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Forinne Telling and Murder. North Wales, containing hints

and examples which may be MARY BATEMAN, one of those

adopled with advantage in many base impostors who pretend io krow

paris of England, I am induced the fuitre destiny of their infatı;ated followers, had, foi maily

to request your insertion of the

following, which manifests the months, practised her deceits oi

practical effects of such associ. Rebecca Ferrigo, of Bramley, near

ations. Yours, &c. J. T. Leeds. This unfortunate woman imagined she had an evil wish upon Extr«ct of a Lelier from the Rev. her, or some malignant influence,

7. Charles, of Bam. we suppose, of an evil spirit or witch; and applied to Mary Bate

Nov. 27, 1808. man, who was esteemed a wise wo

5. Thougil my journey to man, for relief. She pretended to in Sep. last, was attended with congive, not her own directions, but sequences very painful to me in my those of a Miss Blythe, of Scar

late illness, yet the effects of that borough, and conèrived false post- meeting, and public calcehizing of marks, &c. on letters, supposed to the cinidren in the open streels, become from her. By a series of ari. fore the largøst inn in the town tul frauds, too ted:ous to mention, haie proved most beneficial indeed she obtained, from Mrs. Perrigo, to that place. It is one of the most about 701. and when Mr. Perrigo drunken, ignorant, and profigale began to suspect that the whole was

towns in Wales, and has been som a deception, she laid a plan for the (and a very persecuting place) for destruction of them both by poison, two ceniuries past. We have now, which was mixed in a pudding. Of in consequence of that day's work, this they boih ate, but Mr. P. very a Sunday - school attended by above sparingly; his wife, still so infa- 100 children, and continually ia. tuated as to expect relief from the creasing; in which are also a great mystic food, ale more largely, and number of grown persons, altodied.

gether as ignorant as the children The allir appears to have ex- and the tidings from these are inore ciled uncommon interest in the favourable every week. As soon county, and to have discovered

as I am able to take the field, I whatsad remains of igcorance and mean to pay them another visit ; superstition are yet found among the last was a very solemn one inmultilưdes of the common people. deed. Last Suaday fortnight, we She was executed at York, or Mon. had an association of children here day, March 20. It docs not ap

at Bala: attending at it was the pear that she discovered any sen- first thing I did after my illness. sibility on account of her wretched Our large chapel overflowed, and condition, or felt a pang even when the effects of the work of that day her sucking child was taken from

are yery evident and beneficial in her, a little while before she was the town and neighbourhood; and hanged. Her body was taken in a they are everywhere,, in different cari to Lçeds, to bę, dissected.

parts of the country, for similar Sineerely do we hope that this ineetings, as soon as I may be able awful event may check the foolish to move about, next spring. [ and wicked practice of consulting never knew any means so successful foriuue-tellers.

to bring all the grown-up young

people to engage in the work of Beneficial Effects of Sunday,

learning the Scriptures. Their Schools.

whole attention is at present eu

gaged in preparing for another Sır, To the Edilor.

meeting; and nothing else is talkod The very interesting communica- of but the Bible, and consulting to

tion inserted in your last Maga- gether what Scriptures are applizine, respecting the associations cable to the points in hand. The of various Sunday - Schools in points are, The Duties of Pasents

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and Children, Hushands and Wives, pendent Church at Denbigh. Mr. Master's and Servants, Pastors and Jones, of Holywell, began the ser. People, Magistraies and Subjecis, vice hy readios, &c.; Mr. Roberts, Buyers and Sellers. They are to of Llanbrynmair, delivered the infind out Scriptures that direct us in troductory discoursc, from Jer. iii. all these important points. We 15; Mr. Hughes, of Dinasmywyhave alrcady treated on the first ddu, asked the questions, &c. ; Mr. principles and most fundamental Griffith, of Carnarvoa, offered the poiols of Christianity. These are

ordination prayer ;

Mr. Lewis new and very interesting, and are (lutor of the above academy) de. taken up with great eagerness.? Hvered a very solemn charge, from

2 Tim. ii. 15; Mr. Lewis, of Llanu. OŇ Friday Evening, March 31, wehllyn, addressed the church, from twomen were killed by an explo- 1 Thess. ii. 20, and concluded with sion of a barrel of gunpowder, on prager. board a barge in the Strand Junc

