Gospel carries on the same interesting Topics with this Difference, that the Figures of good Things are openly declared, in regard to their Na•ture and Importance, and are no longer under the Veil of Moses. But Man is still only on his Way, as the loft Son to his Father's House, and to the Recovery of his great Inheritance; yet cannot find it until He reach the Kingdom of Paradise by the Circumcision and Death of this Body of our Humiliation, which original Phil. iii. 21. Sin brought forth, and is the Curse marked out to be abolished by Christ. This View of Man's Condition leads into a more easy, noble, and scriptural Way of unfolding the bidden Sense of the Types instituted under the Law. Many of these remain yet unfulfilled, and the most illustrious and eminent are taken into the fublime Prophecy of St. John, as an Earnest and Pledge of their fure Completion in their Time and Seafon.

In this Light the Explanation of the Number Seven will be attempted.

Now it is impossible for us to assign any particular Reason a priori (which has been vainly affected by one or more,) why divine Wisdom should have selected this Number, rather than any other ; but, as such a Choice has been made, and is continued to the End of the sacred Writings, it is our Duty to follow the Light set before us : no other Reason can be yet given for this, than the Will of God revealed a posteriori, but without Doubt the Will of God is founded on some fufficient Reason, though it be not made known to us, who are in the first and infant State of Existence, and what is of more Weight, in a degraded State.

In the Words of our Subject we find that Almighty God chose to arrange and dispose the great Fabrick of our World, from its Chaos in six Days, and finished his Work on a seventh, which was.


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