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Llandaff, (Right Rev. William, Lord Bi

shop of) Speech in the House of Lords,

339, Lloyd, (Rev. Richard) Inquiry into the

Questions--What it is to preach Christ? and, What is the best mode of preaching

him? 293 Luscombe, (Rev. M. H., LL.D.) Sermons

from the French, 176.

Rickards. (Rev. S.) Hymns for Private

Devotion, 464. Robinson, (Hastings) Arta Apostolorum, 54.



Sandford, (Rev. B.) Sermon on Gaming,

455. Scientia Biblica, 178. Scot, (David) Discourses on some Import

ant Points of Natural and Revealed Re

ligion, 170. Sermons for Sunday evenings on the Ten

Commandments, 184. Stewart, (Rev. J. H.) Practical View of

the Redeemer's Advent, 437.


Maddock, (Rev. Samuel, Plain Sermons,

184. Marcus, (Rev. Moses) Hebrew Grammar,

391. Marsh, (Rev. William) Caution to Protest

ants, 457. Marshall, (Rev. Walter) Mystery of God.

liness, 182. Middleton, (Right Rev. T. F., D.D. Bi

shop of Calcutta, Sermons and Charges,

141, Miller, (Rev. George, D.D.), Observations

on the Doctrines of Christianity, 348. Molesworth, (Rev. J. E. N.) Sermons, 434. More, (Hannah) The Spirit of Prayer, 101. Morgan, (Rev. W.) Christian Instructions,


Todd's (Rev. H. J.) Edition of Archbishop

Cranmer's Defence of the True and Ca

tholick Doctrine of the Sacrament, 177. Topham, (Rev. John) Synopsis of the

Evidences of Refigión, 181. Townley, (Rev. James, D.D.) Essays on

various Subjects of Ecclesiastical History, 117. Townsend, (Rev. George) The Accusations

of History against the Chareh of Rome,

89. Trial of the Spirits, 357. Turner, (Samuel) Notes on the Epistle to

the Romans, 57.


Nares, (Rev. Robert) Sermons on Faith

and other Sabjects, 420.



Vaud, (Canton) De l'Arrété du Conseil

d'Etat du, contre les Chretiens Evangeliques, 127. Vision of Hades, 183.


Paley, (Rev. William, D.D.) Sermons and

Charges, 157.
Perry, (Mr.) Letter to the Duke of Glou-

cester, 368.
Philo-Theologus, Letter to the Bishop of

Bristol, 113.
Philpotts, (Rev. H., D.D.) Letters to

Charles Butler, Esq., 315.
Pilman, (Rev. J. R.) Course of Sermons

for the Year, 464.
Pons, ( Rev. J. S.) The Doctrines of the

Church of Geneva illustrated, 424. Powlett, (Rev. C.) Christian Trath ex.

plained, 109. Pott, (Rev. J. H.) Visitation Charge, 445.

Walker, (Rev. R.) Facts, Arguments, and

Observations, to prove the Trath of
Revelation, 463.
Williamson, (David) Reflections on the

four principal Religions which have ob

tained in the World, 44. Wilson,(Rev. W.) The System of Infants'

Schools, 392.

Page 165, last line, for evelation read revelation.

176, line 7th, for Reybay read Reybaz.
199, line 1 of note, for medio read oud. 8.
330, line 5, for Phalars read Phalaris.


VII. Notes on the Epistle to the Romans, intended to

assist Students of Theology, &c. By Samuel Tur-

ner, Professor of Biblical Learning, and Interpre-

ter of Scripture in the General Theological Semi-

nary of the Protestant Episcopal Church, New-


.. 57

VIII. Horæ Romanæ; or an Attempt to elucidate St.

Paul's Epistle to the Romans, by an original Trans-

lation, explanatory Notes, and new Divisions. By

Robert Cox, M.A.......


IX. A Defence of the true and Catholic Doctrine of the

Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour

Christ: with a Confutation of Errors concerning

the same.

By the most Rev. Thomas Cranmer,

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. To which is

prefixed an Introduction, Historical and Critical,

in Illustration of the Work, and in Vindication of

the Character of the Author, and therewith of the

Reformation in England, against some of the Alle-

gations which have been recently made by the Rev.

Dr. Lingard, the Rev. Dr. Milner, and Charles

Butler, Esq. By the Rev. Henry John Todd,

M.A, F.S.A...


X. A Letter to C. Butler, Esq. in Vindication of En-?

glish Protestants from his Attack upon their sin-

cerity in the " Book of the Roman Catholic

Church." By C. J. Blomfield, D.D. Bishop of



XI. A Letter to the Right Reverend C. J. Blomfield,

D.D. Bishop of Chester; from C. Butler, Esq. in

Vindication of a Passage in his “ Book of the

Roman Catholic Church," Censured in a Letter

addressed to him by his Lordship.......