Oct. 28, 1809. Mr. William Wile tion Canal, near the Harrow lianis, lale siudent at Wrexham, Road. The barge was freighted

was ordained to the pastoral office with puncheons of spirits, barrels in the Independent Church at Wern, of gunpowder, &c. It is said, that

near Wrexam. The service com. the deceased men were boring a


menced with reading, &c. hole with a gimblet in the barrel of Hughes, of Dinasmywyddu ; Mr. gunpowder, taking it for spirits, Lewis, of Llanuwibllyo, delivered and the friction was supposed to the introductory discourse ; Mr, have produced the catastrophe. Jones, of 'Trawsfynydd, offered up Five other persons in the boat es

the ordination prayer; Mr. Lewis, caped unhurt. The body of one of of Wrexham, gave an impressive the sufferers was hlowa 60 yards charge to the minister, from Heb. from the barge. Seven hay-stacks xiii. 17; and Mr. Roberts, of Llan. pear the canal were burnt.

brynmair, preached to the people,

from the same verse. In the after. Os Tuesday, Sep. 20, 1808, the noon and evening, four sermons Gloucestershire Independent A880- were preached, by Messrs. Griffiths, ciation was held at Gloucester. The of Machynlleth ; Jones, of LiverRev. S. Lowell, of Bristol, preached pool, &c. This infant cause at in the Morning, from Lam. iii 24; Wero, likewise at Harwd (which is and the Rev. W. Thorpe in the nose considered as a branch of the Evening, from Col, ii. 9. "The Rev. same church) were raised by means Messrs. Richardson, Harries, Jones, of the united labours of the sluTrolman, and Hawkins, engaged in dents from Wrexhain. prayer.

The devotional and instructive solemnities of this day,

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1808, Mr. made those delightful impressions

Adamson, late studeul at Mancheson the minds of the bearers, which ter, was ordained to pastoral will be peither easily nor soon for office in the Independent Church of gotten. The afternoon was de Christ at Pattycroft, near Manches, voted to the concerns of the Inde

ter. Messrs. Sowden, Evans, Brad. pendent Benevolent Society; when ley, Roby, Jack, and Coles, enthe members witoessed with pleágaged in the service; and Mr. sure its growing prosperity, and Fletcher preached in the evening. heard with gratitude and joy, that

Jan. 31 and Feb. l. A new In their late venerable friend and father, the Rev. C. Winter, of Paios. opened at Brynmenyn, Glainorgan

dependent Meeting - House wick, had left tbein a reversionary shire; when four sermons legacy of 1004.


preached by the following minisOci. 27, 1808. Mr. T. Powell, iers : - The Rev. W. Williams, of late student at Wrexham, was or- Newlon, froin Mat. xvi. 18; Rev. dained to the charge of the lade- W. Phomas, of Aberdas, from Eph.


i. 13; Rev. G. Hughes, ef Cross- ever class or denomination they may wen, from Luke xxii. 31, 32, and belong. the Rev. D. Davies, of Swansea, from Acts ii. 37. The congregation

At the late assizes at York, was respectable, attentive, gratified Josepk Brown was convicted of a with the services of the day, and murder, committed nearly five years pleased with the prospect of good ago, at Hensal, near Ferrybridie, being done in future.

We uno

in Yorkshire, on the body of Eliza

veth fletcher, in whose bouse he March 22. The Rev. James Ar., and one Hazzlegrove then lodged. row, from Hoxton Academy, was Understanding that she had some ordained at Godmanchester. Mr. properiy in a box, they administer. Anthony, of Bedford, reading and ed to her and her sister a quantity prayer ; Mr. Morrell, of St. Neot’s,' of laudanum, mingled with ale. introductory sermon; Mr. Harris, Elizabeth died in the course of the of Cambridge, ordination - prayer í night; but her sister recovered. Mr.Fuller, of Keltering, the charge. The principal evidence against J. from 2 Tim. iv. 5, 6; Mr.Hillyard, Brown was the written and attested of Bedford, preached from Acts iv. confession of Joseph Hazzlegrove, 32 ; and Me Castleden, of Woburn, who was concerned with him in the concluded. Mr. Harris preached in murder, and afterwards entered inthe evening,' and Mr. Audley the to his Majesty's service. Under expreceding evening

treme anguish of conscience, which

rendered life insupportable, he made WELSH ASSOCIATION.

