Shewing the exact accomplishment of the word of God, in his works of providence, performed, and to be performed

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Stephen Young, 1801 - Bible

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Page 42 - And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.
Page 355 - ... proved moft folid and lively chriftians; and as it was known fome of the moft grofs who ufed to mock at religion, being engaged upon the fame that went abroad of fuch things, to go to fome of thefe parts where the gofpel was then moft lively, have been effectually reached before their return, with a vifible change following the fame; and truly, this great...
Page 416 - ... thereof, and wondered at the same in such a time : he told them, that he had got that in his retirement with the Lord, that to have it afterwards renewed, he would be content to lose a son every day.
Page 355 - ... few Sabbaths did pass without some evidently converted, and some convincing proof of the power of God accompanying His word ; yea, that many were so choked and taken by the heart, that, through terror — the Spirit in such a measure convincing them of sin — in hearing of the word, they have been made to fall over, and thus carried out of the church, who afterwards proved most solid and lively Christians.
Page 365 - I did also preach this day, the just liberties of the kingdom of France; that your majesty oweth obedience to Christ only, who is Head of the Church ; and that the pope, as he is an enemy to Christ and his truth, so also to the kings of the earth, whom he keepeth under slavery to his usurped power.
Page 359 - Thy word was found, and I did eat it, and it was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.
Page 357 - Christians to come thirty or forty miles to the solemn communions which they had, and there continue from the time they came until they returned, without wearying or making use of sleep ; yea, but little either meat or drink, and, as some of them professed, did not feel the need thereof, but went away most fresh and vigorous, their souls so filled with .the sense of God.
Page 397 - I was not these ten years without thoughts of God, so long as I could be in going from my house to the cross; and yet I doubt myself, and am in great agony, yea, at the brink of despair.
Page 355 - June 20. 1630, at which time there was so convincing an appearance of God, and down-pouring of the spirit, even in an extraordinary way, that did follow the ordinances, especially that sermon on the Monday...
Page 359 - And thus, full of the Spirit; yea, as it were overcome with sensible enjoyment, he breathes out his soul, his last words being these ; " Glory, glory dwelleth in Emmanuel's

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