XII, The Aecusations of History against the Church of

Rome examined, in Remark

on many of the

principal Observations in the Work of Mr. Charles

Butler, entitled the Book of the Roman Catholic

Church.". By the Rev. George Townsend, M.A. 89

XIII. Observations of a Parish Priest on Scenes of Sick-

ness and Death. By James. Duke Coleridge, L.L.B. 97

XIV. The Spirit of Prayer. By Hannah More


.XV. An Appeal to Masters of Families on the Necessity

and Advantages of Family Prayer. To which are

added, appropriate Forms of Family Prayer for

Morning and Evening Devotion. By the Rev.

Charles Trelawney Collins, M.A.

.. 105

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XVI. Christian "Truth, explained in familiar Letters on the

Tenets of the Church of England, &c. addressed

to a friend, and written at his Request. By the

Rev. C. Powlett..,

• 109

XVII. A Letter to the Right Reverend John, Lord Bishop

of Bristol, respecting an additional Examination

or the total Abolition of Ten-year Men in the

University of Cambridge. To which are added,

Observations on Mr. Samuel Perry's Letter to the

Public Orator, and a Refutation of the Accusa-

tions contained therein against the Lord Bishop of

London. By Philo-theologus


XVIII. Essays on various Subjects of Ecclesiastical History

and Antiquity. By the Rev. James Townley, D.D. 117'

XIX. De L'Arrêté, du Conseil d'Etat dụ Canton de Vaud

contre les Chrétiens Evangéliques désignés dans

cet Arrêté sous le nom de Mômiers. Extrait des

Archives du Christianism....


XX. Sermons and Charges, by the Right Reverend Father

in God, Thomas Fanshawe Middleton, D.D. late

Lord Bishop of Calcutta ; with Memoirs of his.

Life. By Henry Kaye Bonney, D.D......... 141

-XXI. Sermons on various Subjects by William Paley.

Edited by the Rev. Edmund Paley, A.M. Vicar of


? 157

XXII. Discourses on some important Subjects of Natural

and Revealed Religion, introduced by a short View

of the best Specimens of Pulpit Eloquence, which

have been given to the World in ancient and modern

Times. By David Scot, M.D. Minister of Cor-



XXIII. Sermons from the French ; translated, abridged, and

adapted to the English Pulpit. By the Rev. M.

H. Luscombe, L.L.D. Chaplain to his Royal High-

ness the Duke of Cambridge


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A Manual of Devotion, being Meditations and Hymns for every

Day in the Month. By Mary Holderness, Author of

". New Russia,” and “ Manners and Customs of the

Crim Tartars.”


A Synopsis of the Evidences of Religion, natural and revealed,

drawn principally from the Writings of Butler, Paley,

Doddridge, and Marsh ; designed as a Manual for

Youth. By the Rev. John Topham, M.A. F.R.S.L.

Head Master of the Grammar School of King Edward

VI. Bromsgrove


Christian Instructions, consisting of Sermons, Essays, Addresses,

Reflections, Tales, Anecdotes and Hymns, on Vari-

ous Subjects, for the Use of Families, Schools, and

Readers in general. By the Rev. W. Morgan, B.D.

Incumbent of Christ Church, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Author of the Pastoral Visitor, Psalmody improved,

a Selection of Hymns for Sunday Schools, Hints to

Sunday School Teachers, the Welsh Weaver, &c... 182

The Mystery of Godliness, or Directions for the Attainment of

Holiness, founded upon a Work called, the Gospel

Mystery of Sanctification. By the Rev. Walter Mar-

shall, Fellow of New College, Oxford, and afterwards

of Winchester College. By a Layman of the Church

of England

The Vision of Hades, or the Region inhabited by the departed

Spirits of the Blesscd; with cursory Notes, Theologi-

cal and Metaphysical, to which is now added, the

Vision of Noös


Discourses and Evening Thoughts. By S. Burdett


Plain Sermons on important Subjects, chiefly for the Use of

Seamen. Dedicated by Permission to the Right Ho-

nourable Viscount Melville, First Lord of the Admi-

ralty, &c. &c. By the Rev. Samuel Maddock, Vicar

of Bishop's Sutton, and Ripley, Hants...... 184

Sermons for Sunday Evenings on the Ten Commandments..., ibid.

Lectures on the Lord's Prayer; with two Discourses on interest-

ing and important Subjects. By the Rev. Luke Boo-

ker, LL.D.F.R.S. and Vicar of Dudley...... ibid.

... 185







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