a full confession of the crime before derstand that an Association is to the magistrates in the Isle of Wight, be held on Whit-Monday, the 22d on the 31st of August last. This of this month, by the Welsh Dissen- confession also recited the commisters, of the Congregational order, sion of several other crimes (incluidat their New Meeting-house, Little. ing the murder of Calvert, the Selby Guildford Street, Borough, near carrier) in which they were conUnion Hall, London ; when the fol. cerned. Brown was executed at lowing minisiers are expected to York, on Monday, March 20. preach in the ancient British Language : -- Rev. G. Williams, Gate March 24. Joseph Gummersall, Street ; Rev. D. Davies, Swansea ; traveller to a respectable house in Rev. J. Meyler, Fishguard; Rev.. the city, and who had just come off D. Jones, Cerrigsbarr; Rev. T. a journey, sat down with his family Jones, Lambeth; and Capt. D. (a wife and seven children) to read Richards, Sorvach.

a portion of scripture each ; aficr

which he expressed that he felt com. We are happy to inform the pub. foriable; and repeated a lic, that the New Chapel at Chela (Matt. xxiv. 44). Therefore, be ye tenham, is to be opened by the Rev. also ready; for in such an hour as Rowland Hill, and other ministers, ye think not, the Son of Man comon Wednesday, the 2d of Angusi. eth ;' observing, that he hoped it While a most pleasing prospect pre- might be so with biw. Soon after, sents itself to inose who have been having retired to bed, he said to his active in this very necessary under- wife, My dear, I feel something taking, the religious public at large, like spasm.' Her alleation to him wbo resort to these Wells, will find

was instantaneous; but how inex themselves accommodated with a pressible her grief, when reclining place of worship, where all parly his head on her bosom, he silentiy distinctions will be avoided ; and passed away. May we not with Protestant ministers, who are sound propriety adopt the prevailing but in the faith, and of exemplary con. emphalic language, "Therefore, be duct, will be invited to wile in ad.

ye also ready ; for in such an hour as ministering the word of life among ye think not, the Son of Map çoni. their fellosy - Christians, to what. eth.'



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Articipation of the Annual Meeting of the Missionary Society.

I SEE, on the pinions of the circling sun,

Once more returos "the glud auspicious day,
When minds, else various, shall unite as one,

Aod cry aloud, . Prepare the Saviour's way!"
Blest hour, when influenc'd hy love divise,

The saints of God shall in his temple stand ;
Shall seek big blessing on his own design,

Redemption to proclain thro' ev'ry land !
Almighty Father, condescend to ovo

• Their works of faith and labours of their love!
• From pole to pule thy saving pow'r make known,

• And ev'ry mount of unbelief remore!
• Hasen, O Lord, the kingdom of thy Seu!

Let Sin's tyrannic empire be no wore !
• While free salvation, by thy grace alone,

• Sweetly reverberates froin shore to shorc!
Then shall the warrior's art no more be known ;,

The din o battle shall for ever cease ;
Nations shall bow before the Conqu’ror's throne,

And touch the sceptre of the Prmce of Peace !
No more shall thorns and briars curse the ground;

Discord no more shall fill the earth with blood;
Love, joy, and happiness shall flow around ;-

This world shall be the paradise of God!
Nor here the triumph of the cross shall end :

Faith points to happier, brighter realus above !
Where, while eternal ages shall extend,

The ransom'd throng small praise redeenriag love!

S. C.


[From the Rev. Mr. Keily's Hymns.]
Thou shalt cause the trumpet of the jubilee to sound. - Lev. xxv.g.
Hark, the solemo trumpet sounding, Brethren, join in supplication,
Loud proclaims the jubilee!

Join to plead before the Lord : "Tis the voice of grace aboundins, 'Tis nis arin that brings salvation; Grace to siuners rich and free!

He alone can give the word ! Ye who koow the joyful sound,

Father, let thy kingilom come, Publish it to all around.

Briog ihy wandring outcists home! Is the name of Jesus precious ?

Brethren, let us freely offer, Does his love your spirits cheer?

All we have is froin above! Du vou find him kind and gracions, Let us give, and act, and suffer, Siill reinovias doubt and fear?

What is this to Jesus' love ! Think that what he is to you,

Did he die our souls to save ? Such he'll be to others tuo.

Then we're his, and all we have ! Were you once at awful distance, Hark, the saints' triumphant chorus !

Wandring from ihe fold or God? . Worthy, worthy is the Lamb!', Couldi no arm afford assistance, They have gaiu'd the prize before us; Nothing save but Jesu's blood!

But ere loig, we'll be with them. Think now many still are found, While on earth, remember still, Strangers to the joyful sound.

They who love him, do' his will.
Till we reach the wish'd-for vision,

Till we see him as he is,
Let ug scorn the world's derision;

Let us prove that we are bis!
Let us sound thro' all the earth,
Christ's inestimable worth!

Printed by Gw AULD, Greville Street, Londotto

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